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  1. Very playable, there is a server running the mission at the moment. There is no timing routine, so each AO stays until you trigger a new one via the laptop at blufor base... and at the AO, the main COB/FOB is not able to be secured/taken over, so enemy just keep coming for you. The rest of the sub missions are able to be secured though. Server name: [RELOADED] USA | Tanoa | github.com/soulkobk | Address: Server version: 184144923 Required game version: 1.84.0 Map: Tanoa Mission: RELOADED Tanoa Players: 0/16 I have the server using an older build on the map of Altis, but I can (will) change this in the coming days back to the Tanoa map with the same code that is on github. Join, do your arsenal load-out, scroll wheel on the laptop under the flag at blufor base... and watch things populate on the map. open the map, press ALT + LMB where you want to teleport to (used for alpha testing to get back to the AO instantly). As for uploading to the workshop, I have no intention of doing that currently. Are there benefits to this apart from exposure? -soul.
  2. Just an update on the above mission that I had been working on for over a year... As with life, it throws curve balls from time-to-time, and I have had my fair share over the years, and well... this year has thrown quite a few of them, some good, some bad. So, in saying that, I had to stop development on my mission RELOADED back in July 2018 and concentrate my energies where it was needed, that being family and work. So what now? I really don't know... I have coded pretty much 90% off the mission, except for the main timing routine to automatically spawn/time/weigh the game play (success/fail scenario)... so that's all that's left to do, but that is probably the more involved part (everything was rather involved) to get done, and as you are reading... I just don't have the time (or willingness) to complete it at the moment. I have since released all of my RELOADED code to github under license, to which you can find --> here <--. You can fork it, download it, pack it, play it via EDEN multiplayer, upload it to a server... whatever, it will work/function as-is (manually via the laptop at base), but be sure to keep your wits about you, and focus, else you WILL die... and die... and die. :P If any ArmA 3 developers would like to fork the repository and continue work on it, that would be great. What is it? It's an "Invade & Annex" clone (of sorts), but its extremely dynamic, and most (if not all) calculations are done on-the-fly for each game round. Just feel like checking out the code? See how I've coded it? Learn from it? Whatever the case... help yourself... and if you like, let me know what you think, constructive feedback is welcomed. In coding this mission, I jumped in the deep-end... and learned to code whilst coding, so it may not be the best code, but it works for what I wanted it to. Will development continue? Possibly, but for now... that answer is no. I thank all that have helped and contributed to the RELOADED mission with assets, graphics, alpha testing, etc... it truly is appreciated. Until next time... -soul.
  3. Yes you read correctly, FULL SCREEN NIGHT VISION without the need for any client mods and server side keys. This script was written to be bundled in with mission files and to be executed at mission start via a init.sqf entry ([] execVM "fullScreenNightVision.sqf"). As you can see from the above screen shot, it was already added in to an A3Wasteland mission. This script is a work-around for night vision which uses the player 'goggles' slot rather than the 'hmd' slot, so no actual night vision goggles are required, and as a replacement the 'combat goggles (green)' must be equipped to the 'goggles' slot... which then renders the night vision full screen (no black borders) when you turn it on. Unequipped NVGoggles and equipped Combat Goggles (Green) = FULL SCREEN NIGHT VISION. Equipped NVGoggles and equipped Combat Goggles (Green) = black border night vision. Unequipped Combat Goggles (Green) and equipped NVGoggles = black border night vision. This script is able to be added to any mission with ease. Configure by changing or adding goggle classes to the allowed class array at the top of the script, no need to change anything else. The night vision does not affect scopes/launchers/vehicles (gunner view) etc, as their own vision modes are allowed to cycle as required. DOWNLOAD THE SCRIPT HERE! Enjoy a simple mod-free version of full screen night vision without any use of custom ppEffects. I hope this script will be useful. *EDIT. updated the script due to finding issues within a dedicated environment, see header change log. Regards, -soul.
  4. Not sure where I should put this request... but here goes. I would like to add a request for a new engine command namely 'currentTIVisionMode' (or similar). Why? In my attempts to return the 'currentVisionMode' of a current player, ALL thermal vision modes return as '2' regardless of the thermal vision color scheme. As there are 8 different types of color schemes it would be nice to have a command that returns the current color scheme also. The wiki for 'setCamUseTI' has the following thermal vision modes available for cam use, but in-game different objects use different thermal imaging, from scopes to range finders, the vision mode differs from one to the next, as well as headgear. 0 - White Hot 1 - Black Hot 2 - Light Green Hot / Darker Green cold 3 - Black Hot / Darker Green cold 4 - Light Red Hot /Darker Red Cold 5 - Black Hot / Darker Red Cold 6 - White Hot . Darker Red Cold 7 - Thermal (Shade of Red and Green, Bodies are white) It would be nice to be able to have return values on what thermal color scheme is currently in use, for example... _TIMode = ""; if (currentVisionMode player isEqualTo 2) then // if player is currently in thermal vision mode { switch (currentTIVisionMode player) do // possible new command to return current thermal vision mode color scheme, returns -1 if not in TI mode. { case: 0 { _TIMode = "White Hot" }; case: 1 { _TIMode = "Black Hot" }; case: 2 { _TIMode = "Light Green Hot / Darker Green cold" }; case: 3 { _TIMode = "Black Hot / Darker Green cold" }; case: 4 { _TIMode = "Light Red Hot /Darker Red Cold" }; case: 5 { _TIMode = "Black Hot / Darker Red Cold" }; case: 6 { _TIMode = "White Hot . Darker Red Cold" }; case: 7 { _TIMode = "Thermal (Shade of Red and Green, Bodies are white)" }; default { _TIMode = "None" }; }; }; Whilst scripting for 'drawIcon3D', in my attempts to change the color scheme of the icons/text in relation to 'currentVisionMode', it works great (0, 1, 2), but when it comes to referencing the color scheme in mode '2', it was impossible to achieve. In my scripting, when in normal vision mode the icons are all colored, when in night vision mode all colors change to shades of green, and when in thermal mode all colors change to shades of grey (based upon headgear thermal imaging color scheme). It would be nice to change the color scheme even more so considering that there are 8 different thermal imaging color schemes to choose from and use in game (whether cam use or player object use). The above is merely a request/suggestion... although it would be great if it could come to fruition. Thanks for reading... -soul.
  5. 1. how much effort, very little. What's involved is basically copy/pasting (or creating new) map markers for the mission structure, then creating the NATO base and layout whether it be copy/paste, or create it yourself from scratch within the 3DEN editor. All objects are initiated by calls to functions which do all the required setup, so no need to do that manually. Place the object, set the object INIT line = done. If you place down 10 arsenal crates, adjust all the INIT lines at once to call the arsenal handlers = done. If you place down 5 helicopters, adjust all the INIT lines at once to call the vehicle respawn handlers = done. There is no need to manually place map markers (apart from a few which NEED to be manually placed), as the functions and handlers do all the setup for you. 2. Porting for the use of RHS, UNSUNG, etc... I gather it wouldn't be too hard at all, as again, all the objects that are placed whether respawnable vehicles, arsenal crates, clothing, weapons, etc... they are either set up via INIT calls or are easily added to via configuration files. Enable the MOD, allow its use via server keys, get the class lists and update all the required configuration files to allow the new weapons/uniforms/vehicles/etc. 3. The base compositions can be anything that your imagination can come up with... it can be as simple as a few selected objects, or as involved as a fortified base that covers a 100m diameter. So if it were to fit in to a WW2 setting, that can be achieved by anyone who chooses to modify the base mission. Base compositions can be changed, tasks can be changed, uniform/weapon/vehicle mods can be added, and with simple configuration changes, all those items will be able to be used in the mission. I have created the mission with the intention of allowing it to be changed to suit any type of PvE game experiences. A quick/brief insight in to task configuration... [ "Path Camp", // task title "CSAT have set up a camp along a path and left their gear lying around, go find and secure their items.", // task description ["secure"], // task roles "POLYLINE", // task icon 100, // task area radius (red outer circle) 10, // task base radius (for base placement) [ "TrailCampsite_CM" ], // base compositions available "land", // location surface "land", "water", "bridge" 2, // number of unit groups 6 // number of units per group ] ...and a base composition... /* fn_objectsGrabber for EDEN editor by soulkobk. revision: 20171030 mission: basePathDigger world: VR center position: [0,0,0] radius: 100 array list: [objectClass, objectPosition, objectDirection, objectSimulation, objectSimpleObject, objectPitchBank, objectDamage, objectAllowDamage, objectVarName, objectInit] to set object as task object, place in init of object = this setVariable ['taskObject',true]; to damage/disable/lock vehicle (true to lock), place in init of object = [this,true] call IA_fnc_vehicleDisable; make sure as many objects as possible have simulation turned off, or simple object enabled! */ [ ["Land_BagFence_01_corner_green_F",[-2.5,-3.625,0],180,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_corner_green_F",[5.25,4.125,0.75],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_corner_green_F",[5.25,4.125,0],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_end_green_F",[-1.25,4.375,0],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_end_green_F",[-1.5,-3.875,0],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[-0.125,6.5,0],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[-3.125,4.375,0],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[-4.5,0,0],270,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[-4.5,3,0],270,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[1.875,4.375,0],180,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[5.625,-0.75,0.75],90,false,false,[0,-0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[5.625,-0.75,0],90,false,false,[0,-0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[5.625,-3.75,0.75],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[5.625,-3.75,0],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[5.625,2.125,0.75],90,false,false,[0,-0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_long_green_F",[5.625,2.125,0],90,false,false,[0,-0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_round_green_F",[-3.5,-2,0],225,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_round_green_F",[1,-3.25,0],45,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_round_green_F",[6.625,-2.75,0],225,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_short_green_F",[3.875,4.375,0],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_short_green_F",[4.125,4.375,0.426136],0,false,false,[0,-30],0,false,"",""], ["Land_BagFence_01_short_green_F",[5,-3.75,1.5],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_Cargo_Patrol_V4_F",[4.375,0,4.76837e-007],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_DirtPatch_01_4x4_F",[7.25,3,0],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_DirtPatch_01_6x8_F",[-0.75,2.5,0],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_DirtPatch_01_6x8_F",[0.125,-4.5,0],270,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_FlowerPot_01_F",[-1.25,3.75,0],0,false,true,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_FlowerPot_01_F",[-1.75,3.625,0],0,false,true,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_Hedge_01_s_2m_F",[-3.125,3.625,0],270,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_Hedge_01_s_2m_F",[-3.75,3,0],0,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_Hedge_01_s_2m_F",[3.125,-4,0],270,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_Hedge_01_s_4m_F",[3.75,-2.375,0],180,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_Pipes_large_F",[-1.69859,-4.90858,0],0,false,true,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_PortableLight_double_F",[5.125,-2.875,0],135,true,false,[0,-0],0,true,"",""], ["Land_TrenchFrame_01_F",[-3.125,4.875,1],180,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_TrenchFrame_01_F",[-5.125,2.625,1],90,false,false,[0,-0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_TrenchFrame_01_F",[0.125,-7.625,1.25],1.36604e-005,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_TrenchFrame_01_F",[6.375,-4.25,1.125],1.36604e-005,false,false,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_WheelCart_F",[-2.875,1.625,0],45,false,true,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_WoodenBox_F",[4.26146,2.87665,0],0,false,true,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_WoodenBox_F",[4.26146,3.25165,0.5],330,false,true,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_WoodenBox_F",[4.26146,3.62665,0],0,false,true,[0,0],0,false,"",""], ["Land_Laptop_02_unfolded_F",[2.75,-2.875,0],135,true,false,[0,-0],0,true,"","this setVariable ['taskObject',true];"], ["Land_MetalCase_01_medium_F",[-1.625,2.75,0],15,true,false,[0,0],0,true,"","this setVariable ['taskObject',true];"], ["Land_PlasticCase_01_large_F",[2.625,-1.5,5.25],285,true,false,[0,0],0,true,"","this setVariable ['taskObject',true];"], ["Land_PlasticCase_01_medium_F",[4.75,1.125,0],60,true,false,[0,0],0,true,"","this setVariable ['taskObject',true];"], ["Land_PlasticCase_01_small_F",[6.375,1.5,5.375],0,true,false,[0,0],0,true,"","this setVariable ['taskObject',true];"], ["Land_PressureWasher_01_F",[-4.375,-2.875,0],120,true,false,[0,-0],0,true,"","this setVariable ['taskObject',true];"] ] With the AO compiling, the configuration can also be changed so that 0 patrol helicopters spawn, or 10 spawn, or it can be a random number of patrol helicopters that spawn, it's totally up to the mission host and how it's configured. Most (if not all) of the mission is adjustable in one way or another. Don't want water tasks? Adjust the config to disallow them. Very simple and easy to do. It's hard to explain the set up... and how easily the mission can be changed (I know how easy it is, as I created it... but explaining can be a bit hard for me) but the mission can be changed in pretty much all aspects of the mission. Change the number of units that spawn at tasks, remove tank patrols, add in quad bike patrols, remove paratroop redeploy method, change the patrol helicopter vehicle class... and apply custom liveries... it all can be changed with ease. I hope that answers your questions. "sounds quite impressive work soul" <- thanks. -soul.
  6. About RELOADED RELOADED is a PvE mission which is loosely based on the existing 'Invade & Annex' PvE mission, but coded from scratch by myself (soulkobk) since June 2017. The map that the current development mission is operating on is Tanoa, but the mission can EASILY be ported to ANY terrain of choice (vanilla or otherwise). The basic operations of game play is as follows... There is a NATO base where all players will spawn with specific roles (medic, engineer, rilfeman, sniper, pilot, etc) and are able to load-out via a restricted arsenal. An enemy AO is spawned at a randomly chosen position on the map, then the diameter size for the AO is randomly chosen, then a random number of (maximum) tasks within the AO is chosen. The terrain is then scanned at the AO and positions are compiled for... bridges forest land path railway runway shore water ...from these compiled positions, tasks are then randomly chosen and placed. There are tasks and bases for all the above listed positions... like to roam the forest? we got you covered... prefer to approach by water as an armed diver? we got you covered... like the beach? we got you covered... want to recover trains? we got you covered. There are many different roles and situations for a diverse player type. When a task is randomly chosen (via configuration), it will then randomly choose a base composition (via configuration) to place at each given task (each task can have one or one hundred different base compositions to choose from each time). Once the task is chosen and the base composition is placed, it will then scan the base composition for 'task objects' to use with task roles (secure/destroy/repair/etc). Once the base composition has been scanned, an object is randomly chosen for the task completion, and the appropriate task role is applied (vehicle destroy, laptop secure, helicopter repair, etc). The task then randomly spawns in an amount and different classes of enemy AI for defending (via configuration) the task. This structure is the same for each task that spawns. The AO could have 4 tasks or 10 tasks, it's all random, as is the follow-on procedures of selecting a task, selecting a base, selecting a task role, selecting the amount and class of AI to defend, etc... everything is random. Once the AO is populated with the main task (capture/secure/hold the Contingency Operating Base) and sub/simple tasks are finalized, then global patrols within the AO are randomly chosen and deployed. AI can/will be deployed to the AO on foot and also be delivered by helicopter or self-driven unarmed vehicles, or by self-driven quad-bikes, or get chauffeured in by transport truck. There will also be roaming patrols in armed vehicles, tanks and/or boats (if there is water present within the AO). There will also be patrolling armed air support (helicopters and jets) so be sure to stay under cover! All the AI patrols use a custom (thirdy party, modified) patrol script/function which makes the AI act more like a player. Each AI has a different skill-set applied, so you may get one that can't seem to shoot you from 100m away, but another will get injure/kill you from 600m away. AI will spot you (and your team), give intel to close by units on your whereabouts, use cover, go prone, flank you when you're not looking or concentrating on other enemy units... and even call in heavy support (armed vehicles)... so you had better have come prepared! Decided to run and hide? you better keep running as the AI WILL hunt you down. The mission is more difficult than other PvE missions, and requires a great deal of communication and team work... if you want to run solo and attack the AO and tasks close up, you may (probably will) have a very tough time. All enemy vehicles that are within the enemy AO can be used by ALL players should you not blow them up on sight. Disable a wheel or three, let the enemy decamp from the disabled vehicle, shoot/kill them all, then get a friendly engineer to fix the vehicle for you, jump in and use it yourself, pretty much ALL vehicles are unlocked for players. You will then have that vehicle as long as it is alive, and has a driver/passenger(s)... get it blown up, it's gone... abandon it (timed despawn) and it's also gone. Why did I decide to (try and) code my own version? I and a few friends like to play the PvE style missions, but the I&A missions and servers that currently exist which we played on were mediocre at best. The teamwork aspect is very enjoyable, but the same AO, same tasks, same AI (or lack of) at different locations on the map grew VERY boring VERY quick, hence 'RELOADED' was created. I decided to jump in the deep end, learn as I went along as well as apply what I have already learned over the last year and a half with Arma 3 scripting/coding. I wanted to create a much more random mission to where each AO was unpredictable on what it would contain and the amount of enemy forces were unknown. I also wanted to code it so that it was easily expandable... which I have done. To add in tasks is extremely easy, to add in base compositions is extremely easy, to add in extra task roles is extremely easy... the whole system is very easily expandable. At the beginning of mission creation back in June 2017 I only had a handful of self-made base compositions to use for tasks, so it was somewhat repetitive... but since June 2017, myself and other community support have created (and are still creating) more to add in each and every week. Basically anyone that is able to use the 3DEN editor can create compositions, save them, export them and add them in to the mission with ease (save the exported script, update/add the base composition name to configuration files... and it's done.. it really is that easy). Since June 2017, there has been a lot of progress, and myself and other mission contributors play, test and create on a regular basis... and each and every time, it is quite more enjoyable than the the I&A servers we use to play on. Even at this alpha stage, it's more enjoyable and much more re-playable, than what we were playing. We currently have a test server located on the West Coast of USA (Los Angeles) and have set up a Discord server for chat, feedback, creations, suggestions and change-logs (see below for details). Does this mission interest you? Feel free to join our discord channel (see below for details), have a read of the about/rules/changelog/etc channels and have a chat about the mission. Does the mission interest you enough to want to play-test the alpha mission and give constructive feedback and suggestions? We can make that happen. Does the mission interest you enough to want to contribute to it in the way of base composition creation, or script/code, or graphic liveries? We would certainly appreciate the help! Where can I download this mission? You can't currently, but once the mission is at a proper playable state (all routines are in place, functions as intended and automatically, etc), it will be released to the public via my github account for all communities to download, and host on their own servers, and of course change/expand at their own discretion. How playable is the current alpha mission? Very playable. The NATO base is all set up, the AO spawns (manually via an action at NATO base) and the tasks propagate correctly, the AI self-deploy and almost every part is functioning as intended, so the play-ability to test (and enjoy it) is here already. The only thing to note at this alpha stage is that the mission is in FULL debug mode, so there is a LOT of chat spam and map marker creation and deletions to announce what systems are functioning and what they are currently processing. Are you still reading this? Well, thanks for taking the time to read this in full (presumably that you didn't just scroll down here first), I hope this mission interests you as much as it interests myself in continuing with the mission development. Hopefully I have explained myself well enough... if I haven't, I'll answer any questions as they appear. Want to see some screen shots of the mission in action? Then be sure to click this link! Sorry no in-game video is available for viewing at this stage. Oh, and BTW... here's our discord server to where you can find myself and other community testers/supporters. DISCORD SERVER Thanks for reading. -soul.
  7. soulkobk

    How to improve visibility range?

    I have also noticed that since the 1.70 update that the view distance was unable to be changed via the 'VIDEO OPTIONS' + 'VISIBILITY' sliders (for whatever reason). Recently I have been playing a different game mode/mission, which had a scripted view range (menu + buttons), which got me to investigate if the scripted limitation affected the client sliders... and it does. Check out these two screen shots, in EDEN, map Tanoa, location Georgetown... I set my view distance and object view distance at 3300m each via the scripted commands... I then went in to my client video settings and adjusted both sliders to maximum (12000m) as per the screen shot below... As you can see by putting the sliders to 12000m each, the scene/scenario view distance does/will not change at all. I encountered this issue directly after receiving the Jets DLC and wanting to test out the new jets within EDEN on the map Tanoa. There is an issue with the scripted commands overriding the client visibility options, after-the-fact of playing a mission or on a multiplayer server. What to do? If you have access to the debug menu upon pressing ESC (in game) or ~ (in EDEN), type in the following commands and press the 'Local Execute' button for a temporary fix... setViewDistance 12000; setObjectViewDistance 12000; ^ you can adjust the number/view distance to anything you require... but 12000 is the maximum achievable... you then 'should' be able to use your client visibility sliders to adjust the view/object distance to where you need them. Until a proper fix comes out... I hope that helps. -soul.
  8. soulkobk

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Another video of awesome AI path-finding... not. This particular AI vehicle (and units) did this for about 30 minutes. There IS room for the vehicle to fit through easily... and the AI object awareness is horrible. I have had plenty of similar scenarios within Arma 3 since the 'AI Path finding' updates, whether vanilla or mission... it's the same. It sure could do with a better/updated algorithm for path finding... so that AI take objects in to full account, as well as a maximum attempts at path choice before resetting, or recalculating a new path. AI seem to be disregarding one object in this video (the power plant it keeps colliding with), but trying to avoid colliding with the damaged Strider... eh. -soul.
  9. soulkobk

    1.66 Audio issue with footsteps

    The foot steps do sound behind when you're in first person view... and yes, rather annoying/off-putting. I had a similar issue with 3D sound effects whilst writing an add-on script recently... the sound effects sounded as if they were behind me whilst in first person view... I changed the 3D location of the SFX to 'eyePos' which fixed my issue with the positioning, as then the SFX no longer sounded behind me. I gather that BIS have their SFX positioning incorrect. If they based it on eyePos minus the height of the character (0m ATL), then the foot-step SFX would sound correctly. If the calculation is based on player position alone, not eye position, then the SFX does in fact sound as if it was behind you, and yes I have tested this theory in-game. This sounds behind in first person... playSound3D ["A3\Sounds_F\sfx\alarm_independent.wss", player, false, position player, 1, 1, 0]; // play the sound effect at 3D location, test example... [1831.3,5676.99,0.00143909] This sounds as it should (or close to) in first person... _footPosition = eyePos player; // get the eye position of the player, test example... [1831.05,5676.57,6.92451] _footPosition set [2,0]; // set the height of the sound effect to zero (at ground level) relative to the players eye position, test example... [1831.05,5676.57,0] playSound3D ["A3\Sounds_F\sfx\alarm_independent.wss", player, false, _footPosition, 1, 1, 0]; // play the sound effect at 3D location, test example... [1831.05,5676.57,0] As simple recalculation of the players (relative?) ear position, ("earPos"... maybe we need a command like this?) would give a proper 3D location to play the sound effects. As you can see in the 3D position arrays, that there is slight difference... "position player = [1831.3,5676.99,0.00143909]" versus "eyePos player = [1831.05,5676.57,6.92451]"... and the 'proper?' 3D positioning "[1831.05,5676.57,0]" for foot-steps ... which can/does make all the difference. Hopefully a 'fix' gets deployed rather soon. -soul.
  10. I have been using performance builds of client and server (version as well as the updated tbb3malloc_bi.dll for the last couple of days. From initial launch within 3DEN editor to an A3Wasteland server... I can say that it all ran smoothly. I did NOT encounter any issues, no 5fps bug or such, and I am not getting any errors within my RPT logs (I launch the .exe from via shortcuts on my desktop, I rarely (if at all) use the A3Launcher). My thoughts are that my frames seemed smoother at the same view/object distance (with a slight fps increase?) whether in the 3DEN editor or on a MP server, everything seemed fine... but that could just be me (I also tend to run the performance builds when I remember to update). PC Specs... i7 4770K, 32GB RAM, Z87 Motherboard, R9 290 OC GPU, 1TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD. -soul.
  11. Agreed that the map marker system needs to be reverted, having separate visible channels are just plain annoying. I am forever cycling channels to see markers and duplicating my own markers in different channels where needed. :/ On another note, anyone else notice that if you are on the "Independent" side, but not in the same group, you are able to hover your mouse on the map and see another "Independent" player markers... by the way of their 'pop up name', not the actual marker or details... but it reveals exactly where that player placed their marker (I found this issue in A3Wasteland, not sure if it affects other game modes or missions). IMO if you are unable to see the marker, you should be unable to hover and reveal their name. Anyway... revert, please and thanks. :) -soul.
  12. soulkobk

    1.64 update broke Wasteland Wheeled Vehicles

    With thanks to @blenderrus for a starting point, I managed to track down the issue directly related to the A3Wasteland mission(s). As per my post over on the A3Wasteland Forums... -soul.
  13. soulkobk

    LOD Discussion

    I think BIS still needs help with their LOD changes... I was "hoping" (one can hope right?) that the LOD issues were being addressed... sure the 'fade' between LOD's is somewhat better overall, but in the process, it has made some LOD's much more noticeable. TBCH, I have absolutely no idea as to why there is so much difference between layers in the way of brightness/saturation... as only the "detail" is suppose to change right... nothing more? Anyway... here's some screen shot comparisons of a quick 10 minutes in Arma 3 1.64 on the map Stratis... http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/185460 The 4th comparison is the AI's backpack just up the hill from me (a bit hard to see at first), the brightness of it increases at further distance. The close-up LOD changes of foliage and grasses are extremely annoying though... and TBQH, those should only need one LOD, nothing more, as they come-and-go so quickly, whether in-vehicle or on-foot... we don't need those high-resolution. I'm sure I'll find more LOD issues as I continue to play the game. -soul.
  14. soulkobk

    LOD Discussion

    Just a few more bad LOD examples since the 1.62.x update... All on the island Stratis (I'm yet to capture anything on Tanoa) I've also noticed that if you damage a vehicle, it flashes WHITE, then back to one of the LOD's... not needed, very distracting, looks ugly. Not sure what other objects are affected like this by damaging it. I'm still not happy with the LOD's though, the inconsistent/unneeded/very-noticable LOD changing along with the pixelated cross-hatching blend effect spoils the visuals and the immersion for me... whatever the mission/mod/map. -soul.