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  1. Hello everyone. I wanted to do a retexture of one of the units on Arma 2 OA. I was using the ger_rifleman.p3d MLOD from the BIS modders recources. I am having problems with the model and skeleton when i binarize the addon. I used to be able to do it on Flashpoint but it is a bit different for Arma 2 and I'm struggling to find and information. So far, I have managed to do a test retexture ingame but the soldier doesn't have any animations and is stuck in the T-pose. I used the model config editor in Oxygen 2 to generate the following model.cfg file. I don't pretend to know what it all means but if anyone can give me some advice on how to get the animations working that would be great, I understand that the Arma 2 fourm isn't very active these days. class CfgModels { class GER_rifleman; class apoc_testinf: GER_rifleman { skeletonName="Skeleton"; class Animations { }; }; }; class CfgSkeletons { class Skeleton { skeletonInherit=""; skeletonBones[]={}; }; };
  2. Apocalypse 83

    OFP videography

    Hello everyone. I haven't been working on any OFP mods in quite a long time now but I have uploaded my Desert Scorpion Soundtrack onto YouTube. Desert Scorpion was the mod I was working on quite some time ago, it was based on Special Forces missions during Desert Storm '91. I even produced a soundtrack for this mod, that's how serious I was about creating it. I have long since given up the ghost on that, if I ever work on anymore Flashpoint stuff it will be for the C&C Brotherhood rising mod. Not enough hours in the day. If anyone is interested in using any of the tracks for their own projects then please let me know, I will upload the mp3s to One Drive. They aren't the best, but they are free. I am particularly proud of the tracks "Above and Beyond", and "Wasteland". Give them a listen if you have the chance.
  3. Apocalypse 83

    A wishlist. Sort of....

    I can understand not wanting to recycle old material, I'd much rather make stuff from scratch. Unfortunately my aspirations exceed my skill at this stage but I've been practising quite a bit with o2, and I've used Blender for other projects. I prefer the mission editor to modding, messing around with cutscenes and sounds, scripts. I run into less brick walls in that area and can usually achieve what I want. I'm not too fussed about how detailed or economical the models are but I try and take into account that others may not be using lower end PCs for OFP. I've only just started to grasp the concept of LODs but I understand that 4 res lods seems to be the standard, and is probably better to have fewer sections with larger textures. Thanks for the offer, if you can work on it a bit that would be excellent, but no pressure. I'm pretty busy with my Arctic missions atm so I'm caught in two minds.
  4. Apocalypse 83

    A wishlist. Sort of....

    Hi Macser, hello everyone. Thanks for inviting me to the group Proffessor. I got locked out of my account recently but BohemiaBeck kindly merged my account with my new email. Good to be back. I was a massive fan of the original Ghost Recon for PS2, it was a big inspiration to me for a lot of my OFP work, although I've never considered emulating the missions. It sounds like a great idea, the first mission in Tblisi, Georgia would definitely be possible to recreate. I would highly suggest making the campaign/missions for WW4EXT. Just about every outfit for US and USSR as well as all the weapons, vehicles and brilliant effects, extras and AI behaviour. Obviously other addons can be included if needed, it's easy to create new addons based on the WW4EXT base vehicles/units. I'm helping Revan out with his C&C mod, also I've got my Arctic campaign to work on. The mission are broken due to the last patch for EXT Arctic. Would like some help testing the missions at some point once I've got them working, and have some EXT Arctic action fun at the same time, and maybe get some ideas info from them. Patience and skill are essential. While we're on the topic, I was quietly working on a small WW2 extension for WW4EXT. Nothing major, just US vs German invasion of Sicily, and a tank battle mission to follow that up. I need an M4 Sherman and a Tiger 1 for that, or a close approximation. Just putting that out there, if anyone is interested in helping.
  5. I know there are some consistency issues with fitting RA into the C&C timeline. It was, like you said, a prequel to Tiberium Dawn with the Brotherhood rising to power. But I think it sounds good the way you fit it together. Also, it was before the discovery of tiberium, so ore trucks and ore refineries were the resource alternative. Yeah I was thinking the original Tanya on the recue Einstien mission. Could just use one of the BIS resistance faces. Also, I don't think the Tesla coils need to be too technical. The screens shots from blender look good, just like the original. I think it's important for them to have some height to them so they have a good power and range. Knocking out the power grid was always the most fun way to neutralise them, or mortar fire from distance. It was the strategy that made the Red Alert series great, hopefully that can be incorparated. Yeah I like the mammoth tank, I wouldn't mind seeing what I can do with it at some point. I really liked the one Sapper had aswell. By the way, the videos are great. Using the cut scene footage combined is a great touch and really sets the C&C atmosphere. Makes the demonstration so much more watchable. The Orcas are spot on. Allied Mission 01 Get Einstien
  6. I like the idea of a Rambo with an M60 and chain ammo. You could name him something else and just base him on Rambo. I was thinking that Tanya would be a great idea, although that would be for the Red Alert series. There is a good female soldier model in the WW4EXT recources. It would be interesting to experiment with that, and working on a special cannon that she can wield. I'm currenty strapped for disk space and browsing for am external SSD. I did want to experiment with commandos at some point, one of the most vital items for C&C I think.
  7. I like what you've done with the textures, the Bradley looks better than before. It looks like dirt and wear rather than camo, but still great. Yeah I think you should've pixelated the faces of the Special Forces. You've kind of blown their cover!
  8. Yeah I would like to team up later down the line, I'm a big fan of the old C&C Red Alert and Retalliation imparticular. I think Fwatch could be the key to a good C&C engine for OFP. I've been learning quite a bit from watching Blender tutorials. Some can be annoying but it's good when you find a tutorial that gets what you want done. I learned how to import and export models, install plugins, mark seems UV unwrapping, texturing and normal mapping, scaling and modelling. It's all very amazing. I want to try and import the BIS Bradley and edit the model and retexture the whole thing manually, that will be the first thing I do. Good to know it's not impossible now.
  9. I think you should keep your grey and black camo BIS Bradley in any case, it looks authentic. Maybe you could try blending the two texture sets together, they should fit. I've been practicing with Blender so if I ever work on it again it will be from scratch. The original Bradely model is warped so it will always be impossible to get it looking perfect.
  10. Yeah I see it's missing, sorry about that I must've lost it when I was backing up. I'd say you're better of writing your own one, the one I had was just the original BIS model edited and used the texture path swap utility. I'm not great with configs, I usually just edit.
  11. @revan9190 Great stuff there mate. Give the man some stripes... LOL Check your inbox, I sent you a link to that desert bradley I was working on (GOOGLE DRIVE). I didn't get round to finishing it or releasing it but you can do what you like with it. I used some textures from WW4EXT which kenox imported from ARMA1, so mention that if you or anyone else uses it. Good luck. Let me know if the link doesn't work, I'll send you another.
  12. I've been having a small problem with the Support features. http://i.imgur.com/yGt1uVg.jpg http://i.imgur.com/KtcFJ4j.jpg I've read all the instructions and I think I've got the hang of everything, but when I use the Force Radio option it won't recognise the fact that I have a radio and/or RTO soldier in my group. I've tried writing the codes into the other gamelogics, then an init file with same results, with and without personal menu. Ideally I would like to have the option of needing a radio ww4_radio in the group to be able to call in support. I tried setting the default radio to "ww4_radio", but no joy. I haven't tinkered with the weapon loadouts either. Everything works great apart from that.
  13. Double thanks, it works fine. I found the line in initPed.sqs and also managed to get DAC working with it, changing _civ to _leaderman.
  14. Hey guys, those Afghan VDV additions are looking really good, one my favourite Russian outfits. I don't know too much about the others but they look good, so if they're authentic then I think it's good to add them to the mod. As for me, I find everything in the mod well compartmentalised and easy to navigate. Kenoxite, on the topic of the faces feature, I've been using Dynamic AI Creator as well as CivPopulate lately, adding Arctic civilians and guerillas. The two scripts seem to work together without conflict. The problem I had was with spawning WW4EXT Middle east units that should have the Afghan faces. Usually if I spawn a unit I'd have to use: "unitClassName" createUnit [getPos e1_1, e1, "[this,"afghan"] exec {\ww4ext_faces\setFace.sqs}, 0.3, "PRIVATE"]; (to join a dummy unit) That works fine for me, but I don't know how or where I would be able to implement this into CivPopulate. I remember having the WW4EXT_MECIVS working with CivPopulate, but this was before v1 was released, so I'm fearing it won't be possible to use DAC+CivPopulate with the middles east units. Just thought I'd mention per chance there's a way to fix it.
  15. Thnks kenox, that's fixed it.