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  1. In the future i will upload more screenshots, just be patient
  2. New tech demo on steam workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1448052560
  3. Hi guys, first i have some news. The location of the map as changed (gameplay purposes) and the map is now half size comparable to the other. But this location is much more friendly to me to work, not much things to edit etc. Here are some pictures, i will release a tech demo later today
  4. Some new pictures of the Savanna (WIP) https://imgur.com/NfO46Sa https://imgur.com/RChVcgt https://imgur.com/uaWafVg Ground textures will be changed*
  5. Thanks man i really appreciate your feedback, in future i will finish the towns and add some guerrilla jungle camps. I just have to finish the models of the buildings
  6. Its a .rar archive, you need Winrar or 7-Zip to open it
  7. Custom building for the map. WIP https://i.imgur.com/H4ndGKr.png
  8. Hi guys i have some questions about creating a custom building for arma 3. Did i need to model a new door with hinges, handles if i want to put a door in my building ? Windows need a model too ?
  9. Well, after much time away, i am back and with a tech demo for the map. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnWFoPxAAX8pgzATntR3LUSxIvUE Remember this is a EARLY ALPHA TECH DEMO. I just want some feedback on performance and other things. If you find any bugs just send me a PM
  10. Yeah, i think i need to make custom models for this map
  11. Hello guys i am working in a map in central africa and i need some buildings that fit this scenery. here are some examples: https://imgur.com/a/4KWX4xr
  12. I have a problem when I try to use the Painter Tool My mask image is 8-bit TIF LZW compressed My ouaka_map.cfg (Layers.cfg)
  13. BACKGROUND: It is in the French colony of Oubangui-Chari , that on October 5, 1910, is instituted the constituency of Kandjia-Kouango, with Bambari for chief town. July 31, 1912, it becomes constituency of Kouango, then in 1918 it takes the name banda of Ouaka. In July 1918 , the colonial administrator Félix Éboué was stationed in Bambari, he ran the district for three years until July 1921 2 . The administrative reform of November 15, 1934, establishes the vast Department of Oubangui-Ouaka which includes Mobaye , Fort-Sibut and Fort-Crampel . After the second world war, October 16, 1946, the region of Ouaka-Kotto is created of which Bambari remains the chief town. In 1950 , the region of Ouaka-Kotto is divided in two: between most of the region which becomes Ouaka and the south-west part which becomes the region of Lower Kotto with Mobaye as its capital . The region of Ouaka becomes the prefecture of Ouaka after independence. CURRENT TIMES: Ouaka is nowdays the center of the armed crisis in CAR (Central African Republic), the region is much rich like the rest of the country. Hundreds of peoples have left their homes because of the ongoing conflict. PROJECT: The map don't recreate 100% off the region, some places are ficticional or have something altered for gameplay purposes. The map is 67.1 km². PICTURES:
  14. Kaleu

    Lower Terrain Below Sea - TB Help

    I was looking for this for so long, glad to finally found it