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  1. Landrik

    Global Mobilization

    I think they've talked about making them, yes.
  2. Landrik

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Absolutely stellar! Been looking forward to this one!
  3. Landrik

    Global Mobilization

    I-I don't think my legs work anymore...
  4. Landrik

    German Armed Forces Mod

    Can't wait to unleash the B U N D E S B O I S
  5. Varying levels of bluing on separate parts on that StG... That has to be the most accurate virtual rendering of a historical firearm I've ever seen. Prima! EDIT: Any chance a sling pulled taut could be added?
  6. I throw shit up against the wall to see what sticks. At the end of the day, I don't produce content and work with what the creators make. If anyone wants to tackle this, I can only offer advice.
  7. Landrik

    German Armed Forces Mod

    Great! I love the attention to detail!
  8. Westwall gives me hope for quality WWII assets in Arma. Now if only we had an animation replacer for something much more appropriate for the time period. Oh well. One can dream. EDIT: Raw footage of the last Deutsche Wochenschau that was never released. Plenty of awesome mannerisms captured in this. Also, this is well after everyone was ordered to do the "German greeting" or Nazi salute. You can see just how half-assed it was. Interviewed is a Polish Soviet soldier. The translator is a Silesian in German service.
  9. Damn, for what's made and detailed, it really captures the look and feel!
  10. I own and have worn an original M43 "Dracula Collar" mantel. Agreed that the collar should be a bit bigger, but I've seen some variation - mostly with the size of the mantel. I can understand this model having it a bit shorter to keep it from clipping with the helmet in most cases. [EDIT] Actually, speaking of which, here is my father and I. Both are original mantel. M36 on the left, M43 on the right. You can see how they lay, how long they are, and having been lightly worn (walking around, etc.) how they have settled into place on the body. The buckles were supposed to be shiny metal underneath. They were painted, but it usually wore off quickly. Even for the Bundeswehr in the 60s-80s, their belts were typically wore clean of paint and they were a peacetime army. In all honesty, you'd see both. Same goes for the buttons. As for the length of the overcoat, that's a correct length. Too long and it's extremely cumbersome. Too short and well, not enough warmth. Put simply, both the mantel with the field gear on top of it and the MG-42 with the AA sight are handsome. Well done, team! Any chance we could get M44 field blouse with a turtleneck sweater? <3
  11. I certainly hope that the Panzerfäuste will not have ridiculous shrapnel values and are more like concentrated charges.
  12. Landrik

    German Armed Forces Mod

    The event was great! I was missing a BFA for my G3 and a gas bag, but otherwise it was fantastic!
  13. Details, details. The modding team will figure it out for the German/French/Whoever-else version. Love to see what's coming next. ;)
  14. Landrik

    German Armed Forces Mod

    I'm actually putting together a '86 Bundeswehr Jäger impression for a local blank-fire / airsoft mixed event in March. It's awesome to see these! I'd love to put some missions together. ;) I'll post pictures of the event here once it's over if anyone is interested.