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  1. xD it's been a while since I've worked with Arma 3 but it's nice to know that I've still got it
  2. All you would need to do is obtain it's velocity or speed and once it has come either to a stop or slows down to a certain point then you can have it be deleted. This is why I mentioned having the object.
  3. I wouldn't see why it's not possible as long as you can get the actual projectile object, you would just need to compare its position to your targets position.
  4. Try my code in your original post format. "myCatergory" is the folder and "myFunction" is the filename. If a file is named "fn_myFunction.sqf" then arma will know to make that file a function. Paste my code into your config.cpp file and it should work.
  5. Try this just replace "modFolderName" with the name of the folder your mod is in. To call the function you would use [] call fnc_myFunction; if calling from another file or SQF but the preInit will launch the script when the mod gets loaded in. class CfgPatches{ class SinglePlayerCharacterSwitcher{ author = "CaptainDucko"; version = 1.0; units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredAddons[]={}; requiredVersion = 0.1; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class myCategory { file = "modFolderName\myCategory"; class myFunction{ preInit = 1; }; }; };
  6. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Functions_Library#Attributes
  7. Hi I may be able to help, add me on discord Maihym#0001
  8. What about items in backpacks or vests?
  9. What are you talking about with the user ids? Player uids are unique to each player and would be an easy way to track the user. If you're talking about something like a global stats tracking app then you would need access to server's databases and have them log the data for you. Then you would need access to their database. If you're talking about your own server then this is the same except for just your server.
  10. Well like I was saying, I'm just going to get a return though a mysql database. I'll send a command to a php file, then it'll send its output to a php file and then I'll have a delay set in the script so then it'll check for a return after the delay which should now be in there.
  11. Well what I was going to do it make a sort of raw Rcon input from arma 3 and have it send rcons via loadhtml and get a return. What I think I'll do instead is do the same thing but in the php file send the return to a database table and just pull that through arma.
  12. What kind of return do you get with this? Do you get the text of the page you visit?
  13. Has anyone done any playing around with the new license plate commands? If so, how do they work and when will those commands be put into the game?
  14. I would make this myself if I knew how but I simply don't know anything about C# or C++. I'm looking for a windows & linux compatible addon that will allow you to execute rcon commands via in-game scripting. I'm looking for something to essentially bridge the two and allow a send and return of commands.
  15. I'm looking for someone to make textures for my server or textures to be released publicly I don't mind. I'm more of looking for someone to be a texture developer for my server but if you're just looking to help out then that's fine too. But if you have any questions feel free to connect to my teamspeak @ chaoticgaming.net