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  1. Hello @fatatris, There is no more progression system in the base game since Bohemia stopped supporting the game. Maybe you can find an answer to your question at the bottom of the 1st post in my other topic, How to Play Argo in 2022. I hope this can be useful to you.
  2. EricR

    Error 0x2001 when try to connect

    Hello @cleiton2040, I'm just replying cause you seems to have tried a little... but next time READ. On the Main Argo Forums page... above the post, it says that the game isn't supported at all anymore and they removed the login server. More than 7 months ago btw. I also made a post... titled Play Argo in 2022 that is within the 1st posts of the Troubleshooting section.
  3. EricR

    Play Argo in 2022

    Hello @Devisius, Nothing else to do. Just make sure it is spelled correctly and as in the video with the "-" included. Hope this could help you
  4. EricR

    unable to connect 0x2002

    Hello guys, Found an easy way to create, edit, play and or host again. Enjoy and happy new year 😄
  5. Hello, Good news! There is a simple way to skip the Main Menu of the game, and by the same time the login verification that was giving the error message "Unable to Connect to Bohemia Interactive Servers 0x2001". After a discussion with members of the community about using the Direct Connect launch option, to join directly hosted servers by using the connect and port parameters to launch the game, I decided to try the setupHost parameters instead and it worked really easily while giving more freedom to the player by giving back access to the 3den Editor, the Server Browser and Self-Hosting. (Mostly skipping the Main Menu). > Here is a simple tutorial and demo < * New to Argo or it is not in your library, here is How to Install Unlisted games on Steam (deleted, removed). Possible downsides Navigation Game progression and Armory aren't working anymore, so the default game modes will only let you choose from basic default loadouts. I've made the PvE (Combat Patrol) game mode as a pack, which let you add your script to it (e.g. Arsenal box to pick and creates loadouts on the fly in-game). You can find the "Custom Combat Patrol" game mode here: Customizable Combat Patrol game mode And a tutorial on how to add a Virtual Arsenal box following there: Add Virtual Arsenal (loadouts) Have fun and happy new year guys 😄
  6. EricR

    unable to connect 0x2002

    As expected, Argo isn't anymore. It has been confirmed by a Argo's team member and on the official Facebook's page. Argo's Facebook page Even there, it seems that it is the job of the community to announce the bad news on their forums. Sorry and I hope you the best
  7. EricR

    unable to connect 0x2002

    Hi, Unfortunately I think the game will not get a "Revive" this time... The official website "projectargo.net" is now redirecting to Bohemia's website since October and the "argo-validator.bistudio.com" seems to be down also. I'm pretty sad, but not surprised at all of how Bohemia handle the removal of (Project) Argo without any care about their users. R.I.P. Project Argo | From September 2016 - June 2017 R.I.P. Argo | From June 2017 - December 2021
  8. EricR

    Rocket launcher Ammo and reload

    Hello @Walid Kharseh, I highly recommend you to ask about that to an admin of the server you play on, since they have probably implemented this behavior and know better what's really going on. Otherwise, From a Virtual Arsenal, you should be able to add at least 1 rocket. If not, you might simply be out of space in your inventory to carry one. Try removing all your equipment to see if it resolves the problem. From the ground or a dead body. If the rocket launcher has no rocket loaded, it might have already been. When looting from dead bodies, always take the weapon(s) first then loot for the ammo on the body. * Keep in mind that your inventory is somewhat small, and might not have the space to loot the rockets. Hope this can help.
  9. EricR

    Battleye Problem

    Hello @DogDaysz247, Usually just restarting Steam or your computer would fix that problem. I play since the game was in Alpha, and I encountered many problems (yours included) and I never had to uninstall the game fortunately. You can always try this fix to completely remove Battleye: Arma 3 Battleye 'Fix' Hope this is helpful.
  10. Sorry, but I don't. Depending on how is managed the bans on dedicated servers. When self-hosting, the ban is a simple text file that gets client id numbers stored for those that get banned, so it makes it pretty hard (without custom logging) to know who is who and therefore unban people, unless the list is really small or the bans aren't happening that often. You're lucky and not, I've been in contact with an admin that could remember you and in a good way also 😉 So you're not banned and it's probably caused by the network (admin said that the server is set to max ping 300). What country are you from ?
  11. Hi @Tw-God, Most admins don't ban on that server usually. Spamming explosives is pretty annoying in many ways and can be "dangerous" for nearby players. They might have warned you and you might not have heard. Other than that, maybe that's just unfortunate, and the network is bad and you got disconnected from the server and couldn't join back cause of it. Try again later 😉
  12. EricR

    No massage received problem

    Hi @osseyal, Usually it's caused by poor network. Since some servers are hosted on private machine, both (client and server) can be responsible. I would suggest you to try to restarting your modem and/or router, connect to it using cable instead of wireless (WiFi) and even if there's not much servers online, a server on which you get lowest ping possible. If nothing helped... maybe you could try to host a mission and see if people are able to connect and play. It could help you determine if the issue is coming from your side or the server. I would appreciate a nice "Massage" too 😉
  13. EricR

    Combat Patrol Missions

    @tydvs, You're not enough determined to search I think. Unless there's a misunderstood 😉 And here some more configs.
  14. As it is called, it's a starter kit. You're free to add whatever you want by scripting it. Argo is meant to be a fast paced tactical shooter, if you want slow paced, combined arms, long distance travels, lot of players, etc, I really suggest to get Arma.
  15. EricR

    Customise Server

    @tydvs, Answered in one of your post on another "subject".