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  1. Zakuaz


    Ooh man, this is exciting!
  2. Zakuaz


    Helloooo Haleks and Eo! Long time no see 😃 Hope all is well with you, all of you!
  3. Zakuaz

    OPCOM - Operations Command (NEW UPDATE)

    I just sub'd to this mod in the workshop, looks promising! That UI, nice work! Is there a way to customize my squads loadout? I tried a random gen mission on Altis, worked out pretty good. I have been away from ARMA for some time so I have some refreshing to do... like big time refreshing haha.
  4. Zakuaz

    Arma 3 crashes only when flying

    Necro but I've been dealing with this since the beginning. 3500 hours of ARMA 3 hahaha but when I fly I'll CTD at some point. 3 different PC builds over the years. First an AMD system then an Intel 4790 system and then an Intel 8700k with M.2 drives, 32GB DDR 3800 and a 1080TI... crashes when flying after X amount of time. It, IIRC, doesn't crash if there is no enemy AI on the map anywhere... not much fun in that. IF I am riding in the Heli with AI pilots... No CTDs. IF I am not flying at all, no CTDs. With mods/with out mods + flying = CTD at some point.
  5. No idea Ayjay, I've used TPW for years, never really had much conflict and I've been known to run way too many mods at once. I stick to vanilla with only a few mods these days, what are the error messages? I would love it if someone with some knowledge could show me what to put after this: tpw_skirmish_enemyvehiclestring[] = {.....???......} to get skirmish to use other vehicles. A visual example of the string would be awesome. I've tried {"I_Truck_02_transport_F","I_MRAP_03_hmg_F","I_APC_tracked_03_cannon_F"} and various other combos but I still only see the standard vehicles spawn. Is there another section of the hpp I need to address, add a line to or something? Ooh that line in the hpp mentions "string" and not just classnames... this is where my lacking skills end, I don't know what that is.
  6. Zakuaz


    I was wondering where these camps came from! Nice work Haleks a very cool addition IMO. Good lord EO... Hahaaa, those dudes are popping the wrong kind of tents in that pic dude!
  7. Looks like some good stuff has been going on! It's been a bit since I've opened the hpp so I'll throw an example below, I'm sure I'm boogering something up here lol tpw_skirmish_enemyvehiclestring[] = {"I_MRAP_03_hmg_F","I_Truck_02_transport_F","I_APC_tracked_03_cannon_F","I_Truck_02_box_F"}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select enemy vehicles from config Seems when I add that custom string of vehicles I still get the basic technical pickup with the MG or AT on the back 0_o
  8. Zakuaz


    Good question HerestotheGears. It seems like the spawned AI vehicles are getting around and finding me just fine but my AI sqd dudes have still done some silly shit while driving. No big deal honestly after all these years, I'm used to it hah. Anyone run into the "Insufficient Resources" issue while using Zeus and trying to move spawned Ravage AI? I have never been able to tackle what it is. Im down to loading CBA, TPW and Ravage only ( ok I lied, Eden Enhanced, Achilles, Sullen Skies and Aegis but I just piled those back on after testing with out them ) and can't move any foot soldiers. I can move Zeds and AI if they are in their vehicles but not AI on foot. Ok back to this new map, BI did a wicked job on it, really fun place to play with the height changes and all the cover.
  9. Zakuaz


    Just noticed the Compact NVG (Green, Down) model isn't showing up for me when I equip it in the arsenal. AI Drivers seem to be doing pretty good! Im so used to micromanaging them to keep them out of trouble... will take a while for me to leave them alone and really see how they perform but so far so good!
  10. Zakuaz


    Thanks for checking EO! I'm not clear what you mean by "enable hostile faction". I do have enemy foot soldiers running around, INDFOR and OPFOR are Hostile to me. Hmm yeah friggin weird as I can load up my "OP6" mission and enemy vehicles spawn - then - in the editor, rename the mission to "OP7" and play it and the vehicles wont show up hahah...fuck-it, I'll try "OP8" hah. I know the AI vehicle patrols are a bit janky but put them in a BMP or BP and when they eventually find you ( if they didn't turtle on something, get out and RUN the waypoints on foot LOL)... it can be a real PITA. I fly around looking for Survivor flares, swoop in like a QRF / SAR team, secure the area, recruit the dude so I can load him in the heli then dust off to drop him off at a small FOB I have set up, rinse / repeat. Those Armored patrols became a problem in a little bird... so I upgraded to a Kajman haha, good times!
  11. Zakuaz


    Anyone notice the "Car Patrols" not spawning any cars? I'm using a custom array of GM vehicles, worked fine for the 6 OPs previously then I made OP7 (basically renaming OP6 into OP7 with my sqd in a new spot, no module changes or anything) yesterday and haven't seen a vehicle since. Mission only has Zeus, Atmos, Ambient AI and gearpool modules on it. ["gm_ge_army_u1300l_container","gm_ge_army_iltis_milan","gm_gc_army_btr60pb","gm_gc_army_bmp1sp2","gm_gc_army_brdm2"]
  12. Literally that straight forward eh? Seems like I tried that BUT I probably had something wrong in it. Thanks Sgt, I'll give it a go!
  13. The vehicle is the Kamysh. Oh my example was bad to begin with sorry about that, {this addMagazineTurret ["140Rnd_30mm_MP_shells_Tracer_Green",[0]]} foreach [1,2] I had tried a cold guess with {this addMagazineTurret ["140Rnd_30mm_MP_shells_Tracer_Green","60Rnd_30mm_APFSDS_shells_Tracer_Green",[0]]} foreach [1,2] but that didnt do anything, imagine that haha.
  14. I am familiar with the "this addMagazineTurret ["140Rnd_30mm_MP_shells_Tracer_Green",[1,2]];" and placing it in a vehicles init field. But I want to add that plus a few boxes of the other 30mm AP rounds "60Rnd_30mm_APFSDS_shells_Tracer_Green" as well... so far my hack job attempts have failed. Can anyone show me how that line of code should look to enable multiple boxes of two different types of ammo?
  15. Zakuaz


    AI is placing APERS mines, what the F... lmao that was a surprise.