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  1. Hi, thank you for a great mod. i understand this will not work with ace loaded?
  2. Enoch

    steam arma 3 launcher problem

    @Forxe-BlackOp uhhh some more information please? this problem is really a pain.... thanks, -Enoch
  3. Enoch

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    Hi everyone, I remember BC's being subject to change at the transonic range. BC seems to be a constant now. this makes me sad i really love the added challenge... one had to true one's bc table before. what is the reason for the change? thank you -Enoch
  4. hi guys, i hope this is the right place to have this discussion. so early in ace adv ballistics when ruthberg was still on this regularly, with distance the BC changes. what we did was, as the atragMX people will tell you, is to use the truing tool to update three BCs based on range. one at zero. one at the subsonic transition range. and one at about three hundred meters after the subsonic transition. However my recent tests show this has been depreciated and ace adv ballistics ignores the fact that in real life the BC is not constant, instead using a constant BC. can anyone confirm this? thanks in advance, and thank you Ruthberg and ace team.
  5. so i installed latest win10 critical update, KB4022405. since then when i launch arma and get to splash screen, the game freezes and you can move the mouse around. strangely, if you push alt+tab and hold down alt, I see arma working fine, i can even join a server. all input is ok, i just have to keep the window switching button (alt) held down. if i try to switch to arma it will freez and sound stops, but arma is working fine in the background. any one have a clue what's up?
  6. Enoch


    hi zed, thanks for the awesome mod, you have my clan's thanks. i have noticed an issue with acemod's gunbag. you probably already know this i am posting just in case. if you have a gun in the bag it disappears if you put the pack on chest. thanks again.
  7. thanks problem solved if two axis are bound to the same function, arma will split the input between the two...so you get 50% for each.
  8. Hi guys, thsnks for the helpful info. I created my own fcf file and binds. I run the profile and launch arma. Without the T.A.R.G.E.T. gui profile running, arma will recognize my warthog stick and throttle by thier correct names. With the profile running arma sees them as one device called thrustmaster virtual game controller. Problem is all my axis ranges are reduced by half. For example going full throttle will only input 50% thrust and so on. Has anyone encountered this?