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  1. I had the pleasure to try it out first .... great job like all your work ... :-)
  2. W4lly63

    Custom texture objects on TB

    As Rof said can only change textures paths editing a2 p3d with object builder ....or build a new object sign from scratch
  3. W4lly63

    Custom texture objects on TB

    if u have put in your objects folder p3d of reskinned objects , config.cpp data folder, rvmat textures etc... , copy main folder on p:\ directory , create a new class library in TB and add templates or directory of new objects
  4. W4lly63

    Trouble signing PBOs

    try to use pboproject from Mikero https://armaservices.maverick-applications.com/Products/MikerosDosTools/ can create sign on addon without problems...
  5. W4lly63

    Controls terrible

    i use a wireless numeric keypad when using BD ...
  6. Aside to consider increasing gridsize ... 30mt cell size is a bit ......., (ideals values for my experience are 4096 x 7.5 and increasing sat map ........ 1m/px) I use 6 colors without problems... for your problem tries to remove the check from "convert exported textutes" ..... after generating layers, open BD and BD convert textures by yourself
  7. lol i dont know but i think is exponential the time needed for start .. but 9 hours lol ..... my BD with project 8192x4 32x32km start after 10 min . :-)
  8. yea is possible this way ... but... for me instability depends on something else .. as I said above use 8192 without problems but ..... windows 7 64 only (windows 10 always freeze) and i work on 2 different computers, installed with the installation P procedure I explained above and compatibility mode that spoke ROF ... on that with i7 3930k quad channel I can always work for hours doing anything and never freeze .. while in i5 4690k it just freeze on certain operations but rarely and only if I modify the ground never with objects or layers etc .. so the influence of hardware on stability is certain .. also because i did not use 2 different installations but i had cloned HD from i5 to i7
  9. i had same problem WITH TB FREEZEE create new different folder for P drive load new P drive use mikero arma3p for extraction when ask about buldozer from original arma3 directory : yes put link of TB (arma3tools directory) from folder on desktop DONT use arma3tools but open TB from link open preferences of TB and insert this settings http://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:tools:buldozer second line ... first is for object builder....
  10. i think iisnt 8192 the problem .... im using the same computer type only one difference i have imported geotiff in L3DT Pro and exported as asc. and using this mapframe settings without problems
  11. try this http://gvellut.github.io/FreehandRasterGeoreferencer/
  12. in QGIS use rasmover plugin for move layers