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  1. dont listen to him , he just wants to touch your m3m
  2. Special Boat Service "BY STRENGTH AND GUILE" http://www.sbsgu.co.uk/ The Special Boat Service Arma 3 Community. We are a no frills organization who work on teamwork and professionalism within our training and operations. SBS aims to be small and elite, so we dont just take anyone, The minimum age to join is 18 with no exceptions. We take recruits with or without experience, and new members have the choice to either attend our basic training package or dive straight into selection. Our Operations/Campaigns are all custom built in house missions where we strive to create realistic scenarios the real SBS may find themselfs in. They range from COIN , Conventional Warefare , Maritime and everything inbetween. RECRUITMENT Before applying for SBS GU please read our requirements to help speed up the application process. Process Once you have filled out an application form on our website a member of the unit will contact you with the next steps. You will be asked to attend a short interview process on TeamSpeak where a selection date will be offered to you. Upon passing selection you will then be a full member of the unit and continuation training in more advanced area's begin. Requirements Aged 18+ Own a valid copy of ArmA3 + Apex DLC Speak Fluent English Able to attend atleast 50% of OP Nights Per Month If you are interested in applying to join the SBS GU Please contact us and we will be more than happy to help. CONTACT DETAILS: Website : http://www.sbsgu.co.uk/ Steam : RabidusUK
  3. One day Siddy someone somewhere will be desperate for a life ring model and you will be there !! @rksl-rock Will this come in any other paint schemes? lol
  4. Rabidus-UK

    AN/PVS-21 WIP

    Just another quick WIP of them in the up/off position. I have a little bit more tinkering with them to do and then i will chuck them out for people to have a test with.
  5. Rabidus-UK

    AN/PVS-21 WIP

    Just a small little update for now . Been working on the textures some more and ive been messing with emissive settings on the rear lense's to give the look of being back lit in low light.
  6. Rabidus-UK

    AN/PVS-21 WIP

    They will mount to the heli lids but not to the pilot helmets because they have built it NV and auto fills the nvg slot. They mount to everything any other nvg mount too. Cheers for the comments everyone! ... Ill try post a few more screen shots over weekend with a few updates on them.
  7. AN/PVS-21 LPNVG Low Profile Night Vision Goggles Just like to post a small update on the AN/PVS-21 NV Goggles i have been working on recently. There is still a fair amount of work to be done on them to get them in a state im happy with and what i want to accomplish with them so i may put out a small first release as a basic NVG before the final product is ready. Ill keep this thread updated with any progress i make on them . Any input would be great in the meantime , also i know the model is 100% accurate but such is a poly count to keep as low as pos.
  8. Rabidus-UK

    3CB BAF Weapons

    The above pic from what is gathered is the new L119A2 main upgrades seem to be the ergo grip , magpul ctr , surefire flash hider , magpul asap and a custom IUR. If you look hard enough there is picture and documents about the A2 online ( where most of that info came from ) . Presuming they are UKSF as they are holding these A2's and boarding dauphin helicopters 2+2=UKSF . on side note , DVD2016 show cased the virtus gear recently brought and showed off a new UR on the L85 so might be worth keeping a ear to the ground on these for next release.