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  1. Don't know how to make a script, but a config replacement should look like this class CfgPatches { class your_new_mass { units[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Characters_F"}; }; }; class CfgWeapons { class UniformItem; class Uniform_Base; class U_B_CombatUniform_mcam: Uniform_Base { class ItemInfo: UniformItem { mass = 40; // change this to desired mass }; }; };
  2. Don't know about the line you marked, but there's 3 missing , here
  3. Increasing backpack capacity is one step (cause the only "big enough" ones are the bergens from APEX ). The other is allowing the weapons in said backpack. class CfgWeapons { class Launcher; class Launcher_Base_F: Launcher { class WeaponSlotsInfo { allowedSlots[] = {901}; }; }; }; You'll have to do the same for the weapons you want (and do not have "allowedslots")
  4. You'll find it in userconfig folder TPW_MODS TPW_MODS.hpp //animationsActivePlaceholder = 1; #define run_rifle 0.6 //default 0.685 #define tactical_rifleup 0.7 //default 0.786 #define tactical_jog 1.35 //default 1.55 #define unarmed_walkspeed 0.27 //default 0.35 #define rifledown_walkspeed 0.20 //default 0.3 #define rifleup_walkspeed 0.80 //default 0.85 #define roll_left 0.6 //default 1.1 #define roll_right 0.7 //default 1.2 If that doesn't work, there's a mod that, among other things, lets you adjust the speed of subordinates All-In-One AI Command Menu by @Leopard20
  5. gaverio


    I'm at a loss here then....Can't think of anything else to tell you. More and more with each update. Thanks haleks!
  6. gaverio


    mmm......Like I wrote before, in my experience, once there are shots fired the zombies will start moving towards them, which can be beneficial. Once the shooting's done and it's time to loot I often have to either hurry the f*ck up or start shooting again, which means attracting more zombies AND attracting the newly rising dead alike. Also in a previous screenshot you were using 60 for the population limit, did you try lowering that?
  7. gaverio


    In recent playthroughs I've found zombies slowly ('cause I play with walkers only) but surely ('cause I increase the default audio detection) surrounding me after a shootout. Personally, I love it. @Vald77r, Did you tried with the audio detection set to 0?
  8. gaverio


    Having this issue after loading a saved game. Buildings nearby (15 meters or so) still have the furniture, garbage heaps, etc...beyond that distance is all empty.
  9. Really cool, dude! Tested with up-to-date Firefox.
  10. gaverio


    man, I had that idea for a long time but can't script for sh*t. I wanted something like this after a ravaged day.
  11. gaverio


    Never before has the second rule been so important. Cool new feature, haleks. Thanks for the update.
  12. gaverio


    Definitely interested. Do you have to use explosives to disable the sirens and in doing so you "liberate" the area? Where you using St_KillShotCam Mod ? Because I remember having an issue where, depending the distance and the amount of bandits (always the last one), zombies will start spawning like crazy (around that last one bandit). Those are Zombies and Demons features....you're in the Zombies and Ghosts thread, dude 😛
  13. If I'm understanding this correctly: If not, disregard.
  14. It can....the box is just picky...............get it? I had to switch to 1st person and dance around it, but eventually the option appeared. On that note: even when the infection option is ticked off the AI still dropping antibiotics.