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  1. Google + use contact info on the website and explain yourself
  2. freak69

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    for how many days now? Or is it weeks? I recommend using Github so you can work with a branch system and Undo certain changes
  3. freak69

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    I've the same issue (session lost on clients) on an LIFE server with NO mods on client side. Just a mpmission (basic one from altis life github) and default server pbo no -mod params used at all. I tried perf00 perf01 and the latest perf builds on server only, with default client exe then also the client perf exe I cleaned cache.ch, cleaned profile vars file, cleaned %localappdata%\Arma 3 folder nothing helps but disabling signature check completely by putting it to 0
  4. freak69

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Can you please try to go into your Arma 3 server folder and delete the cache.ch and then do it again? (just something I have been reading)
  5. Bohemia Interactivencompetence
  6. freak69

    Changing colorBar?

    I've already found the solution; no problem :-D I wanted to change the loading bar when loading the mission (the color of the loading bar) well it works by using ctrlSetTextColor :P
  7. freak69

    Changing colorBar?

    Of a loading bar / progress bar. The solution: ctrlSetTextColor :) (changes the color bar color)
  8. freak69

    Changing colorBar?

    I know this thread is 2 years old, but maybe you're still reading this. How did you change it? :P
  9. freak69

    Esus Server A3 Administration Tool

    How did you get Esus? The download link is "down"
  10. Disregard what people are saying about your CPU / Hardware let us have a closer thought about what comes into the server when a player joins. any custom added eventhandlers on the player objects? using "triggers"? I'm asking because triggers as much as eventhandlers run unscheduled on each frame (at least triggers do, not sure if it counts for ALL eventhandlers too, but for some for sure.) Then there is the thing with many locally run script functions which are supposed to be just that, local but they have a global effect. Best example -> createVehicleLocal. You can use locally created bombs to kill people or vehicle to "ram" into global vehicles. Another thing I recognizes is any variation of "getPos" (position, getPosASL, getPosATL, object modelToworld, ".." and so on..) Those seem to have a little to no "performance block" when using them once. But they have this tiny effect on everyone within the network. This is a huge problem if you have triggers depending on position on anything. Because then every single player does that "tiny effect" onEachFrame and well you see where I am going? Also; anybody looked into how dynamic sim "really" works? by any chance it is getting positions in a very fast loop or onEachFrame? I mean that position thing is a really big problem as it seems like once you ask for the position of a remote object (not talking about getting the position of a local object like "player") it is not telling you the position which should be saved in your local memory as it was sent through the network already by some kind of scheduler. No it's asking for it on the network and therefore causing a delay + workload. --- Could as well be a callExtension call done pretty often; depending on the extension and the number of calls
  11. lol no mate, whatever you think you are doing. You are not doing that. This _return = [_file] remoteExec ["#include",2]; doesn't work at all. However it might run the init.sqf (which is probably your _file in this case) as the preprocessor already does it. If you want to have files on your server sent to the client, you can only do it with an external .dll besides that you can not use files from the server on the client. BUT you can use / execute the code from within files on the server, from the client. E.g. by preCompiling thus code into a variable -> function and remoteExecuting that function on the client
  12. freak69

    error in expression

    HurriCnz your infiSTAR_config.sqf should define the _blacklistedVariables array, you might have deleted/broken it in that file? But just write an email directly to support@infistar.de
  13. 1. which most game-server providers provide to their customers - insufficient systems :D 2. yeah BE has some signature checks.. also for things like Cheat Engine and such but for the most part, if you get around it by having your hack load as child class or have a driver with a signature you are using to remove the callbacks of be - well then you're free to go on the script engine and the checks for the scripts are as easy as having the virtual container which the script engine runs in point to a nullpointer instead to BE callbacks.. if that is easy enough. I am just saying that the people who are bypassing BE / unloading BE are completely free to go without a second line of defense however - no need to discuss this topic, just giving away too much information on it would not help anybody B) one thing is very important tho - Run BE and Run verify of your files :P
  14. haha hell no that wasn't what I wanted to say! :) I just wanted to say that most hacker/scripter kids I came across are doing it on servers where streamers are playing on (for whatever reason)
  15. Battleye is not the kind of fortress you see it as, it's more likely the locked front door that many people simply don't even try to take. The door can be there and be closed when there is still other ways to get into the house. Those ways are sold from different hacking communities and allow you to pretty much do anything scripting wise. Therefore it is highly recommend to have some kind of script base anti-cheat system. Obviously it's always easier to break things then trying to keep things running well while blocking hack attempts. But you can't just go ahead and say something is bad when you have not invested time into the topic as it currently is. There's also ways to inject script code without you even being on the very server you inject the code to. The network package encryption in arma isn't the best.. even after their patch 2 month ago. Well and regarding paying or not paying. If there is somebody putting time into something, if it is painting a stupid picture, making a website, repairing your car or simply writing a script and he wants to sell it afterwards. Don't go ahead and tell people that it is stupid to do that. He said he's happy with it and that's just how the world works. If you're from a country like germany and have no self-esteem you could probably go ahead and don't work for any money all life long and still have a good life. But in most parts of the world you are working for something in return. please don't get me wrong, I've just read a few of your post and I have very much respect for you! VerifySignatures = 2; is not much better than VerifySignatures = 1; but it costs alot more performance - you should be good with 1 in this case! To get hackers on your server, your server needs to have players and for the most part the script kids love to "troll" streamers who play live on twitch while they are getting "hacked" maybe his server is just uninteresting. even in the world of professional development you can't just reinvent the wheel daily. There is always set of tools that you kind of rely on. Also you should't believe what's written on the internet - most of the hacks you find wouldn't even inject through battleye but still state "bypass for this and bypass for that". They can't sell the hack easy if they say "will get you banned in 1 day" :P