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  1. @tebbbs are you still developing this ??
  2. is the DEV still around ? NVM fixed it..
  3. ConArts


    Hi. Currently when using IED's I spawn a guy in with IED + cell then place and connect. Then when People get near i RC the guy and Call. I was wondering if it was possible to have a module to drop on the guy aften setup, that would make him look for unfriendlyes and auto Call to detonate.
  4. ConArts


    Remove mcc
  5. You dont have to do it for ace.. but if you make some custom stuff you might have to.. if you give it a weird classname
  6. Im not at my pc so cant remember filesnames. But finde the Config file and add rhs classnames to the vehicles_allowed list.
  7. 1. Admin Force Save 2. Web interface for Ordering Supplys. (supplyes will be delivered to predefined markers ingame.) % roll on all ordered supplyes based on how fare in advance order is placed. + tonnage limite 3. Ability to save Opfor to db. at admin request.. (in Our missions it will save Zeus a lot of work setting up AI's if objectives isent completet befor mission end.) if possible a admin feature to remove alle Opfor/AI's from db. (+ waypoints ect if possible.) 4. currently you can set Admin in the db.. now how about Officer. with the ability to assign rank to players ingame. i proberly have more.. but this was just from the top of my head.. just give me a heads up if i need to further explaine :)
  8. fn_server_setUnit.sqf _Player = _this select 0; if ((isPlayer _Player) && ((_Player getVariable "loaded") == 1)) then { \\ <------------- This will allow it to save on next _playerInv = str formatText ["%1", (getUnitLoadout _Player)]; \\ passes instead of freezing. _playerPos = format ["%1",(getPosWorld _Player)]; _playerDir = format ["%1",(round(getDir _Player))]; _playerUID = getPlayerUID _Player; _playerName = format ["%1",(name _Player)]; Original file. _Player = _this select 0; waitUntil {isPlayer _Player}; waitUntil {(_Player getVariable "loaded") == 1}; _playerInv = str formatText ["%1", (getUnitLoadout _Player)]; _playerPos = format ["%1",(getPosWorld _Player)]; _playerDir = format ["%1",(round(getDir _Player))]; _playerUID = getPlayerUID _Player; _playerName = format ["%1",(name _Player)]; After this change the addon has worked like a charm :) if you keep working on it i have a couple of features, i'll like to request :)
  9. ConArts

    Client's FPS, Displayed for Zeus

    I've testet it with 5 curators ingame with no problem what so ever.
  10. ill post the changes when i get home from work.
  11. I actually fix'ed it myself :) We have used it for for about 8 or 9 month now.. and only did a few fixes, as we run big presistent missions every Thursday.. but somtimes it would stop saving if it encountered an error. but made a work around.. :) Looking forward to the new version you guys are working on :)
  12. Hi, Any chance of getting a the version that works with extdb3 so we can use the 64bit dedi server.exe ?? :)
  13. Use initplayerlocal.sqf In your missionfolder. Then the code Will only run on the player connecting and not all clients every time a jip joins Thats how i fixed the problem in our milsim grp.
  14. ConArts


    Would it Be possiable to add a feature, that would give a opfor unit an rpg launcer if it diden't already have one, and the get him to fire at the next heli in firering range. 3 options would be needed. Mainrotor hit Tailrotor hit Engine hit The part hit would be destroyed but no harm to passengers or pilots. Would be very usefull i a milsim enviroment. To force pilots to divert from current flightplan
  15. Hi We are currently looking for ppl to make: IR/FLIR visible Chemlights A way for us to use the cargo_containers to store smaller ammoboxes and then have a lockin/strapin option so they will stay in the container while moved.. Jobs will be pay'ed if we can come to an agreement. And possiblity for a lot more work :)