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  1. 1. AH-1W has only that Armament which consists 2.75 inch Laser-Guided Missiles 6x2? 2. I guess you mean Altay Prototype since there is no Serial Edition. 3. What about the usual Stuff that Turkish Army is using? Are you guys making Army/Navy/Air Force/Special ? 4. Some Uniforms and some Unique old Stuff - what about them? Like F4 Phantom 2020 Terminator. 5. Is this Mod still alive or already Dead like DayZ SA? This is Hurkus-C - Looks like that Turkish aviation solves their Heavy Attack Helicopter/Gunship problem instead of a AH-64/Mi-28/KA-52 with Fixed Wing - an model of this would also fill the Gap of missing CAS Plane like A-10/Yak-130.
  2. McQuade

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    With the new DLC OPFOR just got an new Tank that have the same Gun with an additionally Variant of secondary Armament of 30mm and still have the Main Gun of 125mm like on T-100. Also there are not really some serious difference between T-100 and T-140 Series - the Real thing that really matters is just an Tank that got better Armor but only slightly. Let me sum up this with some possible real candidates that should be evaluated for OPFOR as additional Vehicles: Bumerang APC as a Tankhunter: The Big Brother of MSE-3 Marid from In-Game: Tracked Solution:
  3. McQuade

    Tanks DLC Feedback

  4. McQuade

    Tanks DLC Feedback

  5. McQuade

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    An medium Tank would be nice Or just some modern Anti-tank Vehicles like BRDM mounted with Konkurs
  6. McQuade

    Tanks DLC Feedback

  7. Hey guys, Since the Eden Update published i already got some trouble with the Editor, beside this i already tryed some Camera editing like on "...sqs" etc. in the former Series, my Question is: "How i can make an Cinematic Race in Arma 3 with following the Cars from different angles, also from interieur" ? Does someboy has got good experience with it?
  8. McQuade

    Jets - Performance Tests

    The Su-35 is slower then F-18 - only in Arma :D - Let´s hope they will fix this.
  9. McQuade

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    It has now 1 Month, so im hoping for some more variations, i guess everyone from the Community would welcome another Static Object, but i know that some models of Arma are just being bought, something like the name.
  10. McQuade

    JETS DLC Wishlist

    I will miss that:
  11. One must have is to tweak that Sound inside Vehicles/Aircrafts, i cannot hear the guys on the sidechannel or even on Teamspeak :D Please Add some Ear-Plugs.
  12. McQuade

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Why not? Just another Static Object would be fair, just add it please :D https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/max-kuznetsov-carrier-airwing-fighters/651631 https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-chinese-aircraft-carrier-cv-16/850067
  13. McQuade

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    What about counterparts to NATO/BLUFOR ?
  14. But they are not, the BLUFOR variants are heavier and faster, in regular release also on Development, this is really really weird. BTW: Can we not also get the F35B? Just take it from Arma 2 and put it on Arma 3 BIS, really it´s so easy to land with it :D, it would also fit in the new Setting.