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    Yeah MuRaZor, I really wasn't sure how complex it all could b. I, at its root, thought it'd be an additional inv loot item that some OPFOR would have on them at random like the current loot pool works. ...but making it do additional things ( task gen ) upon collecting of X amount, well that's into another can of worms entirely haha. If it's a PITA then too hell with it but it seemed like a potentially cool additional element to have.
  2. Zakuaz


    Right on Haleks, glad you have a path out of that hardware mess! I've been running my EXOTAC Jager Ops in a 2038, Chongo, Angola setting. That means I have been playing SP with an AI team, hunting Raiders and Renegades. I've always thought it'd be cool to have a very light weight type of task gen system while running around in my sandbox survival hell zone using RAVAGE. Deleted because I talk a lot... Ok this could be pages long if I tried to explain the way I play ARMA but RAVAGE is in every mission I do. BUT, what if... There was some layer of intel gathering? Like random Raiders have a chance to have a Top Secret document or file folder on them upon death or maybe a vile / sample of something evil. Something like that could go in many directions, if possible. Examples: 1. Find X amount of Intel Documents get a big pay off. So basically nothing happens..it's for roleplay... but some in-game acknowledgement, pop up, audio or whatever. 2. Find X amount and a Task appears to meet up with an intel Operative to drop off the information. Oooh a little objective action in my survival sandbox, I like it 😃 3. If making it spawn a NPC to complete the above mentioned task is a royal pain in the ass...just a dead drop at some way off random location. 4. It doesn't end your mission ( omg I'd be pissed lol) 5. Configurable maybe? Edit amounts to collect, type to collect ie, Samples, docs etc... Who drops them, chances to drop and any other fun stuff The list could go on and on but I'm at the office and really just wanted to have all of you Ravagers chip in , expand OR laugh and tell me I'm crazy haha, no worries! Hell take the configurable bits a step further and replace the docs with ID's or Dogtags and now the Milsim nuts could even use it...Return the Dogtags of your fallen comrades and collect IDs from enemy combatants.
  3. For skirmish to use armor, I see the entry in the HPP but I'm not sure what "custom string" means? I tried the - IDK wtf Im doing - route and entered some T55a and BRP armor classnames from Global Mobilization but I'm sure I didn't do it right as I don't see nothing but the technicals they always used. Sorry for the duh question, anyone who can point me in the right direction, much appreciated 😃 EDIT: Ok, I see after reading around here, I'll need to enter a zero -for user specified- on the enemy type... I was leaving that to -7 and resist type to -8 hoping the custom vehicle string entries would just magically make those factions use the vehicles I specified, not the case. looks like I need to think this over a bit more, I don't want to lose the default two factions, they are set perfectly as is for the map I'm on, I simply wanted them to show up with an old tank from time to time haha.
  4. Zakuaz


    That bike pic and Razors reply, lmao. Here I am playing Ravage with MBTs, APCs and a squad of 17 AI lol.
  5. Zakuaz


    Sounds like you're on the right track but a confirmation check with another card would be good... problem is those checks are best done with "Known good" hardware but yours is an older unknown... makes things interesting or hair pulling depending on your frame of mind 😃 Keep us posted, I can swing some cash if you find the culprit.
  6. Zakuaz


    Leave your Patreon alone, I'm sure everyone on there will be just fine not seeing and update for X time while you get your PC sorted. Check that other GC... In all my years I've never seen, first hand, a GC take down a healthy mobo and PSU
  7. Zakuaz

    Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Didn't the CRV Bobcat previously have basic vehicle repair abilities or am I day dreaming? I had one in a convoy and my Hunter lead took some damage so I was trying to drive the truck around the different sides of the CRV lmao in a fire fight screaming "omg repair repair"... we all died hahah. No biggy, I can use another repair vehicle but the CRV was a cool tracked option IMO. Good stuff with Aegis, looks like a hefty update too, very nice! Oh and it would be sweet if it could seat a 4th person, the Field Engineer, disembarks and assists in tasks outside of the crews duties. 😃
  8. @icebreakr FYI and not a big deal, the stadium located by Elsaville, the center / inner structure geometry is not making contact with the ground, sort of floating it seems. Man I'm having a load of fun on this map! Oh and the fire station there...has a house inside of it haha, that was fun getting around in!
  9. Zakuaz


    Hahaaa, Fuzzy little buggers are out to git you EO! I hear that if you consume the meat... you turn into a rabbit 0_o
  10. Zakuaz


    @Vandeanson Haah, yes good idea! Hell, give me a check box that just says "Yes" and make a random timer run in the back ground lol, so I have no idea when or even if it will happen, now we are treading into scary land.
  11. Hi TPW, I had or I should say, have an idea... Would it be possible to add an Armor units option to TPW Skirmish? The random encounter nature of TPW Skirmish makes it a must use when I want to go out on extended patrols in my survival sandbox. My version of survival isn't conventional by any stretch, I use a geared up / Hi - End AI squad and I roll around acting as a combat rescue Team in some cliche post apoc style scenario. Here is where armor units using skirmish comes in; the new DLC map and my new hair brained idea of using a Mi-48 Kajman to fly around and rescue survivors while raising hell and blowing up armor. Note about the use of the word "My"... means I'm using Ravage but with out the zombies someimes. Your Skirmish ( and the entire TPW list ) coupled with Haleks Ravage modules make for some kickass situations. It's been some time since I've read your reasonings about the set up that skirmish uses so I apologize now if I'm over reaching or asking for something that's a crazy bad idea.
  12. Zakuaz


    Haleks, can you make a Ravage version for EO that replaces the Zeds with rabbits that attack him? Kidding of course Ok, I'm actually laughing but I'm easily entertained. Call it RABBAGE
  13. Oh man this mod will add some cool situations and capabilities to my "Last Stand" Ravage scenarios where I go in with a AI squad and try to save Civs and EXFIL survivors I find. Hell even my Jager Ravage scenarios with out Zeds would seriously benefit from this! Yes SAD would be sweet, seeing a bird loitering over head doing damage, haha I love it!
  14. Zakuaz


    Mmmm Hasenpfeffer! I swear I saw rabbits on that map... buut maybe not, Hmm you know I am running TPW. Would TPW mod spawn stuff like that no matter what map you are on?
  15. Zakuaz


    So this looks very well done! I have too many new - badass - top notch -- maps to mess around on now, I don't know where to begin!?