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  1. CUP Terrains Core 1.4.1 armaholic update...........
  2. thx for the early xmas present
  3. oh a Christmas present or something to look forward too in the new year cause fuck that's some horny update incoming
  4. natoed

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Line Of Sight Check Had a few go's at adding LOS check but either the spawned zed group all aggro together or all spawned zeds aggro not what was intended, while breaking LOS can send the zeds back to roaming at times. Has anybody else managed to add a working LOS check and willing to share.... I'm using a edited version of ExileZ v2.0 for Epoch which works bloody well.
  5. @icebreakr I came across a script created by the epoch dev team for making loot positions which WILL detect the building classes in the editor for "Land_ibr_abr_panelak" "Land_ibr_abr_panelak2" "Land_ibr_abr_panelak2" thou in-game no loot spawns, (tearing hair-out) not giving up on this just yet script in question
  6. @icebreakr Hey dude hope all is well, now I need to pick your brain 3 Apartment Buildings with no prefix, no buildingpos 8 Floor Variant "Land_Panelak", "Land_Panelak1_Grey", "Land_ibr_abr_panelak" 4 Floor Variant "Land_Panelak2", "Land_Panelak2_Grey", "Land_ibr_abr_panelak2" 2 Floor Variant "Land_Panelak3", "Land_Panelak3_Grey", "Land_ibr_abr_panelak3" Server RPT spam regarding "Land_ibr_abr_panelak", "Land_ibr_abr_panelak2", "Land_ibr_abr_panelak3" 10:20:31 Cannot create object with abstract type Land_ibr_abr_panelak (scope = private?) 10:20:31 Cannot create object with abstract type Land_ibr_abr_panelak2 (scope = private?) 10:20:31 Cannot create object with abstract type Land_ibr_abr_panelak2 (scope = private?) I've tried with the m8 editor and the 3 Apartment Buildings have no prefix. I have tried building replacement script, but it can't find the building to replace. Epoch lootspawner and old mates @na_palm lootspawner just can not find the buildingpos By any chance are you running a building replacement script within your abramia_objects.pbo! cause this is doing my head in mate. Would like to make theses building usable as they feature extensively across the map. I'm hoping you can shine some light on my problem. cheers natoed
  7. if anybody else was looking.... Isla Abramia - Building Classnames
  8. @R0adki11 NP I'm just using the mod server side now for static prop's as I doubt I'll hear from @Buegeleisen anytime soon. Its a shame an abandoned/inactive members mod can not be picked up by others, but I'm sure BI forum has been here before and it didn't end well, which is why the below is needed cheers natoed
  9. @R0adki11 Yes thanks I did check and sent a PM, just covering my ass as its his mod not mine. Before I upload other people's works. works great btw ufo pic cheers natoed
  10. @icebreakr first up thanks for this great mod. zetaborn weapon and ammo classnames I left out the big launcher btw, so does the below look right! // weapons zetaborn_carbine // EnergyRifle Z10 zetaborn_rifle // EnergyRifle Z15A // ammo zetaborn_rifle_ammo >>> zetaborn_rifle_mag // Grenade zetaborn_throw // Energy Grenade zetaborn_grenade >>> zetaborn_grenade_mag // Launcher zetaborn_at // Energy Launcher // ammo Babe_zetaborn_AT >>> zetaborn_at_mag cheers natoed
  11. @Buegeleisen Hey dude you still around, requesting permission to modify and upload the addon/mod for your so cool flying saucer. i run a little epoch server and for shits n giggles changing over to Isla Abramia map with zombies and aliens (FAP Units) So what do you say..... cheers natoed 2dmin.org
  12. natoed

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Ok after some more testing, got it working with bloodlust lite thou it can be hit & miss but the more gore the better its was epoch's default AH blocking everything as its a cya next tuesday happy zombie spatting for me now cheers natoed
  13. natoed

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    @ryandombrowsky and or @MrSanchez Ryan's zombies and demons with CBA Extended Event Handlers There's a reason/reasons its no supported, please share... rpt log [XEH]: One or more children of class CAManBase do not support Extended Event Handlers. Fall back to loop. 8:24:55 [XEH]: Ryanzombieslogiceasy does not support Extended Event Handlers! Addon: @Zombies_and_Demons 8:24:55 [XEH]: Ryanzombieslogicspawnfast1opfor does not support Extended Event Handlers! Addon: @Zombies_and_Demons trying to get Bloodlust mod working with your so so great zombies, just need some more gore to go with it. many thanks cheers natoed
  14. Thx for reply zooloo75 now that you mention it "CaManBase" base class, that would be it, would explain the following in the rpt files 8:03:04 [18167,26.628,0,"XEH: PreInit started. v3.4.0.170627"] 8:03:04 [XEH]: One or more children of class CAManBase do not support Extended Event Handlers. Fall back to loop. 8:03:04 [18167,26.767,0,"XEH: PreInit finished."] I'll have a crack and thank you cheers natoed
  15. @zooloo75 Hey mate thanks for the mod, nice truly bloody nice So I whacked it on my little A3 Epoch test server to play around for best over setting etc... I notices at time a flickering texture before the blood effects settle, in the clip below first 2 kills works bloody great, then the last 2 kills I get that flickering texture. soz about the poor quality Place the need parts in my remoteExec for bloodlust, thou I have to set allowedTargets = 0; for it to work.... class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions class bloodlust_onunithitpart // Bloodlust { allowedTargets = 0; }; class bloodlust_onunitexplosion // Bloodlust { allowedTargets = 0; }; }; also what do I need to edit for the effects to work with ryan's zombies, if the effects will work with them that is! would like to get it right before going live on my dedi server as the players want blood n gore. cheers natoed 2dmin.org