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  1. Hi Shay, Thanks for the updates. This remains one of my most favorite mods for Arma. I'm so glad you still find the time to work on it. Great work.
  2. Hello, Does anyone know why, sometimes, after mod updates, in this case CUP Vehicles, the mod shows a red dot in the mod list at the bottom right of the in-game server browser. Version 1.10 Cup Vehicles was a green dot. The previous version was a red dot. And, this current version 1.11 is a red dot. Everything works fine and I only ask because I would suspect that a mod showing red in the server browser might discourage folks from joining the server. Any enlightenment would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Dynamic Combat Generator

    Welcome back. I've been looking at this but have been worried about all the reports that it is not compatible with the most recent versions of Arma 3. Will you be updating it soon?
  4. Have you tried Dynamic Recon Ops (DRO). Our group loves it and it supports lots of terrians. One that is old but does generate an objective as soon as you join the server is BattleZone Altis. We've mostly used the Skepsist edit you can find on Armaholic. There is a newer edited one but I can remember the author of the edit. A search for battlezone altis should find it though. Another one you might like is Combat Assault by Code34. This one has no scripted tasks, just light to medium infantry combat to clear areas.
  5. I'm trying to figure out how to 'define' other factions for use with F3. When I drop down RHS USAF units the F3 framework displays a radio message saying that the faction rhs_usarmy_d is not defined. Anyone have any ideas where factions get defined in F3? EDIT: So I figured out how to add factions to the briefing component thereby removing the 'faction not defined' message. Briefings now work for RHSUSAF factions, but, now the assigngear has stopped working and I can't figure out why. There are no error messages and when I enable debug mode no debug messages are displayed, as if the assigngear script is not running at all.
  6. Hi Shay, The MCC on the Steam workshop says r26 in the main MCC console after you login in game. I see from the forum that the most recent version should be r22. Wondering which is correct. Also since the A3 update to v1.86, using MCC from the Steam workshop the mission maker no longer seems to work, never finishes creating a mission. I've tried both whole map and specific zone on Altis, no luck.
  7. server questions

    I use gameservers.com for my group's server. They are a bit more expensive than some but I find their customer service to be very good. I think I pay around $71.00 every three months for a 12 slot server.
  8. WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Ah, it was the 'Select Autonomous AI = enabled" part that I was missing, thanks.
  9. WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Question; It's not clear to me how to set up a coop mission. Can you explain? Thanks.
  10. [COOP] COMBAT ASSAULT - Official Thread

    Hi code34, Great news about the release of 1.4. Just downloaded it and tried it with a locally created server. I'm getting an error related to BME, something like a library missing. Any ideas?
  11. Just getting back into arma 3

    I would also suggest trying "Dynamic Recon Ops" available on the Steam Workshop for many terrains.
  12. Hi Zenophon, Yes I put the framework code in the mission folder. I know I tried Airbase Assault but didn't know about the requirement for more than one player. I will try that one again with friends. I will try Clean Sweep and the rest as well again and look for errors. Thanks for responding and for the great framework.
  13. Logitech sound bug

    Yeah this seems to be a USB audio device problem with 64bit Arma for me.
  14. Ah, ok, that makes sense. I'll give them a try with more players, thanks.
  15. Logitech sound bug

    I don't think the issue you're talking about has anything to do with Logitech. It's a problem with the 64bit version of Arma ever since the 64bit version was released.