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  1. Hello, a little update, mainly for the R3F TAC-50 : [v1.5] : release 2020/08/13 Update the TAC-50 Default and Advanced ballistics according with the McMillan Tactical Products specification (included in doc folder) : 12.7 AMAX, 2700 fps (gap default ballistic / AB : 0.1 mRad to 2100 m). Add a Nightforce NXS 8-32x56 according with the McMillan Tactical Products specification (included in doc folder) : NF Second Focal Plane Mil-Dot reticle calibrated 22x, magnification 8-22-32x, zeroing in-game 100 m. Update all Nightforce Field of View according with the official Nightforce documentation (included in doc folder). Update the M107 default ballistic, airFriction recalculated for a gap with AB : 0.1 - 0.2 mRad to 1600 m. Update the Hensoldt 4x and S&B 6x reticles. Update all scopes zeroing at 100 m, except the OB50 (300 m), the J4 (300 m) and the J10 (1300 m). Update the AtragMx presets. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Have a nice day. :)
  2. Hello GM team and congrats for this nice update. Always about the 7,62 round (sorry), i noticed that the typicalSpeed is 200 m/s for all 7,62x51 bullets, except the "gm_bullet_762x51mm_base" 800 m/s (same that the mag's initSpeed). If i understand correctly the typicalSpeed definition and according with the MEN DM41 ballistic (Strelok Pro, MV 800 m/s, ICAO conditions), that means the "hit" of this bullet, in our case 13.76, is full and always the same until approximately 1700 - 1800 meters. I noticed some others weird values with 7,62x54 bullets. Just curious and because some times i'm a little bit surprised with the Arma 3 terminal ballistic, how you manage exactly the typicalSpeed in your mod ? Screenshot from a stable 1.98 Arma 3, GM only :
  3. Hello, an update to fix my splendid mistakes : [v1.431] : release 2020/04/14 - Fix some "unknown author" and incorrect Eden Editor optic sights items. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Hello, little update : [v1.43] : release 2020/04/09 - Add a (dummy) bubble level to the military SCROME J10 as the real one. - Add a LRPS fake S&B 3-12x50 P3L reticle (double turn) used by the french special forces. - Fix the Hensoldt reticle calibration. - Update the J8/J10 Mildot, 22x MilR, 25x P4LF/P3L and the CQB 8x reticle calibration. - Minor update for the AtragMx presets and P4FL reticle reworked. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Many thanks to the CBA Team, particularly to commy2 for his very useful debug reticle script. Take care of yourself. 🙂
  5. Laid3acK

    Payer position on map vbs3(arma 3)

    If i remember correctly, somewhere in the options.
  6. Sorry, i just understand your question, you're talking about the @ace_compat_r3f to the ACE optionals folder, right ? No, you don't need this @ace_compat_r3f and it's not recommended to use the both at the same time. My apologies again for my misunderstanding.
  7. Hello, you can play with or without ACE as your convenience.
  8. Hi, another tiny update : [v1.42] : release 2020/02/27 - Fix the Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 Mil Dot calibration. - Add the Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II P3L reticle used by the french Air special forces CPA 10. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Have a nice day. 🙂
  9. Laid3acK

    @LevElite : mini clean Hud mod

    Hello, new version. Description and links at the first post. Have a nice day.
  10. Laid3acK

    Project Infinite compat ACE3

    Hello all, tiny update : - RK95 ballistics and AtragMx preset updated according with ACE3 3.13.0 (mainly the RK95 muzzle velocity for the both ballistics and the Drag Coef Table). Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Happy new year. 🙂
  11. Hello, tiny update : [v1.41] : release 2019/05/11 - Steam Mod picture reuploaded. - SCROME J10 and J8 MilDot updated. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Have a nice day. 🙂
  12. Hi all, an another little update for the R3F compat ACE3 : [1.4] : release 2019/10/22 - MRT Accessory Functions added for all R3F lampes and pointeurs items with a low luminosity level (default R3F), a high luminosity level (default vanilla Arma3) and the Ir laser, can be managed with the CBA Weapons Options (CONTROLS - CONFIGURE ADDONS). - R3F SCROME J8 and J10 illuminated MilDot reticle added with "la mini Chemlight à l'arrache dans la bonnette" effect. - A ZEISS fake : HENSOLDT 4-16x56 FF scope, used by the RAID (Recherche, Assistance, Intervention, Dissuasion), a special french Police counter terrorism unit. - Minor changes and fix. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA Tested alone as Single Player only (no MP), all feedback welcome. Good shot. 🙂
  13. Hello all, a little update for the R3F weapons pack by the R3F team : [v1.3] : release 2019/10/07 - Compatibility with the CBA Joint Rails for the R3F scopes, silencers and front rail items. - Partial compatibility with the BI's magazineWells and third mods' magazineWells (when possible with CUP, NIArms, RHS ...). - Ballistics improvement: initSpeed according with the Advanced Ballistics muzzle velocities at the normal conditions, all rifles and pistols have their own MVs now, the HK417 12" hasn't got the same MV than the 20" for example. - Dispersion reworked if necessary according with the new MVs. - Missing bipods icon in the inventory fixed. - Animated rechamber bolt action added with the FrF2, TAC50 and PGM Hécate 2, can be managed with the CBA Weapons Options (OPTIONS - ADDONS OPTIONS). - Proper cartridge ejection effect added with bolt action rifles. - mass, inertia, aimTransitionSpeed and dexterity updated according with the last BI values. Many, many thanks to the ACE3 Slack guys, especially Blutze and dahlgren for their help about the magazineWells functionality, the CBA team and commy2 for the Weapon Animations Framework and the great cartridge ejection effect, and toadie2k for the free anims from her AWM Source Material. Download : - Link STEAM WorkShop - Link MEGA As usual, tested alone as Single Player only (no MP), all feedback welcome. Good game. 🙂
  14. Same request here. Your work is very interesting, have you the possibility to share your PBOs with Google Drive, Dropbox or Mega for example ?
  15. Hello all, just a little word about the Lee-Enfield ballistics, i took as reference the military .303 British Mk VII cartridge (174 grains) and its velocity "2440 fps +/-50 fps at 30 yards with a standard deviation of no more than 40 fps" from the book "The Accurate Lee Enfield" by Stephen Redgwell. The "airFriction" and "initSpeed" have been also updated according with the Advanced Ballistics values. So, the IFA3 Lee-Enfield has exactly 743 m/s (2440 fps) at the normal conditions with AB enabled and the default ballistic at 27.4 m (30 yards) in-game with approximately identical bullet drops up to 1200 meters (max gap 0.1 mRad or 1 click) : Range Cards in-game with the both ballistics. The No.32 scope elevations come from different sources, this one in particular for the vertical elevation. I was a little bit surprised with the 84 MOA before zeroing, i kept this converted value in mRad for AB but i think it's maybe 84 cliks, 42 MOA (12 mRad) or 44 IPHY (Inch Per Hundred Yard), the unit of the first No.32 versions more coherent with the .303 ballistic at 1000 Yards (approximately 914 m), the final value of the range BDC turret. But because it's just speculation, if somebody has a better reference, i will be happy to update this value, with the El Tyranos authorization of course. :) Many, many thanks to the IFA3 team for this beautiful mod and a thought for all WW2 heroes on this special day.