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Play Argo in 2022

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Good news! There is a simple way to skip the Main Menu of the game,
and by the same time the login verification that was giving the error message "Unable to Connect to Bohemia Interactive Servers 0x2001".

After a discussion with members of the community about using the Direct Connect launch option,
to join directly hosted servers by using the connect and port parameters to launch the game,
I decided to try the setupHost parameters instead and it worked really easily while giving more freedom to the player
by giving back access to the 3den Editor, the Server Browser and Self-Hosting. (Mostly skipping the Main Menu).

> Here is a simple tutorial and demo <


* New to Argo or it is not in your library,
here is How to Install Unlisted games on Steam (deleted, removed).

Possible downsides


- Navigation through the menus can be confusing for some (Editor, Server Browser, Hosting).
- No Single Player (Can be played in MP but solo in LAN).
- Your in-game name will be (not 100% sure) the first name you've entered for your BI Account (No more GUESTS).
- No access to the Armory (No more custom loadout).



- When the game start, whatever you want to play solo or host you must click the OK button when you're done with the hosting settings,
  otherwise you'll get redirected to the Main Menu (login).

- After you clicked OK (from Mission Selection menu),
  - For playing / hosting -> just select your mission.
  - For the Editor -> Select "New - 3D Editor" at the top of the mission list.
  - For the Server Browser, click on Back.


Game progression and Armory aren't working anymore, so the default game modes will only let you choose from basic default loadouts.
I've made the PvE (Combat Patrol) game mode as a pack, which let you add your script to it (e.g. Arsenal box to pick and creates loadouts on the fly in-game).
You can find the "Custom Combat Patrol" game mode here: Customizable Combat Patrol game mode
And a tutorial on how to add a Virtual Arsenal box following there: Add Virtual Arsenal (loadouts)

Have fun and happy new year guys 😄

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To continue to play Argo online... Follow the instructions in the Video .

and launch the game Argo normally in 32 or 64 bits.

The game must be present in your library...(follow eric's video)

Thanks to Eric for the Tuto...And U-Again 🙂

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strange, when i put in the setupHost in the launch options, i still get the login screen en can't get passed it.

Any additional things i should do to get it working?

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Hello @Devisius,

Nothing else to do. Just make sure it is spelled correctly and as in the video with the "-" included.

Hope this could help you

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