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  1. Awesome! Looks like this will be more than just DLC, "expansion" sounds more like it!
  2. Ofcourse, not questioning that, just wondering....
  3. Interesting, so it's possible we will see more vehicles added over time? If that's the case, are those future vehicles included in the 42 vehicles/variants on the steam page? I found it a bit odd how the DLC will be set in the 80s but the MBTs are T-55s vs Leo 1s, unless ofcourse you plan to add T-72s and perhaps even leo 2s.
  4. Congratz! On a sidenote: the "KPz 1A1" should be named: "KPz Leopard 1A1A1" or "KPz Leopard A1A1" (this depends on when this DLC is set, in 1979 leopard 2 came out so they renamed all previous Leopard variants to Leopard 1). Leopard 1A1 designation was for Leopard 1s upgraded with the Cadillac Gage stabiliser, then the 1A1A1 added the Blohm & Voss add-on armour for the turret. Just a small thing, but it does seem like you guys are going for accuracy with this one 🙂 I'll be following this DLC closely!
  5. Not sure if this has been asked before, so please excuse me if it has, but was there ever a discussion/request for a hunter-killer feature for AFVs? I've only recently realised that one of the most important and helpful features of modern AFVs isn't in-game AFAIK. It would be awesome to have the ability for the commander to slew the turret (the main turret) to the point where he's aiming, this would greatly simplify and improve the job of the commander/gunner. Is there an engine limitation which prevents this, or was it just never brought up before?
  6. Different properties/config most likely, from what I can tell, turning does reduce speed on MBTs, it just "bottoms" out at a certain speed.
  7. Most common method for eastern bloc tanks, not western tanks. Western tanks (literally since the centurion) use regenerative steering, where one track goes slower and that force gets applied to the other track making it go faster, basically little speed-loss or even none depending on what speed you're travelling. This depends in what gear the tank is in too. As most tanks have speed governors, they can't go above ~72kph, which is good because above those speeds you can't effectively turn. One of the easiest tanks to drive is the Leopard 2 for instance, it drives much like a car would, generally considered to be the most pleasant and "accurate" tank to drive. Soviet tanks don't have this, they have the typical one track brakes method.
  8. After having played with the new Scalpels (top attack only) I've noticed they're actually quite a bit less flexible and effective than before, the top attack often leads you to overshoot a target and you can't properly guide the missiles because you don't see them. Any chance for a (new) scalpel variant with purely direct (SACLOS) guidance? IIRC multiple variants of missiles were a possibility?
  9. scavenjer

    Tanks - Damage improvements

    Yeah, but as it stands, there's plenty of options to fully disable/destroy even the most heavily armoured vehicles. Panther is a one shot for MAAWS and RPG32, there's very few people that use the RPG-7, it being the only RPG/launcher that actually has some issues with tanks. All this would do is make ERA more effective against the MAAWS, currently it can kill T-100s from the side on the heavy ERA at the front sides, you don't even need to aim for the rear of the turret or engine area. It would only be adjusting the MAAWS to not be incredibly good against even the most heavily armoured vehicles, you'd still be able to take them out with well placed hits.
  10. scavenjer

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    So, I've been trying to create my own addon which is only supposed to add another 35mm oerlikon belt+ammo which is based off AHEAD (submunitions against missiles etc), idea sort of came from Where Strike_NOR suggested it to be used for more consistent damage. Anyway, I was only trying to create 1 new magazine config but I ran into the issue where certain magazines weren't defined, long story short, I would like to know if there's anyone that can help me create a simple config mod which introduces one new ammo type that can be used in the existing tigris/cheetah (through console commands). Or an example of a simple mod which does something akin to this would be greatly appreciated :D.
  11. scavenjer

    Tanks - Damage improvements

    True, but it does mean the MAAWS is incredibly effective, probably more than it needs to be, in the end it was supposed to be a relatively cheap AT option. It would probably be better if it wasn't tandem. Always kinda wondered why only the RPG-7 is the only non-tandem RPG, every other launcher system has either tandem or some way to negate slat/ERA (top attack, overfly...). ATM the MAAWS is the easiest and most popular option for AT, little to no learning curve, little to no warning, high velocity making it especially effective at sub 500m and tandem to boot.... While it's probably more a "balancing" issue, it's a bit of an issue nonetheless. I've heard numerous reports of SLAT not working properly though in multiplayer, I think there's some netcode/desync related issue going on where even RPG-7s can just "phase" through. Haven't actually found a reliable way of testing this however.
  12. Wait, where can you see this? I checked the 105mm VTOL cannon and it was still there.
  13. @oukej My friends also noticed that the Blackfish armed has it's FOV/zoom on the cannons changed, previously it had three levels of zoom, a zoomed out one great for target acquisition, a medium level one and a high level one. This seems to have changed with Tanks DLC so it only has two zoom levels now, the medium zoom one and the high zoom one, this makes it incredibly hard to acquire targets even for very experienced players. However, if you spam the zoom out key, you can actually see that it zooms out for just a milisecond, after checking the 105mm VTOL weapon config, it seems it uses the exact same zoom levels as other big cannons, opticsZoomInit=0.75 opticsZoomMin=0.25 and opticsZoomMax=1.25. This would indicate that it has the same zoomlevels as those other cannons, but it somehow doesn't. So, is this a bug or intended? If it is intended, I have to point out how difficult it is to have any sort of situational awareness/fast acquisition with these zoom levels, the guns have a very large arc of travel and to cover it all searching for targets is very tedious and difficult without external assistance of a tactical ping or such things (disabled on many servers).
  14. I don't want to sound like a broken record here, but is there any info on the rudder fix?