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  1. quickdraw_01

    Eden editor Ruler

    If you are using 3den enhanced right click on the first point you want and their should be an option to measure distance then move your cursor to the next point and right click and choose measure distance it should give you an exact distance between the 2 points.
  2. quickdraw_01

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    On our server we found it was the CUP SPG-9 causing mass crashes when JSRS and the CUP compatibility option were enabled. when disabled no problems, I don't know if you were aware of this problem, Thanks great mod we love it , we just cant use it for Cup at the moment.
  3. quickdraw_01

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    When I approached 3 Syndikat guys standing around a M900 Helo they said "I shouldn't be here" and then they lit me up, it was on the island where I completed the blow up the police building with the car bomb, all other Syndikat soldiers don't shoot me.
  4. quickdraw_01

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    Before OFP I played a game called M1 Tank Platoon 2 it was based on the M1 Battle Tank , I believe it had some developer connection with Operation Flashpoint but I could be wrong it was 1998!
  5. Is there anyway in the editor when making a high command mission to stop enemy groups markers showing up when using the high command and friendly group markers who are not part of the high command? I'm trying to hide a hostage by making him start at random positions but it just shows the position with a group marker once I turn on High Command.
  6. quickdraw_01

    NO, BIS, NO.

    I'm not into the Alien thing at all, but will see what other goodies come with it. I've been playing since Flashpoint came out there is nothing like the ARMA series of games I hope it continues but not with the alien and zombie themes at all plenty of other games for that.
  7. I messaged one of the other guys on steam that made the single player version and he doesn't know why it is doing it now either.
  8. quickdraw_01

    Stuck in Singleplayer Campaign

    This happened to me recently there must be a bug on that mission when I re did my campaign a few weeks ago I cleared the village and no artillery came and the rest of my team went to the RV point and did nothing, This solution worked for me but remember the text box is invisible Hold the left Shift button while pressing numpad minus (-) during a Single-Player game to bring up a hidden cheat textbox (This will be invisible). Then enter the code 'endmission' (without the quotes) to complete the current mission.
  9. quickdraw_01

    The Username Change/Merge Thread

    Can I please get my name changed to 'Quickdraw_01'
  10. quickdraw_01

    The Username Change/Merge Thread

    Please change my user name to "Quickdraw"
  11. This has some good pics of the SAS in Iraq when they were part of "Task Force Knight, theres 100's of different camo options and they even used humvee's http://www.eliteukforces.info/gallery/uksf-misc/22-SAS.php
  12. quickdraw_01

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    I havent read all 10 pages but Realistic fast roping from helos and ladder extractions etc AI Medic needs improvments. Goggles that can be put on or off AI pilots needs improvments Improve command system
  13. quickdraw_01

    Any planes or jets?

    Im not one for jets myself but I would still like them to be part of the game. I would like to see competent AI or Human controlled AC-130 Gunships thats the ultimate night time support.
  14. Just Downloaded it thanks Mate! I ll let you know how it goes
  15. quickdraw_01

    What's your music volume in game?

    Ive been playing war sims since Operation flashpoint came out and have never tried playing with music and I have no intrest to try it , but each to their own.