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  1. Hello everyone, Courtesy of da12thMonkey, a basic Ace3 compat for the beautiful RKSL Attachments v3.02, especially for the Schmidt & Bender 3-12 and 5-25 respectively with P3L and P4FL reticles calibrated according to the official S&B documentations (included in the docs folder). The S&B 3-12 is configured as a PM II/LP Double Turn to fit with the optic used in the French Forces. This little addon requires CBA, ACE3 and RKSL Studios - Attachments v3.02. Can be play with or without Ace3. Tested Single Player only (no MP), all feedback welcome. Download : Link STEAM WorkShop Link MEGA Credits : RKSL Team, particularly da12thMonkey, for his kind authorization. ACE3 Team, particularly Ruthberg for the Advanced Ballistics, and all ACE3 contributors. CBA Team for the Joint Rails Compatibility and the Debug Reticle Script. Bohemia Interactive and the Arma3 community License : Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)
  2. Laid3acK

    Project Infinite compat ACE3

    Hello everyone, i added a specific Ace3 compat for the beautiful stand alone TRG42 by Bnae and works only with it. RUAG Match ammunitions avalable : .338 Lapua Magnum SWISS P Ball FMJ 251gr, AP 260gr, API 263gr and Subsonic 300gr. I tried to configure the API and AP (also FMJ and Subso hopefully) damage and penetration as they should be IRL, so something around 10 - 12mm at 500, 600 meters with the RHA "armour_plate_12mm.bisurf", the official Arma 3 penetration formula and the official Arma 3 Diagnostics Exe ("Shots"). With a caliber=2; the vanilla .338 penetration seems to be a little overpowered, best value with the .338 LM SWISS P AP caliber=1.310861; Probably not perfect with third mods ... It won't be possible to destroy a tank or an armored vehicle like the NATO Hunter (30mm), CSAT Ifrit and AAF Strider (23mm) but these ammos should do the job against pickup for example. This compat is a compromise with real values (muzzle velocities, ACE_ammoTempMuzzleVelocityShifts) and RUAG documentations (docs folder). The TRG42 is fully compatible with CBA, all "mass" according with Ace3, AtragMx presets calibrated with Strelok Pro. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Have a nice day and take care of yourself.
  3. Sorry, i just seen your notification. Yes, exactly the same thing that this one.
  4. Hello, little update because i wasn't happy with my Nightforce NXS Mil-Dot reticles. [v1.71] : release 2021/04/07 Fix lines and dots thickness for NXS reticles Mil-Dot 15x / 22x according with the Nightforce documentation (docs folder). Fix the coordinates and scale of the Glock silencer icon in the inventory. Fix the R3F_30Rnd_556x45_TRACER_SCAR inherited from the vanilla 30Rnd_556x45_Stanag. Update the NXS MIL click values according with the Nightforce USA catalog 2011 (docs folder). Update the .xml translation. Revert to 500 meters the NXS 8-32 and 12-42x56 zeroing (AtragMx Zero Range will need to be updated). Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Have a nice day and take care of yourself. 🙂
  5. Hello, some reticles today : [v1.7] : release 2021/02/13 Add a S&B Shordot Dual CC MDR-T6 reticle (FFP 1xCC-4x-8x) calibrated according with the official S&B documentation (included in the docs folder). Add ELCAN SpecterDR 4x 5.56 and 7.62 military reticles according with the official Elcan documentation and ballistic patterns (included in the docs folder). Update the xml translations. Fix and update minor things. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Again, many thanks to the CBA Team, especially commy2, for the Debug Reticle script. Have a good game and take care of yourself. 🙂
  6. No. It's possible that some RHS weapons are closed with the presets but, since the beginning, AtragMx is configured as default with vanilla rifles, for example the 12.7x99 with the Lynx, the .338 with the "Bad news" (MAR-10), the 7.62x51 with the Mk14 Mod1 (Mk18 EBR). In all case, using another rifle means checking and updating if necessary the AtragMx with the correct values.
  7. Hi, a tiny update to fix my splendid mistake with the SCAR-H CQC barrel length : [v1.61] : release 2021/01/15 Fix the SCAR-H CQC barrel length according with the official FN HERSTAL documentation (airFriction, initSpeed and dispersion values according with the Advanced Ballistics). Update minor things, mainly the Inventory icons and some weapons maxZeroing values for the vanilla game. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Have a nice day and take care of yourself. 🙂
  8. Hello, little update for the new R3F Weapons pack 3.7.1 : [v1.6] : release 2021/01/04 Add the SCAR-H PR / TPR, SCAR-H STD, SCAR-L STD / CQC and the FN Mag 58 according with the official FN HERSTAL documentation. Add the MEN 7.62x56 FMJ and AP for the SCAR-H TP / TPR according with the french FPSA (DMR) program and the official MEN documentation. AtragMx Presets updated for the SCAR-H PR / TPR. airFriction, dispersion, initSpeed according with the Advanced Ballistics. Schmidt&Bender scope 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC updated according with the official documentation. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Many thanks to the R3F team for this great update and happy new year. 🙂
  9. Hello, a little update, mainly for the R3F TAC-50 : [v1.5] : release 2020/08/13 Update the TAC-50 Default and Advanced ballistics according with the McMillan Tactical Products specification (included in doc folder) : 12.7 AMAX, 2700 fps (gap default ballistic / AB : 0.1 mRad to 2100 m). Add a Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 according with the McMillan Tactical Products specification (included in doc folder) : NF Second Focal Plane Mil-Dot reticle calibrated 22x, magnification 8-22-32x, zeroing in-game 100 m. Update all Nightforce Field of View according with the official Nightforce documentation (included in doc folder). Update the M107 default ballistic, airFriction recalculated for a gap with AB : 0.1 - 0.2 mRad to 1600 m. Update the Hensoldt 4x and S&B 6x reticles. Update all scopes zeroing at 100 m, except the OB50 (300 m), the J4 (300 m) and the J10 (1300 m). Update the AtragMx presets. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Have a nice day. 🙂
  10. Hello GM team and congrats for this nice update. Always about the 7,62 round (sorry), i noticed that the typicalSpeed is 200 m/s for all 7,62x51 bullets, except the "gm_bullet_762x51mm_base" 800 m/s (same that the mag's initSpeed). If i understand correctly the typicalSpeed definition and according with the MEN DM41 ballistic (Strelok Pro, MV 800 m/s, ICAO conditions), that means the "hit" of this bullet, in our case 13.76, is full and always the same until approximately 1700 - 1800 meters. I noticed some others weird values with 7,62x54 bullets. Just curious and because some times i'm a little bit surprised with the Arma 3 terminal ballistic, how you manage exactly the typicalSpeed in your mod ? Screenshot from a stable 1.98 Arma 3, GM only :
  11. Hello, an update to fix my splendid mistakes : [v1.431] : release 2020/04/14 - Fix some "unknown author" and incorrect Eden Editor optic sights items. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Hello, little update : [v1.43] : release 2020/04/09 - Add a (dummy) bubble level to the military SCROME J10 as the real one. - Add a LRPS fake S&B 3-12x50 P3L reticle (double turn) used by the french special forces. - Fix the Hensoldt reticle calibration. - Update the J8/J10 Mildot, 22x MilR, 25x P4LF/P3L and the CQB 8x reticle calibration. - Minor update for the AtragMx presets and P4FL reticle reworked. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Many thanks to the CBA Team, particularly to commy2 for his very useful debug reticle script. Take care of yourself. 🙂
  13. Laid3acK

    Payer position on map vbs3(arma 3)

    If i remember correctly, somewhere in the options.
  14. Sorry, i just understand your question, you're talking about the @ace_compat_r3f to the ACE optionals folder, right ? No, you don't need this @ace_compat_r3f and it's not recommended to use the both at the same time. My apologies again for my misunderstanding.
  15. Hello, you can play with or without ACE as your convenience.