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  1. EricR

    Rocket launcher Ammo and reload

    Hello @Walid Kharseh, I highly recommend you to ask about that to an admin of the server you play on, since they have probably implemented this behavior and know better what's really going on. Otherwise, From a Virtual Arsenal, you should be able to add at least 1 rocket. If not, you might simply be out of space in your inventory to carry one. Try removing all your equipment to see if it resolves the problem. From the ground or a dead body. If the rocket launcher has no rocket loaded, it might have already been. When looting from dead bodies, always take the weapon(s) first then loot for the ammo on the body. * Keep in mind that your inventory is somewhat small, and might not have the space to loot the rockets. Hope this can help.
  2. EricR

    Battleye Problem

    Hello @DogDaysz247, Usually just restarting Steam or your computer would fix that problem. I play since the game was in Alpha, and I encountered many problems (yours included) and I never had to uninstall the game fortunately. You can always try this fix to completely remove Battleye: Arma 3 Battleye 'Fix' Hope this is helpful.
  3. Sorry, but I don't. Depending on how is managed the bans on dedicated servers. When self-hosting, the ban is a simple text file that gets client id numbers stored for those that get banned, so it makes it pretty hard (without custom logging) to know who is who and therefore unban people, unless the list is really small or the bans aren't happening that often. You're lucky and not, I've been in contact with an admin that could remember you and in a good way also 😉 So you're not banned and it's probably caused by the network (admin said that the server is set to max ping 300). What country are you from ?
  4. Hi @Tw-God, Most admins don't ban on that server usually. Spamming explosives is pretty annoying in many ways and can be "dangerous" for nearby players. They might have warned you and you might not have heard. Other than that, maybe that's just unfortunate, and the network is bad and you got disconnected from the server and couldn't join back cause of it. Try again later 😉
  5. EricR

    No massage received problem

    Hi @osseyal, Usually it's caused by poor network. Since some servers are hosted on private machine, both (client and server) can be responsible. I would suggest you to try to restarting your modem and/or router, connect to it using cable instead of wireless (WiFi) and even if there's not much servers online, a server on which you get lowest ping possible. If nothing helped... maybe you could try to host a mission and see if people are able to connect and play. It could help you determine if the issue is coming from your side or the server. I would appreciate a nice "Massage" too 😉
  6. EricR

    Combat Patrol Missions

    @tydvs, You're not enough determined to search I think. Unless there's a misunderstood 😉 And here some more configs.
  7. As it is called, it's a starter kit. You're free to add whatever you want by scripting it. Argo is meant to be a fast paced tactical shooter, if you want slow paced, combined arms, long distance travels, lot of players, etc, I really suggest to get Arma.
  8. EricR

    Customise Server

    @tydvs, Answered in one of your post on another "subject".
  9. EricR


    Hi @linkinpunk, It is actually bad looking to try to do things that have been remove or locked in the game, or anything that tries to bring Argo closer to what Arma is. But nothing prevent you to use the editor and scripts. It's not more criminal than what they've done with the supporter's DLC 😉 Btw, big Weekend (up to September 14th) sales of Bohemia's games on Steam (Arma 3 at 75% OFF).
  10. EricR

    Helicopters and other vehicles

    Hi @Legalize89, Here is some code I found there that could help you... // Function that creates a parachute over the dropzone marker and moves the player into it. fnc_letsFly = { _height = _this select 0; _para = createVehicle ["Steerable_Parachute_F", getPosATL player, [], 0, "FLY"]; _para setPosATL [getPosATL _para select 0, getPosATL _para select 1, _height]; player moveInDriver _para; }; // This starts the player in the air at gamestart [400] call fnc_letsFly; I modified it so it's working in Argo and maybe easier to use. Just copy the code in the Init Have a nice flight
  11. Hi @NYKnicks33, Quick answer is YES, almost everything can be programmed / scripted in Argo. But there's no easy way to do it I think. Good start would be to download my files to create a Custom Combat Patrol (search Google), then from there you'll need what is called the virtual "ARSENAL", which is a box that players can interact with and modify their loadout. If you are planning doing it, the ARMA 3's scripting commands will be really useful. Since killing all enemies isn't in the possible objectives, there is no need to know how many bots there is. There is no way to know how many enemies are left. The max number of enemies in CP is around 40-50. The number is determined by the number of players in lobby when the game start. So less players means less enemies. No it is not. Again, my Custom Combat Patrol mission's file let you change many parameters, including the number of spawn tickets. Hope this could help you in your futur patrols.
  12. EricR


    Sorry, but seems they removed the DLCs from the Steam's store. They are also planning to remove accounts from Argo. At that point I would recommend to learn scripting, play on custom servers find missions to download... I think that ArgoSurvivors's mission is public and if you ask the owner for the files, he could send them to you. Good luck
  13. Hi @acealive, If you didn't try yet, close Steam and run it as an Administrator and try to install again. Also, when you uninstall Argo, make sure to delete the remaining Argo's folder in the Steam's install directory.
  14. EricR

    My questions about Argo

    Hi @Vic12301, I guess you already found a solution by now, but in case you didn't or someone else get similar bug, here is a simple fix. The only times it might did happen to me, was Steam's fault, so restarting Steam did the job. * even happened with CS:GO lol
  15. EricR


    Hi @Medical Attention, Respawn On Marker, tutorial from Killzone_Kid that someone recommended me. Seems to not work with vehicles in Argo. Using the "Respawn vehicle" module in 3den Editor. No "Respawn vehicle" module in Argo Editor 😞 The only way to make vehicles REspawn is probably through scripting... If you don't mind that vehicles don't REspawn after being destroyed, you can simply add some from the Editor. To test that in MultiPlayer with your friend, I would recommend you to get and follow my Combat Patrol Basic Starter Kit and add manually helicopters where you want. Sorry to not being more helpful. PS. Keep in mind that player(s) need the "DLC - Supporter's Pack" to get into the pilot/driver seat of vehicles. 😉