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  1. ArYxRayx

    Arma 3 Art of War DLC Feedback

    The Formal Suit's Shoes bottoms are Red. Not sure if this was wanted. Seems like they are missing a texture.
  2. ArYxRayx

    Arma 3 Art of War DLC Feedback

    Is there any chance that a H_Hat_black would be added for the new Formal Suit (Black)?
  3. server crashes since 1.98 update, not sure why, but haven't had any with 1.96.
  4. ArYxRayx

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    you dont always need a new game to keep arma alive. (enough older games exist with a bigger player base) They did good job with their recent DLC's, apart from forcing players to buy a DLC to play a Map. (Tanoa/Livionia, they could of added advertisement to them too, in some kind of way) New content such as Weapons, Vehicles, Uniforms, Units and placing Objects is missing in Arma 3. I remember APEX, it had everything.. even a really nice Coop Mission through Tanoa. In my opinion the best DLC. Any new Arma will take way more Harddisk space, so why not let Arma 3 have it. In my Opinion the creator DLC wasn't well thought of, if they would of released it as a normal DLC, no one would of cared about gb space at all. I hope the next creator DLC will be part of Arma 3, and not split the Arma 3 Community more.
  5. ArYxRayx

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    500 GB SSD costs about 40-50 euros, why keep a game at low gb's count. GB is cheap these days, other games are above the 60gb of space. (i bet the map is 20 gb big, they don't need to add that) Arma 3's player peak only rises when they release an Update or a DLC with content. Alot servers are dieing at the moment because there is nothing new coming, if all servers are gone you got nothing to play on. I wouldn't say that the ColdWar Creator DLC has good content and should be part of Arma 3, but Bohemia should atleast let the Community decide if the next creator dlc's should be part of Arma 3. Everytime they release a new Creator DLC they split the Community bit by bit, its impossible to run a server with just the Cold War Creator DLC. I've tried it, i had like 20 players in one month on it, on my Vanilla servers i got like 20 per day or hour. I like the way they did it with the weapons, units and vehicles by spamming the player with advertisment. Thats the way to get more players buy the DLC, they should of done that with the creator DLC in first place. The Map shouldn't be downloaded like they did it with Apex and Contact. I know that some players are not happy with more GB decisions, but comeon upgrade your pc. First everyone asks for 64 bit, so the memory limit raises, but the gb limit isn't allowed to be rised. Space is cheaper then memory.
  6. Removed: Get in actions for empty drones (UGV / UAV / Autonomous Static Turrets / SAM Sites, etc.) Why also the SAM Sites? it was interesting to use the Weapon Systems as Vehicles, that broke alot of my scripts, now they are useless.
  7. The Bicycle flips other Vehicles or makes them fly. Any chance to fix this? would like to use them.
  8. neither a gm folder or the files in the expansion dir.
  9. Hello, I got a little question. I can't find any Guide or Tutorial so far, but how can I build a Dedicated Server using this DLC? The GM Folder won't be downloaded through the Free Server Files for Linux and Windows.
  10. how is it possible to give players Magazines automatically, like in the default Arsenal, and them to the Buy list?
  11. Ok the script works almost. Weapons, Backpacks, Vests and so on Show up with Price. But as soon I Press onto the Backpack or Vest it shows me the Magazine and then a Red X next to it. Tried version 1.4. Can anyone tell me why it wont work? If I dont use this Addon and try it, it works.
  12. Does this mean that enableDebugConsole[] = {"yourid"}; doesn't work any longer and to use enableDebugConsole = 1; again?
  13. Since the newest Dev Build, is it now possible to use Tanoa Structures (Buildings) in Maps like Altis and Stratis without owning the APEX addon? In the Editor it shows me all Structures from Tanoa, even so I ain't got Apex installed, but since im owning it im not sure if this is a bug or was made on purpose.