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  1. aodtonix

    CCE2 beta 7.x series

    Hello again, just wanting to ask if you ever plan on releasing a guide of sorts for adding more weapons into the modular weapon system, managed to add ukf's daimaco but the ag36 doesn't show up
  2. aodtonix

    Combining two description.ext

    Awesome! I'll send the file once the internet is stable again. Thanks!
  3. aodtonix

    OFP + Mumble (3D Positional Audio)

    anyone got more links for this? sorry for the double post, i blame the horrible isp we have
  4. aodtonix

    OFP + Mumble (3D Positional Audio)

    anyone got more links for this?
  5. Currently editing CCE2 beta 7.2.3 to include Benreeper's Buy Menu. I want to know if it's safe combining the description.ext for the two maps, I saw a couple of things that overlap each other. This is the first really complicated map I've tried editing, the only ting I know is how to add units into the mission, changing respawn gear, and editing the values already laid out, aside from that, I'm pretty much know next to nothing about description.ext. Thanks guys!
  6. aodtonix

    stretched optics on widescreen

    Still doesn't work. Such a shame
  7. aodtonix

    stretched optics on widescreen

    i'mma try that. thanks!
  8. aodtonix

    stretched optics on widescreen

    true, if only the aspect ratio fix also covers the optics.
  9. aodtonix

    stretched optics on widescreen

    Any way to fix this problem, it's been a pet peeve of mine honestly. Would love to receive any kind of help. Thanks!
  10. aodtonix

    Extended Effects

    Do you plan on adding this to WW4 Extended? The ai speech and dynamic soundscape sounds great
  11. aodtonix

    CCE2 beta 7.x series

    What values did you guys use for Drongo's Toolkit Voices? The link above is dead so I had to edit it myself. I set mine up at 0.6, but I feel like I want to try out what you guys used.
  12. Anyone else getting fwatch error in player menu after the initial set up? Currently using the latest fwatch and updated WW4 Extended. It's fine using it the first time it detects fwatch but after loading another mission with player menu enabled it shows up as an error. I have to delete mdb\ww4ext everytime I want to use player menu which kinda sucks. Found the solution a couple of pages back. Can't wait for the next update though. On a sidenote, where can I find the weapon classes.
  13. Ohh. Thank you very much for the info. I love all your mods btw. Top notch work.
  14. If so, how do I do that? Is there a script to copy or something for me to have a GRAA-like 3rd person cam for WW4?
  15. Oooh, this is great news to hear. I'm glad you're back :D