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Walid Kharseh

Rocket launcher Ammo and reload

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When i pick to equip a rocket launcher and then want to use it there is no ammo, i could equip it but the ammo doesn't come with it. How can i get ammo for rocket launcher?

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Hello @Walid Kharseh,

I highly recommend you to ask about that to an admin of the server you play on,
since they have probably implemented this behavior and know better what's really going on.


From a Virtual Arsenal, you should be able to add at least 1 rocket. 
If not, you might simply be out of space in your inventory to carry one. Try removing all your equipment to see if it resolves the problem.

From the ground or a dead body.
If the rocket launcher has no rocket loaded, it might have already been.
When looting from dead bodies, always take the weapon(s) first then loot for the ammo on the body.
* Keep in mind that your inventory is somewhat small, and might not have the space to loot the rockets.

Hope this can help.

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