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  1. Africa, 1942. The Allies are moving into counteroffensive. Our goal is to capture Hans Schumann, who will visit the Italian-German airport. By the way, we will destroy all planes at the airport - after all, we, SAS, are the best at it. Task: Your task is to capture Hans Schumann - adjutant of Erwin Rommel. In the near future he will visit the Italian-German airport. It's a chance for us to take him prisoner. While at the airport, destroy all planes. This will facilitate the task for our boys. Try to surprise the enemy. You can blow up the tank with fuel to distract him. Search the entire airport, destroy all resistance and find Schumann. He can't die. Destroy all planes at the airport as well. After the action, evacuate using a jeep or other vehicle. Mission have: -Original soundtrack from H&D2 -Fully of details airport from H&D2, reproduced as much as possible in Arma 3 -Provides 1.5-2 hours of gameplay -No bugs (I tested this mission many times to eliminate potential errors) LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1958961914
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    Statement Regarding CSLA Iron Curtain

    He's a little right. People don't expect Bohemia to say "Hey guys, there will be ArmA 4 in six months" but that at least they will confirm that "Yes, ArmA 4 will rise. You will have to wait a long, long time, but it will rise". The lack of any confirmation is a bit disturbing and a bit frustrating. If Bohemia even said "ArmA 4 will come out in 10 years but you can buy a $ 100 preorder right now to support us" I would buy a preorder right now and I think thousands of people would do the same. Sorry for offtopic. When it comes to DLC, it has both advantages and disadvantages. The map is beautiful (I've already spent 70 hours on this map in the editor instead of studying for exams 😅). There are some nice assets, such as the DANA howitzer, but there are also many disadvantages, such as incorrect reload animations (mods such as NIArms or GM DLC have set a high standard in this regard and people from paid DLC require such quality, no matter if it costs $ 10 or $ 20) . Don't take it as hate, but as constructive criticism. I bought this DLC and I am not thinking of a refund although a lot of things need to be improved. I see great potential in it in the future. The problem is that people have split with this DLC into two camps - one that just hates everything in this DLC and the other that doesn't see any flaws, coming up with the weirdest arguments. But what is needed is a CONSTRUCTIVE critique of both advantages and disadvantages to help improve it 😉
  3. Amazing! Good job! ❤️ A year ago I created a singleplayer campaign using an earlier version of PSZ mod. Now it's time for me to upgrade to v2 version, using your awesome new content 🙂 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1866608974 Best redgards!
  4. Operation Stranger: Anthill - Hidden & Dangerous 2 Remake Burma, 1943. We broke through the Burmese jungle in the heat, humidity and mosquito clouds. The area has a strategically important bridge serving as the only crossing for Japanese convoys. Unfortunately, the first attempt to capture and destroy the bridge failed and my people were taken prisoner. I have to try to free them and destroy the bridge at all costs and find out what the trucks are carrying... Task: Your task is to destroy the strategically important bridge in this area. The rest of your team fell into the hands of the enemy, so try to free them. You must also find out the reason for the increased activity of enemy convoys. Finally, go to the evacuation point. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2033140769 Operation Stranger: Mountain King - Hidden & Dangerous 2 Remake Burma, 1943. Breaking through the jungle, we met an allied unit. It turned out that they were preparing to storm the heavily defended hill. We will strengthen their forces with our unit because any help will be useful. Task: Your task is to conquer the strategically important, heavily defended hill. The assault will be preceded by artillery fire. One tank will also help us in the battle. Watch out for heavy machine guns positions. You must kill all enemies. After capturing the hill, go to the assembly point. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2033824193
  5. Fifth, final episode: LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2028618056
  6. Fourth episode: LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2023883788
  7. Third episode: LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2021419311
  8. I just finished new episode of Operation Nomad. It's second episode - "Airshow". LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2020463602
  9. The last thing I remember is emission. It almost fried my brain. In addition, when I woke up, it turned out that I was robbed. The only thing I know is that I need to get deeper into ZONA - this is the only thing I wrote in my PDA. In front of me is a small village. I can see some movement there. I hope that its inhabitants are not hostile... ZONA is a dangerous place. Watch out for anomalies - you have a detector in your inventory. Try to get better equipment. You can get it from the enemy, buy it from traders (provided you have money) or find it in caches - you can find their coordinates by the bodies of killed enemies, they are marked with a purple point in your PDA. A capacious backpack will also be useful to you - it's worth having a second weapon, first aid kit or several grenades in it. This is singleplayer mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. style, especially beginning and first missions of the Shadow of Chernobyl. I spent on it many, time, so i hope it will enjoy you 🙂 There are no mutants in the mission but there are anomalies and a lot of enemies. Features: - Buying weapons from traders - First-aid kits heal all health - Caches system marked on the map after finding information on the bodies of enemies - Familiar sounds and original soundtrack from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - And some others... Any feedback is welcome 🙂 LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2013273932
  10. NacjoFarmer

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    New weapons models look amazing 😍 Do you maybe in future porting Polish Army Mod from Arma2 to Arma3?
  11. Welcome to the Castle Wolfenstein. Your task is to thwart Germany's plans. But first you must escape from the dungeon. If you succeed, find out what the Germans are planning. SS, Wehrmaht and Elite Guard units will stand in your way, and maybe something more... My mission offers singleplayer gameplay for a 1-2 hours. It has the original RTCW soundtrack and first aid kits "on approach". I spent many hours on this and tried to remake the first RTCW campaign as much as possible although it is difficult in ARMA3. Have a nice game and happy new year! Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1953516639
  12. @domokun I have never played and never created COOP/MP missions so I don't know how build it. And probably many scripts and triggers will not working in multi game 😕
  13. NacjoFarmer

    [SP] Nazi Zombies: Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    In what Countries for example? Recently, in Germany, censorship for swastika in games was lifted. I have not heard that it was censored in other countries. But ok. I don't want to argue about distorting history in games and replacing the Third Reich flag with an iron cross or the Second Reich flag etc... Is it now correct? 🙂
  14. @h34dup Thanks! A mission created from a H&D2 fan, for H&D2 fans 🙂 . More scenarios will appear in the future. I plan to create all H&D2 missions, but it will require tens or hundreds of hours spent in the editor but I don't have much time so I think I should do it for a year.. I will also gladly play your H&D2 mission! Best Regards! P.S. I would be happy if you as a H&D2 fan assess whether it is in the spirit of the original 😉
  15. @h34dup Wow, it's nice to see other H&D2 fans and missions based on this! I will definitely check it out in my free time! Regards!
  16. Norway, 1941. The whole world is caught up in the frenzy of war, the world's powers are amassing their armies and they're expecting our team to inflict damage to the German operations behind enemy lines. The stormy weather over Norway is tossing our Dakota around like a rag doll. We can only have faith in our pilot's abillity to get us to the drop zone. We're going into action knowing that we will bravely complete our mission. One day we'll look back on this and remember when we, members of the SAS, risked our lives to fight for a better world. Hello. This singleplayer mission is my tribute to one of the best WW2 games - Hidden and Dangerous 2, also created by the Czechs like ARMA 3. I tried to reproduce as accurately as possible first operation from H&D2 but of course not everything can be done in Arma 3. Mission have: -Original soundtrack from H&D2 -Some interesting scripts (for example underground bunker) -Provides 1.5-2 hours of gameplay -No bugs (I tested this mission many times to eliminate potential errors) I spent many, many hours(especially by building a German factory complex and an underground bunker) on it so I hope you will enjoy my mission 🙂 Its four missions from H&D2 compiled in this one ARMA 3 mission: First strike: Scout: Rendezvous: Iceberg: Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1944992100
  17. NacjoFarmer

    Single Mission Overview

    Hello, I have the same problem witch overview and i can't find solution for fix it anywhere - im doing everything ok and game not loading overview picture and overview text when i choose SP scenarios. Loading screen and text is ok, but ovierview picture and text not working... :/ I was trying compression to PBO and normal export to SP and both ways not working... my example: overviewPicture = "obrazek1.jpg"; // not working overviewText = "W tym scenariuszu należy zlikwidować agenta wrogiego wywiadu"; //not working onLoadName = "OPERACJA KIJEK"; //working ok onloadMission= "Sprzątnij wrogiego agenta"; //working ok loadScreen = "obrazek2.jpg"; //working ok