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    Regaining Zeus after disconnecting from the server

    Nevermind i found a fix here. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/201110-zeus-jip-problem/?do=findComment&comment=3138258 Thanks go to lifetap!
  2. Our Friday night mission had to be called of in the middle of the mission again since our Zeus had a disconnect from out server, He could not access the Zeus UI after reconnecting for unknow reasons. The UI wouldn't simply come up. Did anyone else experienced this issue?
  3. SpiderOfDeath

    Project OPFOR

    Mega Link ist dead.
  4. SpiderOfDeath

    3den Enhanced

    FML this guy. Thanks a lot and sorry for wasting your time.
  5. SpiderOfDeath

    3den Enhanced

    Got the same problem as Crielaard. Im a Server Admin,not a mission maker but this line looks like 3den creates dependecies. Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.3den_Objects Edit. Here is the mission in question: https://mega.nz/#!l1J1FDpb!maUYp8I1S9VBJuVFK6EJhwp_ZdTbEA5U09y5xqxJRfo
  6. Hey major_shepard! Seems like the developer of Task Force Radio Arrowhead changed the way the Teamspeak plugin is installed. Instead of manually placing the files in the "plugins" folder of the Teamspeak folder you simply open a *.plugin file. Thought i gave you a heads up regarding the TFAR Installer in ArmA3Sync.
  7. SpiderOfDeath

    NIArms Release Thread

    Any ETA on the MG3? It seems like my whole clan is eager to play with it! :lol: :lol:
  8. Thanks a lot for this mod. Our clan had great fun playing with it. However, we have some problems getting this mod to work with the ACE 3 Medical System. While the medical system while self-interacting works fine, the interaction with other players to bandage them seem to be broken. Bandaging someone (even multiple times) does not effect the state of the injured bodypart. I.e. a unconscious player bleeding from his head cant be healed since bandaging does nothing. I am unsure if this is caused by IFA or ACE but i hope someone could help with this problem?
  9. Just a Quality of Life Request: Would it be possible to add an "select all" button for the mods when adding an Event? And maybe something like an AutoSave for A3S? I always forget to close A3S before restarting the server and the Events get lost.
  10. Yeah that happened to me too. Make sure to close it properly otherwise you have to check settings again. Is it possible to have a "main" folder? For example i want to create a repo that download all the mods into a general folder named "CLANNAME Repository" instead of cluttering the arma 3 folder with 20 different mods.. Is that possible?