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  1. UIcorrections Suite

    New BI DLC, new dependencies. No mystery or ACE3 conspiracy. ;)
  2. R3F Armes 3.5.1 compat ACE3 with new reticle design, courtesy of the R3F Team Description : Basicly, the same ACE3 compat R3F (ballistic part only) from the ACE3 Guithub with some minor changes, mainly a HK417L AtragMx preset with an updated Drag Coef Table. All reticles have been reworked to match as possible with all ballistics and to be accurate as possible with their real technical specification, the french military sniper scopes SCROME J8 and J10 in particular. All documentation is located in the "docs" folder. This little addon requires CBA, R3F ARMES and ACE3 , but can be played without ACE3 if the vanilla Arma 3 game is preferred. If the Advanced Ballistics option is enabled, the SCROME J8 and J10 gyroscopic compensation reticles must be selected by switching the Optics Mode. Content : Reworked reticles : - French military SCROME J4 reticle : Magnification 4x, BDC reticle 300,400,500,600 meters, designed to work with 5.56 rifles but can work with 7.62 rifles with some adjustment. Zeroing in-game 300m. - French military SCROME J8 reticle : Magnification 8x, BDC reticle 100-850m, Gyro compensation reticle (550 - 850m) by switching the Optics Mode if Adv. Ballistics enabled, designed to work with the FRF2 and the AP bullet only. Zeroing in-game 100m. - French military SCROME J10 reticle : Magnification 10x, BDC reticle 500-1800m, Gyro compensation reticle by switching the Optics Mode if Adv. Ballistics enabled, designed to work with the PGM Hecate II only. Zeroing in-game 1300m. - SCROME J8 / J10 MilDot reticle : Zeroing in-game 100m. - Diavari ZEISS 6-24x56 : magnification 6x-12x-24x, Second Focal Plane ZEISS Mildot reticle calibrated 12x according with the official documentation, illuminated by switching the Optics Mode. Zeroing in-game 300m. - Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x56 : magnification 3,5x-15x, Second Focal Plane NF Mil-Dot reticle calibrated 15x according with the official documentation, illuminated by switching the Optics Mode. Zeroing in-game 100m. Nightforce official site - Nightforce NXS 12-42x56 : magnification 12x-22x-42x, Second Focal Plane NF MLR reticle calibrated 22x according with the official documentation, illuminated by switching the Optics Mode. Zeroing in-game 500m. Nightforce official site Reworked config : - FELIN : Magnification 3x-10x CCD day channel digital zoom / 2,5x-5x Thermal imager digital zoom by switching the Optics Mode, according with the official documentation. - FELIN FRF2 : Magnification 8x Day channel direct optic, 6x-12x Thermal imager digital zoom according with the official documentation. - JIM LR : Long-Range Multifunction Binoculars, magnification 2x-4x-8x electronic zoom according with the official documentation. Preview SCROME military J10 reticle : Preview SCROME military J8 reticle : Change Log : First release v1 : 2018/10/01 Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Todo List : - OB 50 reticle. - FELIN and FELIN FRF2 reticles. - S&B 5-25x56 PM II First Focal Plane P4L fine reticle (LRPS fake). - S&B 1.5-8x26 PM II First Focal Plane Short Dot reticle CQB (DMS fake). Credits : - R3F Team for the first french weapons pack in Arma3 and his kind authorization. - ACE3 Team, particularly Ruthberg for the Advanced Ballistics, and all ACE3 contributors. - CBA Team. - Bohemia Interactive and the Arma3 community. License : Arma Public License No Derivatives
  3. Hi, sorry in advance if i'm wrong, i'm not familiarized with the ARMA 3 - ADDONS & MODS: COMPLETE section.


    I send yesterday a new thread in this section with this title : "R3F Armes 3.5.1 compat ACE3 and new reticles" 

    but this topic appears anywhere.

    This thread must be validated by the BI staff ? I made a mistake ?


    Sorry for my splendid english.

  4. Normally, that should work in-game, i made it for the R3F mod, located at the end of the GunList : I don't know exactly why your preset doesn't work, maybe a typo somewhere ? Here the config in the ace ghitub : https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/optionals/compat_r3f/CfgWeapons.hpp#L476
  5. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello RHS team and big thanks for your work and this release. I noticed something weird but i don't know if it's a "bug" or intentional : with the RHS mod only (without another mods), when i try the M24 SWS in the editor for example, the M24 150x flash hider and the M24 suppressor 3D models appear in-game only if RHSUSAF and RHSAFRF are launched together. With RHSUSAF alone, the 3D models are not present in-game in the first and third views, the effects yes. Not really a big problem, eventually an issue in your bug tracker is necessary ?
  6. Angola 1996 in my case, very good visual render on this part of this big and beautiful country. Muito Obrigad' for your work and your release. A thought for Obmar and the Bush Wars Conflict Mod Team.
  7. UIcorrections Suite

    This line In the "class CfgPatches" solves the problem : requiredAddons[]={"A3_Ui_F_Tank"};
  8. With the self interaction menu, you should have this possibility: https://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/rangecard.html#22-using-the-range-card
  9. If you're talking about the Advanced Ballistics module, no it was never enabled as default, always disabled.
  10. It's like that since the first version of ACE3.
  11. No, the Advanced Ballistics module is disabled as default and must be enabled manually. As default, you have the ACE3 ballistic, the Weather and the Wind Deflection modules enabled, but it doesn't modify the AI skills. You're talking about the "Remove CfgAiSkill config changes" maybe ? https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/pull/5091
  12. Are you playing with a @ace 3.8.3 ? Since the @ace 3.9.0, the class ace_advanced_ballistics_simulationInterval has got a value = 0.05 This serverconfig.hpp seems to be a little bit obsolete and maybe needs to be updated ?
  13. Advanced Ballistics module enabled, the BH is indicated at the end of the range card. You should have a better accuracy with a correct BH in the AtragMx. For the default ballistic, not sure about the influence of this parameter. Maybe a quick test in-game ?
  14. A clean install required with the Windows installer ? La grande classe, many thanks for your work.