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  1. Tuskegee_99th

    Strango's Random Co-Op Series

    Hey strango, Just wondering if you're still around. Back to playing with these missions a bit and had some questions.
  2. Tuskegee_99th

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Just checking to see of these have all been added to the download for dedicated servers? Thanks.
  3. Tuskegee_99th

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I just run Lambs Danger as a -servermod so clients don't need to run it and no signature key required. Works very well for us. Hope I'm not missing anything.
  4. Looks nice but can't get the serverkey to work. With the key installed on my server still get kicked if running this mod on my client.
  5. Tuskegee_99th

    Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena v1.29

    Hi Gunter, I had mentioned that problem to you once before but you had said that you only play single player or on a local server and you had know way to test it. It is awesome that you were able to find and fix it. This will be going on my groups server right now. Thanks.
  6. So I reduced the modset to just what was required to run CUP_Terrains_Maps 2.0 and spontaneous dying did not occur. So you guys were correct that it is something in the modset. I have since put everything back in that we use except for Project Opfor and all seems good.. So that's the mod I suspect is causing the issue. I'm going to add it back in and test just to be sure. Thanks for the responses.
  7. Hi Chairborne, Thanks for the response. My small group plays mostly the Dynamic Recon Ops mission. With our modset we can play that mission on Altis, Stratis, Livonia, or Malden2035, with no issues regarding spontaneous deaths. When we play the same mission, DRO, on the Chernarus in CUP_Maps_2.0, Roshe_Germany, or Virotali, all of which depend on CUP_Terrains_Core, any of us may die randomly several times during the mission. Again, this only started with CUP_Terrains_Core 1.14, Core 1.13 was fine. I certainly will check our modset and also try with only the minimum requirements for the maps and see what happens. Thanks again.
  8. Hello all, I'm looking for some discussion regarding an issue I've been seeing since version 1.14 of CUP Terrains Core was released and has continued with version 1.15. I rent a dedicated server for a small group of friends. Since version 1.14 of CUP Terrains Core, when playing on any terrain that relies on CUP Terrains Core, players have experienced spontaneous deaths. These deaths are always immediate, no injury or incapacitation first. They are random and can happen anywhere on the terrain. There does not seem to be any particular event associated with the death. These deaths have happened when there was no combat happening at all. The most recent one I witnessed happened as a friend and I were just standing in a field about 10 feet apart and he just fell over dead, we were on the new Chernaraus in CUP Terrains Maps 2.0. But, this has happened on several other maps that require CUP Terrains Core. Version 1.13 of CUP Terrains Core does not have this problem. And, we don't have any problems with terrains that don't depend on CUP Terrains Core. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Tuskegee_99th

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Have the latest ones been added to the dedicated server .zip download?
  10. Tuskegee_99th

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Have these latest versions been added to the dedicated server .zip download?
  11. I was under the impression that this was a server side only mod. So I run it on my dedicated server with -servermod=@GLX. In this case does the server key even matter, since clients are not running the mod?
  12. Tuskegee_99th

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    That did it, thank you.
  13. Tuskegee_99th

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Hello, love this mission. Just wanted to let you know that the download for dedicated servers .zip file is currently corrupt and can't be opened by Windows or 7-zip. I'd rather use this than subscribe to each one to get them on my groups server. Thanks.
  14. I know it's been a while, but does anyone know what's happened to the F3 wiki? It is not reporting "not found" but that there is an exception error. It's been this way for a while now. I'm wondering if there is another source for the download, tutorials, and documentation. Thanks.
  15. So... What I discovered on my rented server was that the server still had files in the arma3\addons folder that no longer are current in the vanilla game. An example is 'dubbing_radio_f_data.pbo'. Since the very last patch the 'session lost' message is now more descriptive, actually telling that files were missing. The file mentioned is one of them. Now, even running the server and client purely vanilla I can't connect to the server. My server provider renamed the 'addons' folder to 'addons_old' and installed a new 'addons' folder and now everything is working fine. I don't know if this is a Bohemia problem or a problem with the way my provider installs the server software, but it is fixed and I thought it might shed some light on the issue.