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  1. private _getEmptyPositions = { private _positions = 0; private _veh = _this select 0; // hack: other functions like emptyPosition doesnt work with all veh like Pawnee _positions = (count fullCrew [_veh, "", true]) - (count fullCrew [_veh, "", false]); _positions }; SHARE: This is best way to check if vehicle has ANY empty positions, other methods aren't reliable for some vehicles like Pawnee CoPilot seat.
  2. nerexis

    AI Jets crashing a lot

    The waypoints are set as this: _wp1 = _group addWaypoint [_aircraftInterior, 10]; _wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp1 setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; _wp1 setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _wp2 = _group addWaypoint [_aircraftInterior, 1]; _wp2 setWaypointType "GUARD"; _wp2 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; _wp2 setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; //_wp2 setWaypointTimeout [1000,1500,2000]; _wp3 = _group addWaypoint [_aircraftHeliLandingSpot, 0]; _wp3 setWaypointType "CYCLE"; _group setCurrentWaypoint _wp1; I spawn them in script in such way: for [{_i=0}, {_i<3}, {_i=_i+1}] do { _rPos = [ (_pos select 0) - 150 + random 300, (_pos select 1) - 150 + random 300, 150 ]; _tmp = [ [ _rPos ], _group, "assault", _difficulty, _side, selectRandom _chopperTypes //"I_mas_MI24V"//"I_mas_MI24V" ] call DMS_fnc_SpawnAIVehicle; _tmp setVehiclePosition [_rPos, [], 400, "FLY"]; _tmp engineOn true; _tmp allowFleeing 0; _tmp doMove (getPosATL this); _tmp flyInHeight 300; _vel = velocity _tmp; _dir = direction _tmp; _speed = 150; //comment "Added speed"; _tmp setVelocity [ (_vel select 0) + (sin _dir * _speed), (_vel select 1) + (cos _dir * _speed), (_vel select 2) ]; { _x setskill ["aimingAccuracy",0.005]; _x setskill ["aimingSpeed",0.005]; _x setskill ["spotDistance",0.7]; _x setskill ["spotTime",0.7]; } forEach crew _tmp; createVehicleCrew _tmp; (crew _tmp) joinSilent _group; _tmp setVariable["DisableFreezing",true,true]; _tmp enableSimulation true; _tmp enableSimulationGlobal true; _tmp enableDynamicSimulation false; _attackChoppers pushBack _tmp; }; (Chopper types variable contains jets too) They only crash when striking target, because they fly too low to attack it. They usualy crash into mountain etc. They might try to engage using the minigun, maybe thats problem. How can I disable use of minigun weapon in jet by AI? It's ok if they only use bombs.
  3. In my mission, I have some AI controlled jets set to patrol some area on given height. After they encounter enemy they attack them, but usualy they crash into terrain because they fly too low when they strike target. How to prevent such behavior or force them to fly and attack from given height or prevent them from descending during attack?
  4. Thanks for great reply. It makes sense in mods like Exile, where I have problem. My situation is, that I'm using weapons mod, where author did create some modded weapons, but even base class is spawning with default bipod attached (like AAF bipod). In Exile mod things are saved to database, and every game restart, they are loaded from database. This situation makes bipods dupe on every 'load' from database, when mission loads things (weapons) to containers. In my opinion there should be function to strip all attachments when adding weapons to cargo. There are functions like that, but not when adding things to cargo, its like missing feature.
  5. You can detach such bipod when its in your inventory primary weapon slot.
  6. Thanks for good answers, but still not fixed. Problem is that some weapons haven't got parent class without bipod.
  7. I don't know if I'm adding turrets to USS Freedom in right way, because there are few problems with my code: turrets very often fall through USS Freedom model into water at spawn I can't make them join Resistance side, is it possible? when sometimes they spawn in correct position, they don't attack anyone or do anything Here is my code for creation of USS Freedom and 2 turrets (Praetorian): _carrier = createVehicle ["Land_Carrier_01_base_F",_aircraftPos,[],0,"None"]; _carrier setPosWorld _aircraftPos; _carrier setDir 0; [_carrier] call BIS_fnc_Carrier01PosUpdate; _carrier enableSimulationGlobal false; _carrier enableSimulation false; _indGrp = createGroup resistance; _indGrp setVariable["DisableFreezing",true,true]; // _aircraftPos is spawn position of aircraft carrier _turret1Offset = [30.029, 174.872, 19.751+2]; _turret1Pos = _aircraftPos vectorAdd _turret1Offset; _turret1 = createVehicle ["B_AAA_System_01_F",_turret1Pos,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"] ; _turret1 setPosWorld _turret1Pos; _turret1 attachTo [_carrier, _turret1Offset ]; createVehicleCrew _turret1; [_turret1] joinSilent _indGrp; _turret2Offset = [-39.538, 179.126, 19.965+2]; _turret2Pos = _aircraftPos vectorAdd _turret2Offset; _turret2 = createVehicle ["B_AAA_System_01_F",_turret2Pos,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"] ; //_turret2 setPosWorld _turret2Pos; _turret2 attachTo [_carrier, _turret2Offset ]; createVehicleCrew _turret2; [_turret2] joinSilent _indGrp; (crew _turret1) joinSilent _indGrp; (crew _turret2) joinSilent _indGrp;
  8. I'm using function: addWeaponCargoGlobal to add weapons to cargo container. However some weapons have built-in attachments, and they are added with them to cargo. Is it possible to strip attachments from weapons added by above function?
  9. Thank you, it works for me :) EDIT: Is there way to prevent drone from showing on map?
  10. I wanna know if it's possible to prevent certain players in Independent side to connect to UAV which has already player connected UAV from Independent side. Best way would be to use some event handler which checks if there are already connected players to UAV, something like that. So what kind of event handlers work on drones?
  11. I have dedicated server on OVH Hosting, os: Ubuntu 16.10 Server. We migrated from other hosting 2 days ago, and now we have some problems: some people cannot see server on server browser or if they add server using ip and port using Direct connect option, it doesn't appear, or appears after 5-10 minutes. Some people say that is OVH Firewall configuration causing problem. I added rules in 'Firewall Game' configuration but it didn't help, then I currently switched to 'standard' OVH firewall which has more advanced options. I'm testing this configuration now, can anyone tell me if it's correct, or show me valid configuration?
  12. I have modified the @AISS2 mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22892 There is file CA_HIT.sqf, which is called when unit is hit. My current version looks like this: private ["_hit","_position","_cvr_pos"]; _hit = _this select 0; _position = position _hit; _hit setVariable ["suppressed", true, true]; _hit setVariable ["Stime", time + ((skill _hit) * 3), true]; (group _hit) setVariable ["Stance_check", true, true]; //_cvr_pos = [(_position select 0) + random 28 - random 28,(_position select 1) + random 28 - random 28]; if (vehicle _hit isKindof "MAN" and alive _hit) then { systemChat "Unit hit!"; _hit forceSpeed 10; _hit setBehaviour "COMBAT"; //_hit domove _cvr_pos; //_time = time + (.5*skill (_this select 0)*.5); //waitUntil {getPos _hit distance _cvr_pos < 1 or _time < time}; //sleep ((skill _supr)*.1); if ( {!isNull _hit} && {random 1 > 0.15} ) then { //[_hit] spawn FUNC(fallDown); _hit setUnconscious true; // By Nerexis, better falldown behaviour [_hit] spawn { private["_unit"]; _unit = _this select 0; hint "Unconscious AISS"; sleep (random 5); _unit setUnconscious false; hint "Conscious"; //_unit playMoveNow "amovppnemstpsraswrfldnon"; if (unitPos _unit != "DOWN") then { _unit setUnitPos "DOWN"; }; _unit forceSpeed -1; _unit setBehaviour "COMBAT"; }; }; };
  13. Still, it doesnt work on dedicated if AI shots player - player wont be set to unconscious.
  14. Guys I have same problem - cant get it work on player. Im scripting @AISS2 mod and im using this command line (I want it to run on Exile server): [ [_unit, true],"setUnconscious",false,true] call BIS_fnc_MP;