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  1. lodu

    Faces of War [WW2]

    from an article in French, on the subject concerning the Normandy Front: (google translation) There were Osttruppen (Eastern troops) and Ostlegionnen (Eastern Legions) made up of foreign volunteers, most of them Red Army (Russian and non-Russian) deserters or former recruits, but also other volunteers from very far away countries. They were lightly equipped, often with Soviet capture material, and generally placed in defense or used in law enforcement operations in the occupied territories. credit: http://www.forumpro.fr/t149-les-osttruppen-for-the-bataille-de-normandie @General Yudenich Thank you for your comments :) The Japanese assets come from the HIP mod (except the characters) and for now, I do not think there are any other additions, unless a motivated modder decides to create them, but it's not the case, I think.
  2. lodu

    Ruha terrain

    very nice map :)
  3. lodu

    Faces of War [WW2]

    no problem: I understood the meaning of your questioning. :)
  4. lodu

    Faces of War [WW2]

    With the mod FOW you have another uniform with a jacket "M 41", like that of the movie "saving private ryan": https://imgur.com/a/iYPs4ph In fact, this is the uniform of the landing of June 6, overall speaking and the photos of time, in Normandy, there are many who do not have suspends, but I still decided to add, for a question of visibility. The uniform that you show, the "M 37" is more intended for a Mediterranean-type country, such as Italy, or North Africa.
  5. there is no need for follow-up by PM: I said all I had to say and this story is over for me. thanks to those who have supported me with their likes.
  6. Removing all my work on the ifa3 lite mod, which means removing the American characters, their equipment, everything that has been done from this base, such as American paratroopers, their equipment and any other modification to from my work. the "US" faction must be that of the original AWAR game, or any other models, if you find an artist willing to work for you. Also removed from everything I did in terms of optimization, on the original addons of AWAR and those of inv44: the characters, like the tanks, the light weapons, the static cannons, the machine guns, the airplanes of AWAR, but also inv44 gliders. All that I have just enumerated and I forget, has been optimized by me, cleaning all the lods and recreating, at least the fourth and fifth lods of all this. For the inv 44 gliders there was only the first distance lod created by the inv44 team. I will complete this list if other changes I have made come to mind.
  7. in your latest changelog: US army infantry and clothing with HQ textures thanks to LODU! Some German backpacks with HQ textures thanks to LODU! The American soldiers and their equipment with textures in 2048 by 2048: this is absolutely not what we have agreed between us and you know very well. I had asked, and you agreed, that the textures of my creations (American characters and equipment) should be the same as the rest of the mod, in 512/512 pixels, there is no graphical break, but also to preserve those same addons, which are present on the mod fow, in 2048/2048. I sent a message in this sense to kju, but like my previous messages, it seems that this one is also ignored. After he ignored me for a long time, i've asked him to remove completely my work (and all my improvements) from IFA3, but he ignored me again. Therefore, I ask the moderators to stop the diffusion of this mod which does not respect my decision of creator and my intellectual property on these assets.
  8. lodu

    Faces of War [WW2]

    very good job : congratulations !
  9. lodu

    Faces of War [WW2]

    New guinea is the small island that is close to tanoa? ^^ seriousely : good job Lennard !
  10. lodu

    Faces of War [WW2]

    @Major_Kudo Hello, I thank you for your work: so I can use it for the next release? Your pseudo will appear in the credits, of course. You can reply to me with a private message. :)
  11. lodu

    Faces of War [WW2]

    alternate history... I do not know if this would be welcome, even if the idea is interesting?
  12. lodu

    Prei Khmaoch Luong

    Very nice map: bravo.
  13. lodu

    Faces of War [WW2]

    @ archsceptic thank you, But the basis of the model is Spycer42: I modified it a little and I redone the textures. For the Cromwell, it seems logical that he should go to the heart of an English faction in full expansion. :)
  14. The new version of malden is superb: congratulations to those who have placed the addons on the virtual ground and especially the rocks, whose layout is extremely realistic.