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  1. Peter S


    This is awesome, great work!
  2. Peter S

    Viking PMC - Official Mod

    This is looking interesting! Is that a Norwegian camouflage colour palette on a Swedish splinter camo pattern?
  3. Peter S

    Rosche, Germany

    Awesome map, huge fan of larger, more flat forest and field terrain and this hits a great spot now that I'm looking for something where we can utilize vehicles and infantry. Did a bit of scenic driving as well;
  4. Peter S

    Norwegian Forces Pack

    I'd be happy to help with just about anything regarding information, I am mostly well versed in the Army portion of the Norwegian Armed Forces, but can easily find references and information from people who are former and currently serving in our community. We also have two in-house modders who mainly deals with vehicles and some gear and textures, I'll see if they're up for contributing.
  5. Looks pretty cool, can't wait to see how the Norwegians eventually turn out!
  6. It's hard not to get hyped for this, but I can see you got your stuff right, this reminds me so much of the training area outside the base I served for a year and just love seeing all the details, like the armoured ranges with gravel trails all over. This looks like some solid work!
  7. Looking solid, hyped about getting the chance to test this thing, definitely something our community has been in need of!
  8. That must have bypassed me for some unfathomable reason, in which case disregard my obliviousness!
  9. Wondering if there's a possibility to not have wrecks in the prep-areas like on the last image? For communities that might base their training there etc, it could be helpful to have space like that free'd up for placing of vehicles etc! Otherwise it looks splendid, can only reiterate my previous statement that this will definitely be welcomed with great enthusiasm with my folks, keep up the awesome work!
  10. That's a shame, hopefully we can do the map justice when our Leopard is done and can test it out whenever the map is ready
  11. That looks sick, I presume it's a Dutch or German based model?
  12. Awesome work so far, our community is currently finishing a Leopard 2A4NO for the dlc and I can't wait to do testing on this map, following for sure!
  13. Peter S

    Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    This is so awesome! Seeing as you're doing Bundeswehr(?) vehicles etc, I presume a Leopard 2 variant may be in the works? Pardon if this has been answered before. Big fan of vehicle warfare and this coming up alongside the tank DLC not being far out brings me great joy!
  14. Peter S

    Tanks - Fire-control system

    This feature is really needed for running operations with vehicle crews. Over longer periods it gets really tiresome for the gunner having to continuously turn the turret the way the chassis is directed when he is turned in and nothing is going on. There should definitely be a way to lock the turret at 12-o-clock.
  15. Is it possible to get 'incremental speed control' for Vehicles and tracked vehicles esepcially in terms of this DLC like you have on Fixed wing aircraft and AFM for Helicopters? It is incredibly frustrating to drive and use the vehicle with other vehicles in a formation or in general when you are technically incapable of setting a desired speed for the vehicle without humping the gass or resorting to undesirable mods. This could also make it easier to use pedals and/or XboX controllers where you get only a fraction of 100% speed when only pushing the button/pedal down slightly.