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    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Hi! When I try to see "My Units", I received this message: ERROR_ We encountered an error. If the problem persists, please contact us as via email at support@bistudio.com. Any clues?
  2. Thanks for the responses guys! First of all, I know that. I tried with the virtual arsenal, as I said above. What you both are sending me is how to acces the arsenal (which is limited, as BroBeans. said), so I tried the command to open the virtual arsenal, not the arsenal. But the problem is that the face, voice and insignia tabs are accesible, but completely empty. No inisgnias, faces and voices to choose. This is, again, in the VIRTUAL ARSENAL, not the common arsenal. Can't find the error here :( Edit: When I play single player, the virtual arsenal works fine. I can see the insignias, faces and voices there. No clue why in multiplayer VA decides not to work properly. Edit2: Tried another mission, and the VA works fine. So then it is the mission. Interesting. Liberation Chernarus. Will try to contact the creators then, let's see if I can get a solution!
  3. I guess someone has solved this problem in the past, but i've been looking for in google and in this forum, and I've not been able to fix this problem. I'm aware that the normal ARSENAL doesn't allow faces, voices and insignias, so I decided to add a virtual arsenal to an NPC in my base in my dedicated server. The problem is that the insignias tab is completely empty, as well as the faces and voices one. I read in another topic that I need a config file of some kind, but didn't quite get it right. I find this strange as well from BI. If you want to desing the arsenal and the virtual arsenal, why just removing the trhee tabs that makes different the VA? Thanks a lot guys! I'm pretty sure there is a very easy way to fix this, but I couldn't find something useful in the Internet..-
  4. So the server is up and running? Is it ok that the rpt file stops at extensions? Nice!! Thanks a lot for the quick response Terox!!! Maybe, I installed this server one or two days ago! I introduced my arma3server_x64.exe in my firewall (in and out) and open all the ports both in my firewall and router. So, as you say, it should be seen in the server list. I will try what you explained in the end of your post. Thanks again!!! Have to say, that the last thing the console says is the open ports message, anything else. Nothing about game starting nor loading mission. As I said, I will test what you told me earlier. One question. Is there any kind of problem to have opened the steam client before starting the server? Don't really know if that can create conflicts in Steam. Edit: Another question that I'm having right now, regarding the mods: In your original post you explain that yo can copy all the files from the mods and group them inside "core" folders. I feel doing that can be a little bit messy for me, is it possible to group @ace, @taskforceradio... in @ZCommon and then call @ZCommon in the shortcut, without deleting the mod original folders? Thank you for your time, and sorry for asking a lot!!
  5. Hello everyone! Just having some issues with my server. First time doing this. I've seen a lot of tutorials and videos, but I can't really find the error here. When I launch my server, the console stops after setting up the ports. I will leave the rpt file and the parameters line of the shortcut for your understanding. Thanks a lot! Hope you can help my out, it is quite frustrating :( Tried to search my server in the server list but it isn't there. Gotta say I'm on Windows Server 2016, and running a vanilla Armar 3 Server. Parameters line: Rpt file: The rpt file suddenly stops after Extensions:
  6. Kile467

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Hey! I would like to suggest the Unit Name size could be 40 instead of 30. Thanks everyone!