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  1. Drifter this is Michaels forum account .
  2. @tophe I would like to start off with great tool it helped me learn how to set it up servers. I am attempting to build something for our units box that basically only edits the start up parameters and has a and has the available mods W/linker. Right now I'm using a Batch file which is working fine, however I would like to make it easier for our mission devs. Had some questions what did you use to build your GUI? any advice or recommendations is welcomed . Thanks in advance
  3. What is the most up to date toolbox the experimental version or the one on armaholic , thanks
  4. a26mike

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Good Morning, My name is Michael and I am a member of the 509PIR Arma III Milsim Organization. ( http://509pir.us/ )Currently in our unit we have 30 mods with a size of 23. 9GB. I would like to reduce the number of MODs our members need to download and make it more user friendly for our less technically inclined members, and we running out of space in our mod init lines on our server. I respectfully request to use your MOD in a private mod pack for our unit that would be updated and maintained by me on Steam. Steam name ( A26Mike). This could be done in either a public pack or a private one. I appreciate your hard work on the MOD you made, and the dedication to the ARMA III community. Thank you for the consideration V/R Michael
  5. Thank you for your response Firewills. With what you posted it would explain it being off within a 100m box. What I’ve seen is it being 12,250m off. Human error is not a factor in this case IRL I’m a JTAC and know how to read Grids, and I’ve had this confirmed from others. It could be an arma issue I don’t know. But what I’ve been doing to make it work in the meantime is subtract 12,250 from the Y-axis and it’s pretty spot on . I first noticed it during training when I dropped a bomb and it got lost multiple times. So I plotted a point on center I’ll just say 1000,1000and the ITGT plotted 1000,2225. I just want to make you aware of it. I think most people use the map click function which works fine. Once again thanks for your hard work and dedication to arma . This isn’t a knock on you just a bug report . Thanks
  6. Malden - and a few others . What I’ve seen is it been between 10,000 to 15,000 off . And if that was a thing wouldn’t your GPS read off the wrong grid as well?
  7. BUG report for I-TGT -GPS plot and Point of Impact is 12.25km off on the Y (up and down) axis while using manual input for 8-10 digit grids. -x axis is correct (left right)