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  1. bofhgr

    seelenlos Zeus

    Yes, what I do is have a separate mission file where I place units from each mod I have on the server. This makes the mission.sqm file produced have a very long table of addons. I copy those addons and addonsmetatada lists from that mission.sqm and replace the ones on my exile mission.sqm. Repack the mission file and now Zeus will be able to spawn all units that you have also placed on your test map, depending on the addons you have enabled.
  2. Hello @TeTeT and thank you for this awesome mod! I have a question, as I haven't been able to make it work on my mission as I have envisioned and would like to ask for help. I have placed 3 carriers giving each a different number. I would like to have each carrier spawn for a different faction (one for Bluefor, one for CSAT and one for Independed) and want to make it so that armed AA defenses on each carrier do not shoot on friendlies but engage other hostile factions as expected. So far all 3 Nimitz spawn for BlueFor and I haven't been able to make them switch to either CSAT or Independed. I suspect some code in their init could do the trick, but my limited arma-fu is limited. If I load Zeus and use the available option from Ares/Achilles mod I can change the faction of the carrier and the AA defenses, so I assume this could be done. Any ideas how I could make it work?
  3. OK so what I found so far is that the total number of files in your keys folder is a cause for server not showing up correctly. I had many obsolete keys and once I deleted all the ones I don't support on the server anymore - voila! server is up and showing green. Confirmed by re-adding some random keys and it showed up red again. It seems there is a limit to how many keys you have in your folder until it becomes an issue with arma launcher :( pitty, wish I could add many more mods than currently :(
  4. bofhgr


    Hello and thank you for your work on this amazing mod. I have two questions and hope the community here can help. 1. I run a dedicated server with exile and a ton of other mods and scripts and need help merging my cfgremoteexec classes with the ones provided here: https://github.com/ArmaAchilles/AresModAchillesExpansion/blob/(0.1.0)/%40AresModAchillesExpansion/keys/cfgRemoteExec.hpp (Edit for better clarity) this is how I have currently configured my cfgremoteexec section including the above mentioned classes, however things like locking/unlocking vehicles don't function properly in Zeus. Problem is that the mods I currently run the below mode/jip settings for Functions and Commands, where as Achilles needs mode/jip both 1 for both Functions and Commands. So how can I have the syntax to get both Achilles to work properly and not break all my existing mods? Also, all my existing class definitions include a { AllowedTargets=2; }; after class name, but nothing similar provided with the above link - is that correct? PS: I am not sure but I assume I need to run Achilles at the -servermod parameter on my server not -mod -- correct? class Functions { mode = 1; jip = 0; .... and class Commands { mode=0; jip=0;... 2. I would like to limit the vehicles and units available from all the mods to just a select grouping of my design. I understand Achilles supports similar functionality but I am not sure where to find it and how to configure it. Any pointers would be most welcome! Thank you in advance! qp
  5. just tried with the default values and didn't make a difference :(
  6. pressing END will kill a unit or vehicle or detonate mines etc
  7. glad to know I am not the only one :) we are running our server from a dedicated VM running on Microsoft Azure, so no issue there, all ports and everything is setup properly with a huge internet pipe. interesting that you mention basic.cfg, below are my settings on this file, played with it a bit (see values in comments) but not sure how to optimize it. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Bandwidth Tuning // // Be sure to adjust this to your server settings! // This example is for 1GBit/s pipe /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // 100MB * 1024 * 1024 = 104857600 MinBandwidth = 107374182; //was 107374182 // Do NOT set this too high or your Arma server will simulate ego-ddos // 600MB * 1024 * 1024 = 629145600 MaxBandwidth = 1073741824; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Network Tuning // // Usually something we developers set. Only change these if you really know // what you are doing. Do something wrong here and your sever will burn in hell // and cause massive desych. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// MaxMsgSend = 512; //was 2048, 128 default MaxSizeGuaranteed = 512; // was 958 - 512 default MaxSizeNonguaranteed = 256; //was 224 - def 256 MinErrorToSend = 0.002; //was .002 def .001 MinErrorToSendNear = 0.02; //was .002 def .001 MaxCustomFileSize = 0;
  8. Hi and thank you for answering! Done that, when testing fewer mods, everything works, when I reach a certain point of too many mods it breaks. It's not that a specific mod makes this issue, everything I added lately (4 mods) individually work fine, when added together they break arma launcher :( Folks can connect to the server normally via A3Launcher as well as by manually entering with all required mods loaded via steam launcher but the error will make anyone not familiar with the workaround unable to join. my start-up command line is this: It didn't work when I had all mods with simply -@modname instead of full path so added the full path in case it works.. start /wait /min /high "Arma3" arma3server_x64.exe -name=SC -profiles=SC -config=F:\Games\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\config.cfg -port=2302 -BEPath=F:\Games\Arma\Server\battleye -cfg=F:\Games\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\basic.cfg "-mod=F:\Games\arma\server\@cba;F:\Games\arma\server\@rhsu;F:\Games\arma\server\@rhsr;F:\Games\arma\server\@rhsg;F:\Games\arma\server\@fox;F:\Games\arma\server\@bafv;F:\Games\arma\server\@cupu;F:\Games\arma\server\@cupw;F:\Games\arma\server\@cupv;F:\Games\arma\server\@jfa;F:\Games\arma\server\@z;F:\Games\arma\server\@zi;F:\Games\arma\server\@hmcs;F:\Games\arma\server\@nmtz;F:\Games\arma\server\@at;F:\Games\arma\server\@asl;F:\Games\arma\server\@ar;F:\Games\arma\server\@aur;F:\Games\arma\server\@ats;F:\Games\arma\server\@em;F:\Games\arma\server\@Exile;F:\Games\arma\server\@ebm;" "-servermod=F:\Games\arma\server\curator;F:\Games\arma\server\kart;F:\Games\arma\server\heli;F:\Games\arma\server\mark;F:\Games\arma\server\jets;F:\Games\arma\server\expansion;F:\Games\arma\server\@ATKS;F:\Games\arma\server\@Enigma;F:\Games\arma\server\@SLZ;F:\Games\arma\server\@ExileServer;" -autoinit -filePatching -loadMissionToMemory -nosound -enableHT Another workaround is to edit verifySignatures = 2; to 0, but that's not desired either. In above thread folks mentioned that maybe shortening the path by renaming mods or moving mods from -mod to -server mod methods worked for them, but have been unsuccesfull in my case, so wanted to hear back from someone who had a similar issue and managed to find a solution. thank you. qp
  9. hey folks! @flexgrip @strider42 We run into the same problem with our server, what ended up being your solution ? adding mods in the same folder? truncating names to a,b,c or what else? I tried moving mods from -mod to -servermod but that didn't do the trick for us.. Any suggestions are welcome!
  10. bofhgr

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    I want to thank you both for your replies and your feedback on how to utilize this within our server's main mod - Exile. I'll need to step up my dev skills for sure, and it's a welcome challenge to learn how to code better! :D Regarding the use of your mod, on our server, I want to ensure you that it is according to license and we are not monetizing in any way our Arma experience, purely for fun! Currently the Servicing stations are placed in strategic locations (safe zones) that all players have access to refit and rearm their vehicles for free instead of using the in-game currency of poptabs :) If you would like to see for yourselves, I can send you details about our server on a PM. To learn more about our gaming community you may visit http://www.oldbloodandguts.com thank you, qp
  11. bofhgr

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Hello, I wanted to stop by and let you know that we love this mod, although we only very recently discovered it! We'll be adding this to our Exile server and we're investigating if we can utilize the Servicing functionality for changing pylon settings and rearming of your mod with Exile's money and respect system - so a player has to spend money / needs to have a certain respect lvl etc in order to rearm/repair their vehicle. Do you happen to know if this has been done by someone before (couldn't find any related info on the exile forums or google) or if anyone could point us to the right direction in extending this functionality for our server? thank you in advance, qp
  12. bofhgr

    seelenlos Zeus

    wanted to post here and let everyone know that SLZ now works well with the latest Ares-Achilles mod ver 0.9c for Exile servers and we're loving it :)
  13. bofhgr

    seelenlos Zeus

    well ignore my last message, I figured out how to solve this, so I am posting here to let everyone else know how to add this. you need to ensure that the mod you want is included in the mission.sqm file (for exile servers) under the addons list. I added the missing mod and it now shows up on Zeus :D
  14. bofhgr

    seelenlos Zeus

    Hi @fry02312, hope you're well! I've added this mod on my Exile server http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952560410 It doesn't show up in Zeus,however and according to the mod author and I quote: "Can use in Zeus. Your mission needs to set "All addons" inside "Game Master" module at EDEN Editor." So my question is, how to make this work with SLZ mod? Does SLZ mod offer this functionality? For refference, my SLZ_Settings have the following setting for Objects: SLZ_objects = [{vehicles}, {allDead}, {allUnits}]; // DEFAULT = [] Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide. PS: You still have zeus admin access on my server if you wish to test yourself, currently the server has the HMCS mod enabled & running but it's not showing up on Zeus.
  15. bofhgr

    seelenlos Zeus

    yup spam is gone. working great with Ares mod but doesn't seem to like Ares-Achilles mod as none of the module functions are available. pitty as it should give more depth to zeusing. but I am very happy that I can zeus in Exile, thank you for all your help and effort! much appreciated!