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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a EU MILSIM company/squad that doesn't have a high time requirement (Like you have to attend something every week to remain a member) - That's due to my work at a hospital, so my workhour changes a lot. Where it's possible to work your way up the ranks, but also where it's possible to learn more about making missions with Zeus. - I don't have time to complete some training program that takes a month or so, with weekly training sessions due to my work - But also due to my past experience with military, I don't find it necessary to do a full bootcamp. Little about who I am: Age: 39 Country: Denmark Military experience: Former sergeant in the Infantry. - So I do know my tactics - With that said, I don't mind learning "your" tactics if they're different. I can both lead and follow. Work: I work at a hospital - And have a "higher" health education. Gaming hours: GMT+1 : 1700-2100 (They change a lot due to my work). ArmA experience: I have a little over 1000 hours so far (I know it ain't a lot) but been around since Operation Flashpoint - I might be a bit rusty with all those mods that're being used atm. I have been doing a little Zeus from time to time, making missions, which I don't mind doing. /VanCamp
  2. TFVentus

    Mods vs Server mods

    Hi, We're trying to setup a small rented server (Rented at Nitrado). But I can't figure out exactly which of my mods that has to go to the mod line and which to the servermod line... Been googling like crazy. Anyone in here that can help? Also when I tried to get the server to load mods, the server won't show up ingame. But it will if I run vanilla. Is that because I'm putting the mod in the wrong startup line? We're running: (Not sure which goes to mods line and which goes to servermod line). Achilles Advanced Towing Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rapelling Advanced Sling Loading MCC Enhanced Movement No Weapon Sway RHS (all 4) Did put all the bikeys in the key folder on the server. - I tried to change the name of all the mods that has a space in it. So instead of Advanced Towing it's AdvancedTowing. Can't really figure out what I'm doing wrong (besides all maybe). Best Regards 🙂 UPDATE: I just took the server back to vanilla - It shows up in the browser ingame, but when we try to join, we get stuck at loading screen..... 😕
  3. Hi Wyqer, Here's the server log, tried to add the file to the post, but its not possible, so I copied the text. As mentioned, I downloaded your latest Altis version, from this post and tried to change it to RHS units for BLUFOR:
  4. Hi Wyqer, Thank you for the reply. I downloaded it from your github, so I thought it was the latest version. Didn’t see the bold Line though. So apparently I must have misunderstood which was the latest. I’m new to the whole “managing a server” so I’m still learning - That’s why I didn’t provide the serverlog, I didn’t know. But it makes sense. I will provide one when I test it again with the newest version, if I can find it.
  5. Hi guys, So I've been spending the last couple of hours trying to change the preset from custom to RHS USAF, but when ever I do that in the config, the mission won't load... I can get into selecting a slot, and then the missions downloads and then after that it stops during the loading screen... Any ideas? I'd tried to edit the config.sqf and instead of "0" I put in the number for the RHS version...... No luck. I'd even tried copying the blufor RHS preset file info, into the custom.sqf and still no luck. Also tried to copy the "init_presets.sqf" file from the "master" version into the preset folder. I've downloaded the latest version: kp_liberation97S7.Altis The mission works fine, when I don't change the preset. Any one know what I'm doing wrong? We got the mods needed: ( plus some extra) RHS ProjectOpfor CBA_A3 JRSR Soundmod etc.
  6. Hi, so we setup a small server at nitrado.net, and uploaded the mods we wanted to use to the arma root. In the settings area we can put in our mods "@CBA_A3;" etc. which we have done, but we still can't use many of the mods ingame? It's like it doesn't load them when we start the server up again. Any suggestions? This is the setup: @Achilles;@Advanced_Rappelling;@Advanced_Sling_Loading;@Advanced_Towing;@Advanced_Urban_Rappelling;@Ai_accuracy_fix;@CBA_A3;@Enhanced_Movement;@MCC_Sandbox_4;@No_Weapon_Sway;@RHSAFRF;@RHSGREF;@RHSSAF;@RHSUSAF; We can use Enhaced movement, RHS and Achilles but the rest won't work. Best regards,
  7. Who are we? We're a newly started small Private Military Contractor (PMC) unit - Our goals are NOT to be the biggest unit there. We have members from the US and EU (Denmark so far), and are looking for a few more, some are former and current army active personel. We use military tactics and radio communications (as close to RL as possible) ingame. What are we looking for? Age 20+ (age 18-19 can apply and might join on a trial) Working mic and TS3 Legal copy of ArmA 3 Soldiers who knows that not all fights are won by shooting! Some missions requires recon - Recon=Do not get spotted Soldiers who can be professionel when in a mission! We do have fun and play a lot of other games, but when we play our Official Missions we're using military tactics! What are we NOT looking for? Rambo types who just wanna grab a gun and start killing something. - "There's no I in TEAMWORK" People who cannot follow orders - We know it's a game and we're not strict, but there's no fun in just getting killed every second because of Rambo style People who say they're going to attend a mission and then just doesn't show up with no notice - There're people spending time making the mission.... What can we offer? NO online requirements!!! We "meet" maybe once a week for an operation - Besides that people play what ever they want... Together, with someone else, alone we don't care. TS3 which can be used for other games as well. A working US military rank structure Many different roles ranging from Recon, VIP Escort, general escort, Hostage missions etc. Positions available: Pilot Security Officer Sign up TODAY! And join up on our next upcoming mission - Mission type depends on the contracts taken on by the corporation. Forum: http://pdservices.bbforum.co/ We server today, for a better tomorrow! Best regards, PAWS Defence Services
  8. TFVentus

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hi, I've been around ArmA since OFP - Haven't played for a while, but now I'm gaming from time to time with some of my friends. We're all former or active military guys. Love to see all the mods you guys have made so far!!!!! :D
  9. Squad name: PAWS Defence Services Timezone/location : GMT -5/+2 (US and EU members) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: Message poster Website address: pdservices.bbforum.co Short description: Small PMC, who plays a lot of different games, but comes together about once a week or so, to play ArmA 3 together. Mostly player made OPs. Language: English