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    [RELEASE] NO MODS Survival system

    hey @Sciirof have you made any further progress on this mod ?. was wondering if you did end up adding the XP/Leveling System ?. Mike
  2. OC OfficialMikeJTv

    [RELEASE] NO MODS Survival system

    When will the Traders be working ?. I would love to host a Server with this on it & Ravage mod as well. Would be nice to use something with Ravage that isn't Mod dependent.
  3. OC OfficialMikeJTv

    Universal Door Code Lock

    @WarhammerActual exactly what we need too. aseptically for Mods that are already out. The mod creators might use this in their systems.
  4. OC OfficialMikeJTv

    Universal Door Code Lock

    Cody you nailed it again bro. This will make our Mod so much better when it comes to Locking builds or when we (if we add) base building into the Mod later this year. I know your confident enough to do such stuff. reason why i asked you for help with all my missions. Thanks buddy for the help all the time putting up with my silly ass ha ha. Anyways keep em coming man we love your vids (tuts) man they help us noobs out quite a lot. Mike
  5. this dude is the best of all the tuts i have watched. me and him have been chatting on steam for the last hour or so. He has helped me a lot in the last day or more. i have lots more to learn and even got a alpha working version of my own twist of Battle Royal working in the Editor. and even MP as well. Thanks again bro. your so helpful even when i have a 1000 questions. Mike
  6. OC OfficialMikeJTv

    RH Acc pack

    RH i get an error when trying to add this mod to my Arma 3 Client with the "Local Mod" Option. unless you have uploaded this mod to steam workshop. I don't know why it's not working. the error tells me. "There is is mod in this folder" ! what can i do to fix this ?. Mike.