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  1. The lock on is just passive and not active, that means you still press T and then the Square appears around the Target. You just don't need the diamond anymore.
  2. You dont need a active Lock since Tanks dlc, the GBUs are just following the Laser anyway. Thats a bit more realistic now.
  3. Eagle1992

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    What do you mean by "Crye G3 short sleeve"? Do you mean Crye G3 Combat Shirts with cut sleeves? Because that's something I wanted to see in A3 for quite some time.
  4. Eagle1992

    US 75th Rangers

    Wait, you mean thats not the game?
  5. At the moment there is no option to lock the Camera on a position or on a target on the ground. Is this a planned feature/oversight or intentionally missing?
  6. Thats great to hear imho the dynamic Loadout is a real game changerr, its absolutely great.
  7. Can't confirm our Server works perfect with Chernarus.
  8. Australian SOF and Japanese Airborne Infantry during a joint evacuation training.
  9. The Crye G3s should roughly fit 2 Magazine Sized Objects and 2 Cats (That would fit in the big pockets, although they're made for 0.5l Bottles), and I would say one small object like ACE Bandages or something similar for every other pocket. So like 10 small objects and 2 Mags + CATs?
  10. Is there a specific reason why the G3s where removed? I mean Crye produces Flecktarn and Tropentarn G3s (Extremely expensive but still). http://www.tacwrk.com/en/crye-precision-g3-combat-pants-flecktarn-18069
  11. A small bug report: The Crye G3 in Flecktarn and Tropentarn seem to be missing after the 1.70 Update.
  12. Eagle1992


    The MG3 looks absolutely stunning. Stop believing everything the media says, as multiple independent sources confirmed (sources who don't get good sales by hating on german weapon manufacturers just because the german public likes that) both the G36 and the MG5 work exactly as ordered and in years of service, I've never met any soldier who had real complains about the reliability or accuracy of the G36, the aimpoint shift occuring in the G36 is so minimal that no shooter would ever notice it, and occours in so many other weapon systems too, (The part expanding in the G36 is the Iron part not the polymer parts as often stated). Von der Leyen tried to show herself as somebody who would "fix" the Bundeswehr, (ironically while pushing the real bad projects like A400M and Tiger) so she used the upcoming end of the G36 service life (The G36 was made to serve the german army for 25-30 Years just like the G3) to distinguish herself by saying she would fix "a problem" although it isn't really a problem.
  13. Eagle1992

    2035: Russian Armed Forces (5.3.0)

    According to Janes the Armata isn't equipped with a coax, and I would consider Janes one of the most reliable sources when it comes to military equipment. Also I can't see one on any of the pics.
  14. I've to say that your mod really enhances Arma 3 when it comes to diversity of SOF Teams, if we could get more combinations it would be even easier to identify squadmates by just looking at the uniform. (Tigerstripe Pants/Tan Shirt, Woodland Shirt/ Multicam Pants and so on)
  15. Great work, very simple thing: UCP G3s?