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    Title: Aftermath Map: Takistan Gametype: Coop 1-8 1) SITUATION After the successfull attack on Zargabad the enemy have retreated back to Takistan with the intent to reorganize and make more poor civilians to join their cause. a) The enemy The enemy consists of IS forces. The enemy have lost much of their main battle equipent during the battle for Zargabad, but is still capable of using some of their MBT and mechanized material. They do alot of patroling on foot and with Landrovers with mounted weapons. Roadblocks have been seen around Takistan and they are known to deny us access to some parts of their territory with the use of IEDs and ambushes. b) Friendly forces The Peshmerga forces have a strong will to fight. Even though they are far outnumbered they will push on to inflict losses on the enemy. It's only reasonable that when you encounter these forces you help them to victory. Afterall, it's their land which is terrorized. And by helping them you will give room for their growth. They are inizially located to the WEST of our main base, but will attack towards NORTH/NORTHEAST. 2) MISSION a) Patrol takistan to locate and eliminate all insurgent activity, this including forces, facilities and equipment. b) Maintain a good relationship with the locals which is a good information channel Commanders intent: "I wan't this to be in-and-out. I don't like this land more than you. Conduct patroling in an orderly fasion and I wan't sitreps and patrolreps updated to moneterize the situation and to give you a prerequisite to read the enemy trends, which again, help to cover any potential blind-spots. We can NOT afford to loose our supply routes again! But let's be honest here: Our presence here is probably the only reason the enemy isn't growing. It's going to be a long haul to pulverize the enemy." 3) EXECUTION a) Compile a squad you see beneficial for the task. Every available asset is here for you. b) After enemy contact search dead bodies for intel about insurgent positions and installation positions. When you find info, check your map at once. This intel is vital and need to be fresh to be valid. 4) ADM & LOG a) Higher command have given us priority one on all assets in their reinforcement pool. Use it to our advantage when patroling and keeping key terrain and objectives. Just remember to bring your ALiVE support tablet. b) Higher command have also blessed us with CAS support throughout our AOR. Again, remember your tablet. c) We have support from a Fire Support Officer which can call bombing runs from higher command. He can help us with those bloody mechanized units and other armoured vehicles. d) If you need to, use higher commands logistics pool to drop equipment for you. You can establish FOB's to maintain a footprint deep in the AOR with the sweet protection H-bars provide, mortars and .50" mitr's to keep the enemy at a safe distance. Bring a tent from base for each soldier as well. They will provide the posibility to respawn in the FOB if you fuck up. 5) C2 a) Radio diagram: Internal COMMS (Face-to-face) - Direct Internal COMMS (SQUAD) - Group channel External COMMS (Platoon) - Command Channel (Built-in addon-free radio, can be turned OFF in lobby parameters) ACKNOWLEDGE! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission features: -Customize your loadouts in your spawn-tent or use the virtual arsenal in the Ammo area. -Fire support officer which can call in airstrikes via the action menu. (Script author: Incontinentia) -Mission is built using ALiVE-modules: - Persistency enabled (works when registered at war room.) - AH-64 for close air support - Transport chopper - Arty support - Logistic actions -Insurgents drop Intel for you to read/pickup. (Script author: Incontinentia) -Zeus game master module for #adminLogged -3x Vehicle R3P (repair, refuel, rearm) points at the base for land vehicles and choppers (Script author: Xeno) -VCOM AI 2.81 script version included in the mission. (Author: Genesis 92x) -Optional Addon-free radio built in the mission. (Script author: phronk) -Recruit your own squad at the flag pole in your camp (thanks to spyderblack723 and his Spyder Addons) -Civilian interaction. Ask civilians if they have information for you which you can use to fight the insurgency. (Again; spyderblack723) -Interactive laptops as an alternative way to access commander functions in HQ (Originally made by Friznit/Riley) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *MODS Required:* (All from Steam) CBA ALiVE CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrain Maps RHSUSAF RHSAFRF Project OPFOR Spyder_Addons *MODS recomended but not required:* Dynasound 2 Enhanced Soundscape Thanks to: -Bohemia for keeping my fiance frustrated, giving me something to do while drinking beer, and sometimes ensuring I get a minimum of sleep. -All you who contribute by releasing mods, scripts and missions. -Everyone who contribute in some way in my Armaverse. -Everyone who have taken the time to read this far This mission was originally created by me, for me and some friends, but I see there is some cool ALiVE missions being released and re-released/updated lately, so I thought it would fit nicely to release this Takistan mission as well. It's nothing fancy and I use alot I learn from others! Hopefully I have not forgotten any credits. The Battle for Zargabad-mission which is reffered to may, or may not be released in the future as a prequel (Conventional ALiVE mission). Hopefully someone will have as fun as me with this, and of course, edit to your liking if needed. Mission download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fkcrcj9mqun5wd9/AAA6E68rLTqQHEha4mCW_iIwa?dl=0
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    Ghost Recon - Wild Lands

    Played the open Beta for four hours now. I can do whatever I want but still a "ghost". Annyways, besides the awful vehicle handling/physics and the above mentioned, a pretty cool/fun game. But I think we, the "Arma people" have waay to high anticipations on what's "tactical" gaming, considering this is a game that's gonna earn the studio a few bucks. For some reason I miss my wingsuit from Just Cause 3 when standing on those cliffs though :)
  3. gaZthme

    [Release] Incon Airpower

    This script have really helped to get the JTAC function to play a bigger role in my missions. The awesomeness of being on a quad going ofroad on the elevated terrain on Takistan with a small guard force, and the main maneouvre on the road needs those T-55s removed from their blocking position. Laser mark the targets, wait... and VOILA! Thumbs up!
  4. gaZthme

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Sangin [Insurgency]

    AFAIK the SP save function will def crash your Arma with an memory error when enabling and using SP save (at least in my experience). But i read on the ALiVE forums (don't remember the user who posted) that with the 64x Arma and ALiVE 64x saving have been succesfull with a couple hundred profiles active. So if you don't wan't to experiment with 64x just yet, i reccomend to host the mission with TADST (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11655) which is a great dedicated server tool and register at ALiVE warroom, but you need to make sure the correct IP is registered and update it everytime you play if it's not static. I have rented a dedi to play ALiVE missions. It's not a "must" but it takes some load of my comp when playing and with saving enabled in the Data module, and autopause activated I can just log on the server and the mission is just like when I left it. Definitively exiting if SP saving will be a feature with the 64x arma and ALiVE in the future though.
  5. gaZthme

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Sangin [Insurgency]

    There we have it. I used "alive_tablet" as required equipment on the CAS and LOG modules on the mission I created the loadout in, which means it spawned without the gear needed in your mission. Thanks again, and disregard the "issue" :)
  6. gaZthme

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Sangin [Insurgency]

    Hey again! I've finally had som time to enjoy this mission and I like it alot. Now I to lure my "download mods manually-hating" friends to download the map! Just one question though; Is there some delay before you can use Combat support after calling in CAS? The reason I ask is because I got in a pretty intense contact, and my squad was wiped including me. When I respawned I wanted to hurry so I grabbed an "old" loadout from another mission wich included the ALiVE-tablet from the arsenal, but either the CS or LOG actions were available, but Commanders options were there, including Personel and the other stuff in there. Anyways, looking forward to get this on the dedi, just waiting for the loooong upload speed via my slow out-line. Cool mission and aaaages since I played Sangin. Cheers again
  7. gaZthme

    Mods redownloading again

    I think something strange happened when quoting. It says I said the sentences at the bottom of your post. Annyways.... I unsubbed from the RHS mods and that stopped the downloading process... Subbed again and everything was fine. Seems to be an issue with steam and that subscribe button in my case. But it worked later on. But still have dupes of several mods though
  8. gaZthme

    Mods redownloading again

    Sorry to bump this old thread, but the same thing happened for me now... I just subbed to RHS and all of a sudden Steam freezes for a while... Opening the A3 launcher to take a peek, i see all mods being redownloaded. And if it was on my game drive (default steam folder) it really wouldn't bother me. But for some reason everything downloads to the system drive, which ofchourse is full now, and downloads are pending.... Not done anything else than regular use of the mods, and when copying them to the server I always use the launchers "copy to a local folder" function ( to an external HDD )... I dunno... not what I need at 2am. Does anyone have some practical tips how to handle this?
  9. gaZthme

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Sangin [Insurgency]

    Hey H'nV Thanks for this, looking forward to try it out! Cheers
  10. gaZthme

    You've played to much Arma when:

    Haha this reminds me of: ...when you try to find cool shows on Netflix your wife would like, so you can sneek of to play Arma.
  11. You understood it correctly, and from now on, I'll search and read other threads and wiki's before asking. :) Thank you
  12. Hello! Very nice! I saw this in your insurgency mission yesterday and loved it, and what do you know, here it is :D annyways; I got this warning ingame. From the .rpt: "10:11:17 Warning Message: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\description.ext, line 69: .CfgSounds: Member already defined." I'm trying to use this radio in a mission which also have the ATM airdrop script, and I noticed that (from the missions description.ext): #1 #include "ATM_airdrop\dialog.hpp" class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {Vent,Vent2,Para}; and... #2 //--- AFAR class Params { class AFAR { //paramsArray[0] (Enable/Disable Scripted Radio) title="Addon-Free ArmA Radio (On/Off)"; values[]={1,0}; texts[]={"On (Default)","Off"}; default=1; }; }; class CfgSounds { sounds[]={on1,out Not being so experienced, is there an easy way to give one of those a new classname?? Is it as easy as I hope, just change it in the description.ext or do I have to change alot of information other places as well? Sorry for the long post, and thanks for your time
  13. All I have to say is on my server, no more missions withouth Dynasound combined with soundscape. Those rocket flybys; swoosh! Thank's alot for your efforts making a great game even greater!
  14. Whenever I am away for school or work, or like now adays, away for the holidays, it would awesome with a stand-alone 2D editor, (.sqm generator) which I could build my ideas on my laptop which can't run Arma at all. This way, I could use the ideas I get and make a rough "sketch" which I could transfer to my arma-folder when I get home and continue to build on. Technically, how to solve this without the base-game is beyond my technical insight though :P