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  1. Thanks for the addon! Other than a few texture glitches on the helmets, they look flawless, really like the 'been-in-combat' effect on the texture haha, thanks again. Oh and the handschar hat, loving it, a really unique touch!
  2. roastedporkchops

    Post New Thread Button missing?

    Informative, was wondering myself why I couldn't post a thread haha. Thanks, and excuse my ignorance. :p
  3. roastedporkchops

    MPX BAF: Mastiff 2 PPV

    Really looking forward to this! Great work.
  4. roastedporkchops

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Hello, thank you for the great hard work! I was just wondering, are you guys planning to add camo combination texture for especially DDPM and Temperate DPM or DDPM and DPM mix to the normal combat uniform model too? (AAF's uniform model) Also, just an idea, perhaps you can use and retexture the Tanoan guerilla uniform as well? The one with brown combat pant and camo tank top if I recall correctly, to sort of achieve this look haha. I believe the pant model is the same as the AAF's one, which I think gonna fit in with the rest of the modpack. It's just a rough suggestion, though I believe the guy in the photo was most likely to be shirtless instead of having a tank top underneath that vest. :p But thanks again for the mod itself! Additional Idea: Perhaps, in addition to the current green netting, adding tan netting option into the Temperate DPM or DPM camo helmet would be nice as well, so that it can also be used as a combination with the DDPM uniform.