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  1. EricR

    My questions about Argo

    Hi @Vic12301, I guess you already found a solution by now, but in case you didn't or someone else get similar bug, here is a simple fix. The only times it might did happen to me, was Steam's fault, so restarting Steam did the job. * even happened with CS:GO lol
  2. EricR


    Hi @Medical Attention, Respawn On Marker, tutorial from Killzone_Kid that someone recommended me. Seems to not work with vehicles in Argo. Using the "Respawn vehicle" module in 3den Editor. No "Respawn vehicle" module in Argo Editor 😞 The only way to make vehicles REspawn is probably through scripting... If you don't mind that vehicles don't REspawn after being destroyed, you can simply add some from the Editor. To test that in MultiPlayer with your friend, I would recommend you to get and follow my Combat Patrol Basic Starter Kit and add manually helicopters where you want. Sorry to not being more helpful. PS. Keep in mind that player(s) need the "DLC - Supporter's Pack" to get into the pilot/driver seat of vehicles. 😉
  3. Hi @Ali_Sniper, There's more than one way, but here is one. Using a LAN dedicated server. 1. Launch the game with Steam as normal... stay in Main Menu. 2. Open the game folder/directory and execute argoserver_x64.exe and wait until the there is 3 lines (10:30 Dedicated server created) in the little window. 3. In the game, click on the BROWSER and the LAN tab and join your dedicated server. 4. ALT+TAB to get back to the server window and it should have the line : "YOURNAME: ID 765..........." 5. Done, you can close the server by clicking on the "X" top right corner 😉
  4. Hi guys, Here is a link to my → Basic Starter Kit ← to start personalizing your own Combat Patrol missions. Everything is include and parameters are defaulted as if it's regular Combat Patrol. Notice: There is not a single "difficulty" setting, it's a combination of different variables that sets the real difficulty, such as: The location/environment, assets (vehicles, etc), Size of the AO, Number of buildings in the AO, Number of units per enemy patrol, Number of tickets, The objective, Number of players playing, Number of available slots to join, etc. What can be customized ? Getting Started Customizing Exporting for Multiplayer (MP) Play, Try and Host Bugs can occurs, it's Argo... just disconnect/reconnect. Hope you'll enjoy !!!
  5. EricR


    Simplest way is to watch a video tutorial for Arma 3... that's the same. Search for something like "universal ammo box" ;) If you got some understanding of programming/scripting... The Arma 3 doc is really helpful, "complete" and easy to go through.
  6. EricR


    Download and use the Mission Templates as a starting point. Good luck.
  7. EricR

    Can a single player play Argo ?

    Yes ou can play alone in Combat Patrol... The other game modes are PvP only though. The easiest way IMO, is to launch the Combat Patrol mission from the HOST tab in the Server Browser.
  8. EricR

    Bohemia Game Servers?

    No guarantee at all. At your own risk ;) Everyone get 25 skill points to spend on the skill tree. So it's up to you to spend them where you want. There's no way to have all the best weapons unlocked, attachments, etc. Aside from scripting and hosting your own mission.
  9. @Checker8763, Yeah, they used to give in-game money on official servers only. The money was used to buy individual gear (cosmetics, weapons,etc) or resetting the Skill Tree. But, since Argo is not supported anymore, they've maxed out everyone's level to 25 and everything is also free now.
  10. EricR


    They don't want help.... cause they don't want to go further with Argo. Simple as that unfortunately. If you want something done, better doing it yourself and enjoy it on your own private server. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/322725867317100544/407984867280814080/EricR-AntiGlitchExample1.mp4 I've sent them the code ↑ more than 4 months ago... guess what. :( No answers until I asked again last month... to know that they never looked at it. The last answer I got about it: "The problems we are able to fix, we fix. There are some, beyond our capability. Either they are too deep in the engine, or we don't have the manpower. "
  11. EricR

    Editor: Respawn object (balloon...)

    Hi @flyingcoyotus, Try this code, it should works at least to setup yourself a little. There is probably better ways to achieve the same, but maybe you'll find it useful.
  12. I confirm that urfinjuce is NOT a troll. He's also a good contributor to the community (forums and feedback). (Even if we don't always agree ;)) Also played couples of Combat Patrol with him in the past and I don't remember having a bad time then. Btw, the level of an account doesn't bring any relevant information about a player IMO.
  13. EricR

    please change a game litel bit

    Hi @goldberg1, People already asked for more maps (locations) and more weapons, since the release, but they always answered that they have no plans going into that direction. So the solutions: - Get the missions templates (Link, Raid, Clash, Combat Patrol) and add yourself new locations on the map to play on (In the Editor). Add the loadouts you want or an Arsenal Box. (using scripts) Then you host it yourself on your computer or rent a server if you want. Of course this would requires you to learn a lot of about custom missions. - Buy Arma 3... cause they want you to do so and it should be a lot easier ;)
  14. You can say what ever you want... At least someone gives answers sometimes and some people appreciate that. So I don't care what you think. Since ITokyYourCookie left project Argo... it's not the same. But I guess that Midnighters could help you... 4 years in the BI forums... he should know everyone by his name I presume and being able to guide you better than me for that part.
  15. No problem, Other than the name's history, everything is pretty doable though, but still unfriendly a little. Good luck with your project :)