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  1. Hi, you can change it in Weapons tab. It's Gun Elevation Up and Gun Elevation Down.
  2. astaroth

    Battleye: Memory Corrupted #0?

    Hi, it can be caused by latest Nvidia drivers r430.39. Could you please try with older one r425.31 ?
  3. astaroth

    Battleye Corrupted Memory #0

    Hi, it can be caused by latest Nvidia drivers r430.39. Could you please try with older one r425.31 ?
  4. astaroth

    Regular crashes of unknown origin

    Hi, We released new version of the game today 1.92.145639. Could your friend try it in new version? If crash still persist create ticket please on our feedback tracker with logs from this new version. Thank you. https://feedback.bistudio.com
  5. astaroth

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Do you have it on server with mods or on vanilla server? It is usually caused by different data on server and client or corrupted mod.
  6. astaroth

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Hi, you have older version. You can see it in server console: You have there Arma 3 Console version 1.90.145456 x86. Latest hotfix version is 1.90.145472. So you need update again. Could you please check this? We've discovered the issue might be connected to some addon files that shouldn't be there. air_f_rtd.pbo, dubbing_radio_f_data.pbo, missions_f_epb_data.pbo, missions_f_epb_video.pbo, missions_f_epc_data.pbo, missions_f_epc_video.pbo,sounds_f_weapons.pbo should be removed from the addons folder. These addons are deprecated and should no longer be present in the addon folder (Steam doesn't autoclean them). If deleting these two files doesn't help, please delete any other pbo that pops up in the connection message, or alternatively delete the entire addons folder (including those under DLC folders), and verify the integrity of your game files to have the proper addons re-downloaded.
  7. astaroth

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    Correct parameter is -profiles not -profile. Please try -profiles=test
  8. Hi, could you please try it in latest profiling branch?
  9. astaroth

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Hi, thans for reporting it. We will look on it tomorrow.
  10. astaroth

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Hi, it's bug. I hope that it will be fixed in of new update of staging.
  11. astaroth

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Hi guys, thanks for the reporting. UI issues and mortar single shot bug should be fixed in last RC update. Sorry for troubles.
  12. astaroth

    Eden: Zeus mission does not work

    Hi, thank You for reporting this issue. We will look on this.