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  1. Tittoffer

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    The shear amount of work you have had to put into this mod is staggering, and that shines through when in use. However, a lot of maps out there are using Arma ported structures, like CUP etc. which does result in some rather unfortunate AI behavior (AI walking through doors etc). Is there a workaround to negate these issues one way or another? As far as I can tell from an earlier post of yours this is due to a lack of positions and paths defined in these ports. Would it be feasible to add a setting which "disable" the AI usage of these buildings altogether?
  2. Tittoffer

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Aaah @Kofeina101, so its not in yet then I figure! Looks good for now though, and very much looking forward to the ACE compat 😄
  3. Tittoffer

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Is ACE interaction implemented in regards to NVGs this update?
  4. Good day, Love your work Neddles, and sorry for bumping this up after so long. We are having some issues regarding ownership on our dedicated server. The problem is that members of our community are unable to use the different actions (Deploy camonet, stand up and refuel). However, when Zeus places down a vehicle he who placed it is able to use the different actions. It would seem that there are some restrictions within the config or the script running this actions when it comes to ownership. Would any one care to comment on how we would go about fixing these issues?
  5. Glad to see you're back in the game Katie!
  6. Tittoffer

    Norwegian Forces Pack

    Hi there! Good to finally see someone wanting to put some real work into Norwegian assets for Arma3. Our community have been scouring the internet for applicable vehicles and gear that fits our requirements for authenticity and quality, now we might not need to do that anymore. Looking forward to see your progress! I'm one of these two in-house monkeys modders, and will gladly contribute if needed ?
  7. That explains it. What if there are multiple lasers on different targets in the AO? How would you "specify" which lased target to hit?
  8. Hello good people! I want to air a slight issue I am having locking onto targets, both with bombs and AGMs (though the latter is probably a PEBCAK). So the way I imagine the locking should work is that you point your laser on a target, be it moving or otherwise, then you line up your ingress and get the complete lock sound and drop. As far as I can tell in this recent build one will never get a bomb to completely lock. The way I have gone about testing this is simply load up a F16 with a variety of bombs (GBU10, GBU12, EGBU etc.) and then painting a target with the laser and aligning ingress, but no matter how close one gets it never locks. I have tried with and without radar on resulting in the same outcome. Is this a known issue or might the problem be with conflicting mods? I run ACE which I assume could be the perpetrator, but I honestly don't see why this should be the case. Sidenote: The EGBU does hit targets marked with GPS.
  9. Which they have not last time I checked ;)
  10. How is this coming along? My community is indeed very interested in implementing this. We could also do some bug-testing and feedback if needed :D
  11. Hi, To get straight into it, I wish do add nightvision capabilities to the vanilla AMS scope. I thought this would be a easy fix, but apparently it was not. The problem I'm having is that the scope does not appear in-game, neither in Virtual Arsenal nor Eden Editor. I think I've followed the config reference more or less to the letter with no success. The way I've done it is copied all of the code from the AMS scope and created a new class based on this with the exception to names and addition of "NVG" to visionmodes, in my head that would work.
  12. My community is trying to implement the NASAM system with the two trucks coupled with the system. However I want to re-texture the trucks, mainly replace the spanish flag with a norwegian one, also we might want to create a desert version. As far as I can see the hiddenselectionstextures is handled with a eventhandler, is there any way to bypass this?
  13. If you stop the video at around 0:16 you can clearly see what I mean with the grass. It stops "rendering" at about 10-20 meters. Is this the case with everyone?
  14. I am experiencing the same issue. And on top of that there seem to be a grass and tree limiter of some sort on the map. The grass for instance does have a "view distance" of around 10-20m, looks very strange while flying over the terrain. I have tested all sorts of parameters both in ACE (View Distance Limiter) and vanilla graphic settings without any sort of change. Is this "hardcoded" on the map to save performance mayhaps? I might be able to provide a short clip demonstrating the issue if that is needed. Other than that, fantastic map! Thanks in advance! :D