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  1. LBMartin_Boh

    JBOY Throw Knive

    Thank you JBoy for the quick answer. I will test v2 ASAP. Best regards. Martin
  2. LBMartin_Boh

    JBOY Throw Knive

    Nicelly done JBoy!!! We have a lot of fun with those throwable Screwdrivers in Ravage missions on our dedicated MP server. Just noted that when you respawn the throw screwdriver message is not working anymore. Any idea why? Many thanks in advance for your help and contribution to Arma community. Martin
  3. Hi there. This is a great and easy to config tool for Arma 3 dedicated server. Congratulations on the result of all the time and effort man. Question: Is it possible to add an option to clone a existent profile to change name or configuration of the server without to have to config everything from scratch in a new user? Thanks for your time.
  4. Hi all. I'm thinking if is possible to add a new action to the menu for a "hover pickup" such as: move the helo to a new LZ but not land and turn off engines, just hover 1 or 2 meters above the ground, pickup troops and then wait for new orders from squad leader. Is this possible or a logical suggestion? Thanks for your time guys. PS: I'm really enjoy this script in all my missions.
  5. Hi Rydygier. I was digging in the saved arsenal loadout issue with Liberation. There is nothing wrong with your 1.2 version added to Libertation. The problem was that three loadouts I was testing doesn't have backpack!!! so the script was not loaded because of that. It is working perfect mixing both scripts. Best regards.
  6. I was testing your mission (script for dedi) in a dedicated server and it work ok. The problem is when I mix your script with missions such as Liberation. It seems that in those missions when you load any Arsenal saved loadout it mess all the code because transport and support option in action menu disappear. In your original example mission is not happening at all. For sure is not your code, it is the mixture of two complex scripts. I will keep digging in this issue and try to find a solution. This is a great idea for any kind of mission and if finally works in Liberation I will be very happy
  7. Ok Gunter, I will check that one and come back with some feedback. Thanks.
  8. Hi Gunter we were in touch in your last video (my youtube name is Martin Lopez). I was using your new Hermes mod (not the scripted one) in a Liberation mission. In a local server works but when I transfer the mission to my dedicated server it seems not to work. In local server you can see both options in the action menu (trans and supplies) but in dedicated server those options are not present. Any guess? I tried with vanilla models (like ghosthawk and huron) as well as RHS content. Thanks in advance to you guys for this addition to the Arma comunity. PS: Don't forget about my suggestion for a list of helos in the action menu to select different models such us Littlebird, Black Hawk or Chinook.
  9. LBMartin_Boh

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Thank you so much @Wyqer I will take a look on it.
  10. LBMartin_Boh

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hi Wyqer. Are there any chance to change RHS CH47 transport helo and littlebirds to another model like RHS USMC UH-1Y and CH-53? If is possible, which are the files I have to change please. I'm porting this great enviroment to Aliabad Valley and Hazar-Kot Valley. In Aliabad Valley I want to use USMC vehicles as far I used CUP LHD as main base. Any help will be welcome. Great work keeping this kind of mission alive!!! Best regards. Martin
  11. LBMartin_Boh

    SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Ok thanks massi. Keep it up with your great work!
  12. LBMartin_Boh

    SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    About US SOF mod. Can you check the green and black carryall backpacks? Everytime me and my friends select those backpacks both of them shows MTP carryall texture not the correct one (green or black) like it should. Great mod man. We love it!