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  1. DaddehGhost

    Project: "Battle of Fallujah" Map

    I'm a bit behind on this mods Development.. Is there any thoughts on if there will be a Steam version available? It'd be a great help in keeping everything up to date and allow communities to keep their mod lists clean if (for example my communities) their mods are mainly/mostly setup in a steam collection. Aside from that, outstanding work and keep on pumping out great work. PS:Opteryx, would your Picture by chance be from a rather aged game from a time long ago..?
  2. DaddehGhost

    Zero Dark Zero

    @Von Quest Honestly I am GRATEFUL you put the standalones on Dropbox. Took me 5 seconds to download 4 mods. I wouldn't be opposed to seeing the Standalones on steam.. Could always just make a collection of all the mods and just call it 'The Package'. We went forward with adding SOCOM, SCAR, CORE and SCOUT to our list to test out.. Been waiting a LONG time for these mods to be used :) Thanks for all the hard work you've put in and if you continue, hope to see more content in the future!
  3. DaddehGhost

    Zero Dark Zero

    I'm more so curious if the Steam drop is in the pipeline. One wouldn't think they made it too hard to do this.. Me and my Community have followed this mod for a while now and have pretty much moved our mods to the Steam versions, mainly because of how fast it installs/auto updates. But it also allows us to get mod lists handled in a much cleaner fashion than before with ArmAholic. Don't mean to sound pushy on this subject.. But I'd love to be able to drop these mods into the list and say we're using it. Many others are already in agreeance that this mod set is a must have for our non-official ops.
  4. DaddehGhost

    Zero Dark Zero

    Thanks but if I WAS asking for a release date it'd be one thing. Wanting to know if there'd been any movement on the Steam front is another thing.
  5. DaddehGhost

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hey Von, Daddeh here.. What's the ETA to that steam release? I've waited for that to jump in on the action so it'l be easier to coordinate some fun things with my guys. Any thoughts?
  6. DaddehGhost

    Zero Dark Zero

    Awesome! Guess I just miss read that post... Anyways, Steam has been a big help with organizing mods for units, much like my old one. We was able to make a collection and have the mods update rather than the old "Hey have you seen such n such updated?" and cause a backup for a mission or whatever.. Was always a pain.. Steam is pretty nice. RHS is shifting to it for their 4.2 update and pretty much every mod anyone uses are there as well. Plus side is, the downloads don't take very long and unless it's ACE, ACRE, TFAR or whatever requires the users to do nothing more than let the mod load in their launcher then check it off.. Good stuff all around!
  7. DaddehGhost

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hey Von, Since you've lost your files.. Is it at all possible to get the mods over on steam? It'd make everything 10xs easier...
  8. DaddehGhost

    Project: "Battle of Fallujah" Map

    Awesome! Again, excellent progress so far! With or without the nifty little addons, I feel we are all ready to see this Project :)
  9. DaddehGhost

    Project: "Battle of Fallujah" Map

    Hey there. Excellent work so far on the project! I'm sure we are all a bit ecstatic for this to release so we can raid and plunder these desert streets. With that said I am curious. I can see you're making assets and pulling them from one of the teams old maps/items. My question is will the effects of damage be along the lines of the Kunduz map from PR? Examples being the buildings don't just crumble after X amount of damage rather they break apart. Walls can have holes blown in them rather than entire sections etc. If not then it's perfectly fine. In my eyes this would only benefit the terrain in ways as of immersion and such which seems to be one of your teams biggest objectives. If I recall I think they use assets from JBAD buildings (Correct me if I'm wrong?) Maybe that's something to look into integrating into the map as well :)
  10. I need to know when this is going to be out there.. My body is ready and the amount of excitement cannot be explained..
  11. DaddehGhost

    Zero Dark Zero

    Thanks for the reply! So in the case of the Standalones and such.. Would all of them combine back into this project in the future? If not then that's fine. I was aiming for simplicity sakes since you know.. People and their brains tend to go 50 places. Either way, keep up the good work and go enjoy the weekend. Have a beer for me!
  12. DaddehGhost

    Zero Dark Zero

    Hey Von, Bit curious to ask since I noticed this hasn't updated on Armaholic since 2015, is this mod considered 'broken' after the last few updates? If not I can't wait to try this out with my unit.. On the flip side I was curious about how well it'd play with ACE3... Any thoughts on this? If people have already asked I do apologize, I got sent your old sniper mod by one of my scout snipers and did some digging on my break at work... which is about to be over.. Cheers, C. "Ghost" Williams
  13. DaddehGhost

    Development Blog & Reveals

    So I'm not 100% sure where to shoot ideas, considering I can't make topics anywhere, I have a general idea/question.. I'm not 100% sure if this has been thrown out into the Eden Update but the Arsenal function that was released a good time ago added the garage. Thus allowing you to have options on vehicles such as bags or no bags, doors no doors etc... Would this be something we could POSSIBLY see in a future update to Eden so that it makes life WAY easier to add said asset to a mission?
  14. DaddehGhost

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    OK! So as a way for smaller groups to be noticed (not that they all want to) it may be beneficial to POSSIBLY set another search filter besides the already listed stuff like PvP etc... Maybe something along the lines of TYPE like say for instance mine, Rapture's LLC, is a Merc/PMC group. Sure there are tons of them but they get mixed in with the rest like Marine, MARSOC, Army, Ranger, etc. Possibly adding keywords to the search may prove useful for people looking for a specific type of unit.. Food for thought!
  15. DaddehGhost

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    So yea.. Getting this issue. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/388791571497957442/045F6A71C89D0C0D0E2656E11098F1C26E57C9A0/ Updated ace on the server and updated it on my end (as well as cba had an issue so I reinstalled it) and I can't seem to get this going.. Any thoughts?