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  1. Those are freakin AWESOME!
  2. Understood, thanks for the reply!
  3. hey firewill, i apeciate your work on those planes and systems (harrier is awesome), aaand i have a question: do you think you will add the Phatom to the collection?! it is very hard to find it standalone or in a small vehicle mod... thanks again for the mods, and great job you done!
  4. -Lucas

    Jets DLC Terrains

    torrents have zero seed so it is really hard to download...
  5. The M1 is still w.i.p. or it has been released?
  6. Nice! Hope you'll find some help!
  7. Hi and Thanks for the assets! I have a question for the PHASE 2 - BOMBERS, i know it is to be defined, but there will be strike fighters ? i mean two seater strike fighters like F/A-18F or F-15E . I know there are two well known mods with those in, but having them all in one mod should be better... Thank you and have a good day!
  8. Finally " GForces - Add forces strength coefficient setting (#7750)" THANKS!
  9. Thanks guys for the big work you are putting on the mod, i hope the revamp will bring new life to some u.s. assets!
  10. i want those maps so badly, they are so freakin awesome!
  11. there is a suppressed version of the AWM...
  12. the project right now is on stop, cuase the developers (modders) have no more time...(souece: facebook page)
  13. @toadie2k are you ok? How is it going with those fires!? I saw very bad situation and dramatic images...!
  14. understood what a shame...keep it going anyway...thanks