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Combat Patrol Customize Locations and Difficulty

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Hi guys,

Here is a link to my → Basic Starter Kit   to start personalizing your own Combat Patrol missions.
Everything is include and parameters are defaulted as if it's regular Combat Patrol.

Notice: There is not a single "difficulty" setting, it's a combination of different variables that sets the real difficulty, such as:
The location/environment, assets (vehicles, etc), Size of the AO, Number of buildings in the AO, Number of units per enemy patrol, Number of tickets, The objective, Number of players playing, Number of available slots to join, etc.


What can be customized ?


* from description.ext file only

  • Number of enemy units per patrol [2,4,7]
  • Number of tickets [1,10,20,30]
  • Objective selection [random, 2 vehicles to destroy, Argo Module, 3 data terminals]
  • Number of slots for players displayed in "server settings"

* from the Editor (3den Editor) only

  • Adding new locations and set it's size (conditions required)
  • Removing locations
  • Modify (size, position) of old locations (remove → add)
  • Add vehicles and drive them (require Supporter's DLC)
  • Number of slots for players to join

Getting Started

  1. Open the .zip file
  2. Extract the folder to your "My Documents\Argo\mpmissions"
    * If there is no "mpmissions" in the Argo folder, create it.
  3. Rename the extracted folder (NameItLikeYouWant.Abel), but keep the ".Abel" at the end

* Always keep the .zip file as a backup




In the description.ext file

LINE 25: Time before being able to spawn/respawn

LINE 86: How much units per patrol [2(0), 4(1), 7(2)] *() number of grenadier in the patrol
LINE 93: Number of tickets available for players to respawn [1,10,20,30]

LINE 100: Selection of the objective [Random, 2 vehicles, Argo Module, 3 data Terminals]


In the 3den Editor

From the Editor you can chnage the number of players and the locations available to vote for at the beginning of a match.

Add slots available for players:
Select an existing unit, copy it (Ctrl+C) and then paste it (Ctrl+V), usually on the most South Eastern island.

All units must be in the same group (blue lines connected), to do so right click on the unit to connect and select connect, then click on any unit already connect.


Use the different modules (F5):

  • Combat Patrol Location Add (Works best where there is road and buildings)
  • Combat Patrol Location Remove (1 already used for Moray (North West Island) that triggers errors)
  • Combat Patrol Location Reposition (Relocate the nearest location to where it is placed)
  • Combat Patrol Azimuth Blacklist (Prenvent area to be set as Insertion or Exfiltration point)



Exporting for Multiplayer (MP)

  1. Open the mission in the 3den Editor 
  2. On the top menu, click "Scenario" (most left tab), go to "Export" and click on "Export to Multiplayer
    * You should get a confirmation message.


Your mission is now ready to be hosted.
Exported missions should be located in "[SteamInstalledDrive]\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\[Argo]\MPMissions"
as a .PBO file.

* MPMissions/ folder is created when you successfully exported your first mission.


Play, Try and Host

  1. Open Argo
  2. Log in or not
  3. Click "Server Browser"
  4. Click on the tab "HOST SERVER" on the top (3rd from the left)
    * For Single Player, skip to step 7
  5.  Change the "HOST" to "INTERNET"
  6. Check "UPNP"
  7. "HOST SERVER" at the bottom.
  8. Select your mission (in green fo SP or test and white when exported for MP)
  9. Click "PLAY" and Enjoy!

Bugs can occurs, it's Argo... just disconnect/reconnect.



Hope you'll enjoy !!!

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Any mode for create one small base for briefing  with any cars and helicopter in this base?¿¿?

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As it is called, it's a starter kit.
You're free to add whatever you want by scripting it.

Argo is meant to be a fast paced tactical shooter,
if you want slow paced, combined arms, long distance travels, lot of players, etc,
I really suggest to get Arma.

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