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  1. Hey, thank you for this absolutely breathtaking mod! Would it be possible to make it configurable? I would love the possiblity of editing individual volumes and distances, like reflectors or cracks. Would love to make forest effects loud AF! Thank you!
  2. Thanks for your hard work! I've just downloaded via the torrent.. A Shau Valley has no props whatsoever. No foilage, no buildings. And seems like some other maps miss them aswell 😕
  3. Hello everyone! Is there a way to make echo & reverb sound louder? Thanks! EDIT: Figured it out🤗
  4. Hello @LordJarhead Is it possible to increase the sound echo/reverb volume? I was going through your files and there is lot of cool stuff, which I never really heard or notice ingame. I was using Enhanced Soundscape with my own custom sounds, which I made a bit louder. I've never shot a gun so I might be wrong, but if you shoot a rifle inside a forest, it gets pretty lound on the echo, doesn't it? (for cinematic purposes) Thank you for your answer, and thank you for your hard work and time you put into this modification.
  5. I recorded a combat situation and added some effects to make it sound real from a microphone. Check this out, it's quite INTENSE. (I've never been in army an so IDK if its correct or not, but it sounds real to me) GJ JSRS devs. YOUTUBE VIDEO
  6. What a sound!!!! I've made 3 various scenes and recorded audio, take a look:
  7. Thank you for your hardwork with this one! I totally agree with Megiddo. If engines had echo effects, maaan that would be damn amazing. I am just downloading the mod and I'd like to ask, bullet cracks are always the same or do they depend on the weapon cal. ? 1 more question directly to the devs. : Are you guys listening to any real-life combats/firefights and comparing it to your mod, or how are you ensuring the amount of realism, thanks!
  8. Mateusak

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    Hello, as always thanks for the amazing job, but I have one question, :/ Would it be possible for addon weapons to trigger distant sounds too?
  9. Mateusak


    Uhm ? no? 2) Tires cannot be made pickupable in modules. 3) You cannot affect when is certain music being played 4) Ofcourse you won't spawn exactly as in a demo mission if you make your own but it has nothing to do with modules, right? So, what did u mean by saying I can modify this things via modules?
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    Hello, what a great mod. Still I would have few things I'd like to point out: 1) Please, don't make Zs triggered by buildings. 2) There are many tires lying next to car wrecks. Would be cool if we could pick them up. 3) More zombies around / firefight with rebels = TENSE music right? 4) Instead of spawning right into a car wreck, why not to start normally and after some time everything goes wrong and all that stuff u know. (Actually I really like the APEX version, gj.) 5) Please add standing animation for Zs if possible. 6) Maybe change your zombies for Ryan's Zombies.. Thank you!