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  1. providing the steam login and password in a third party program sends chills down my spine although i know the reason why it is necessary. really unnerving to anyone. a great little tool you have here but there seems to be some hangups. it refused to recognize any cdlc at all while i was trying to run a sog server. hitting the steamcmd update button one time on accident then deleted arma 3 entirely from my computer and removed every steam install from my steam account (i have 4 across different hard drives). after some agonizing hours i was able to undo the damage, but i could see a lesser man losing his mind. it also will show workshop mods as being out of date when they are, in fact, current. very convenient when it works (especially for headless clients) but i think it needs a little more polish and some more control for the end user, like being able to directly modify the entire command line argument being run with the game exe. i hope you keep working on it and improving it. its a vital tool.
  2. its a really bizarre bug. it happens about 75 percent of the time and usually with certain vehicles, but not always. i have two hypotheses: 1. my mission has too much script lag and so the crew gets injured by spawning inside/on top of/underneath the vehicle 2. did you put in some code to check surrounding areas for obstacles before spawning crew? i havent looked, but if a respawning tank or something is too close to a few powerlines it might glitch out the code trying not to have them spawn inside the powerlines, or whatever obstacle. ill experiment some more with it and see if i can figure out what the deal is. dont sweat it though. its not too big of a problem and it might not even be the script causing it. i really appreciate you making jebus as i use it in almost every mission i make. by the way, any plans to make it compatible with vehicles carrying troops in transport, such as transport helos or apcs? i know youve talked about it before and said it won't work with two different groups in the same vehicle, but i was able to jerry-rig a script for a d-day landing mission using jebus. just had it so when the squad being transported spawns their transport then spawns on the same location and they get moved inside of it. for instance, spawning a us army squad out in the ocean creates a lcvp on the squadleader's starting position and they all get moved inside. maybe you could have a parameter where you can specify the transport using a classname then just make it copy the x,y of the first waypoint of the group its transporting, then add a transport unload waypoint at the same location for the transport itself. you could throw in BIS_fnc_findSafePos as well to make sure there are no tragic ai-related accidents. have it add another waypoint after its done to send it back to where it spawned from and have the waypoint despawn it or something. idk. just a thought.
  3. it seems like the crew spawns first or something, then the vehicle spawns on top of them (which kills them) and then the crew gets moved inside the vehicle. idk its weird.
  4. pognivet

    OPCOM - Operation Command (Test-Branch)

    I am absolutely blown away by your work. I'm simply speechless. Bohemia should hire you.
  5. Been getting a strange glitch with certain vehicles in IFA3, such as the T-34. When I try to use them with this script all of the crew inside the vehicle will spawn dead. The vehicle itself is undamaged, but all the crew are dead. Strangely some vehicles seem to never be affected, others seem to be affected about half of the time and the rest are affected all the time.
  6. pognivet

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    can someone reupload this? was a good script.
  7. now that armaholic is dead can someone rehost this script? i use it quite a bit.
  8. pognivet

    Faces of War [WW2]

    that sucks. it looked so close to completion. are you going to beef up the pacific theater? are the hell in the pacific guys still around or did they split too?
  9. pognivet

    Faces of War [WW2]

    i thought you guys had been working on some market garden stuff. i even saw some screenshots of it. whatever happened with that?
  10. will you bring back the puma, the bedford trucks and ju-52?
  11. pognivet

    Immersion Cigs

    thanks. much appreciated. you're a pretty laid-back guy. i wish i had more knowledge on how to alter mods, like you said, instead of recreating them, but i'm not that proficient. do you just overwrite the classes/classnames of things in the config with the changes you want? if so, then is there a way to modify or remove scripts as well? maybe putting modified or blank duplicates within the file structure inside the .pbo? i've always wondered.
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    Unsung Redux

    obviously, but it's more raw than i expected.
  13. pognivet

    Unsung Redux

    i tried downloading it the other day. didnt seem to work so good. very incomplete and buggy. i just went back to mixing regular unsung vehicles/objects/clothing with prairie fire weapons. i wish the best of luck to you though and i hope that you work through things quickly and painlessly. having these two mods merged would be truly the tagline of your old competitor. "vietnam: the experience". if theres anything that you think i can possibly help you with then contact me. you can do this yourself by just copy-pasting the map pbos and their dependencies to a new mod folder. i did this to make some ww2 pacific missions before. it's not hard at all, just copy+paste the right files. if you're having trouble with it just pm me and i'll walk you through it.
  14. pognivet

    Immersion Cigs

    yea id also like to know since im the one who uploaded it it was originally just for myself after forking the code off github but then i decided to upload it for other people who wanted to play online using it since i wanted to remove the original items and replace them with the dlc stuff i just remade the mod since i didnt know how to patch it in that way i also wanted to add more features relating to the alcohol items added by sog, alter the functions/code and some other things i gave you credit for it then put my name at the very end but if you want i guess ill delete it or make it friends only or whatever
  15. pognivet

    Prarie Fire discussion

    the map is 300km/sq. that is half of the size of the city of chicago. yet the map has both hanoi and saigon in it, which are 2000kms away from each other. this means everything is miniaturized. the map is also literally just an updated version of the old user-made map called "nam".
  16. POG Surrender Description: There was something that I thought was desperately missing from Arma 3: the ability for the enemy to realistically surrender. I got sick of doing missions where you're forced to genocide every last enemy in existence. It made them feel like totally inhuman android enemies. Therefore I decided to make this small script for myself to add this functionality the best I could. It's not perfect, but it seems to work. I've used it for a long time, but I've decided to share it to see if anybody had any input or advice on how to improve or optimize it and also because I think that many people would find it useful for their missions. Features: - When AI get too scared and the enemy is closing in on them they will surrender. - AI's fear level is determined by the "morale" parameter and units with higher "courage" subskill can be made less likely to surrender. More info here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/morale - AI will drop their currently held weapon with its currently loaded magazine and it will clatter to the ground with physics as if it fell from their hand. It can be picked up after this. - AI that are in vehicles or static weapons will exit them before surrendering. - Surrendering disabled for AI on the player's side in order to avoid breaking missions. - Some AI have a small chance to decide to stop surrendering and try to flee if nobody is guarding them. - There are one or two configurable settings. Compatibility: Everything. Bugs: - May add a small amount of lag to missions with extremely large amounts of units (like hundreds, D-Day style), but I can't really tell. Please report any bugs you find. Examples of how to increase AI fear: - Suppress them - Injure them - Kill their friends - Surround them or flank them - Outnumber them by a large margin - Be much stronger than they are (i.e. drive a tank up to a guy armed with a handgun) There are many other ways. It's all on the engine level with BI's morale system. REQUIRES ACE Installation: Drop the files in your mission folder. That's all. If you want you can edit a couple of basic options in "POGSURinit.sqf". Download: Link 1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/63qnl2m09txumyo/pogsur.zip?dl=1 Link 2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jowj4ptxlazwllw/pogsur.zip/file
  17. i really enjoy that map you put in, dak pek i think its called. a really good terrain for all sorts of fighting. i'd say it's probably the best map in the mod right now, but of course that's just my personal opinion. i know its a pain in the ass, but you guys should really add in more large scale maps that have roads, rivers, back areas and most importantly airfields that work with ai pilots. maybe contract with some outside mapmakers to do some for you. da krong used to be my favorite map in the mod, but its really restricted in terms of size and the ability of the ai to traverse it. they seem to dislike footbridges quite a lot. its a shame you took out some great music tracks from the rto/transistor radios, but i get that you dont want to get letters from attorneys all of the time. you guys should code the radios so that mission makers or modders can add their own audio/music that gets thrown into the random mix, like how you made the tutorial on how to do addaction music for helicopters and vehicles. i would also make the recommendation that you remove 30 round mags from the configs of later era troops and give them 20 rounders. i believe a vet from that war said on here he only saw 30 rounders once or twice during his service there and he only saw them post 1970. ive heard similar statements from some other vets. anyway good luck with the future.
  18. damn, that sucks man. steam is a real piece of shit sometimes. hope you get it figured out soon. i love that mod. do you mind uploading the mod manually to mega or google drive or dropbox or something? i really want to play it, i'm sure a lot of others do too, but when it got removed from the workshop it also deleted all the files for it off my hard drive. the magic of steam. 🙄
  19. Is there a simple way for me to make some sort of config that lets you add your own .ogg tracks into the rotation for the radios? I miss all the music in the game from before you took it out. I'd like to add it back in for my own missions. I have all the files converted properly already.
  20. Synopsis: You are an E-2 USMC Rifleman, part of a Marine Rifle Platoon. You've been involved in yet another political "humanitarian intervention" in a country you'd rather see on your home TV set than up close. NATO is losing ground and support among the Baltic states of the former Soviet Union. Some states have become openly hostile to the West. This trend must be put to an end before NATO loses strategic military installations near the border of the Russian Federation. The democratic process that lead to this situation must be put aside for the sake of the interests of the United States government. You will form part of a "tip of the spear" expeditionary force, ostensibly tasked with providing relief for refugees fleeing from the internal conflict of the area. Your real mission, however, will be to make certain that the Russians don't find an opportunity to exploit this recent chain of events. The first phase of this operation will be to secure a beachhead and landing zones for both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. In order to accomplish this goal you must clear the area from your initial insertion point to the village of Harju to the north. Adapt and overcome. Screenshots: Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2405715713 Features: NPCs who will chat with you, give you instructions and report certain developments. Enemy units can be made to surrender through overwhelming force, injury, suppressive fire, being surrounded or a combination of all of these things. Dynamic artillery that can be called in by AI and will take time to sight itself in before firing a barrage. Semi-Dynamic airstrikes using several different munitions. Not heavily dependent on cutscenes, scripts or invisible walls so you have decent freedom to do as you see fit. No playthrough will be identical and many things are left up to a combination of random chance and skill, much like real life. Gameplay Tips: Listen to your squad leader and follow the waypoints he sets. If he dies you may have to take over for him, or another AI will. The enemy is very good at sneaking up on you and it is hard to tell friend from foe. Watch out for flanking maneuvers and enemy reinforcements. You will not be punished for killing civilians or prisoners. War is hell. Do what you need to do to survive. Even if things seem completely hopeless never give up. If you feel overwhelmed fortify your position and hunker down. Your comrades are doing their best to bring their vessels close enough to shore to support you even further. It may just save your life. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. If an enemy decides to surrender make sure that you disarm him as soon as you can, handcuff him if possible. Make sure you treat him like a real prisoner. Deprive him of his radio and move him away from the battle or simply execute him. Otherwise he may try to give your position away or pick his weapons back up and return to fighting when you least expect it. Captured enemies are considering the same as dead enemies for the sake of capturing a zone, so there is no need to execute them to advance the mission. Notes: It was designed for SP, but I added slots so that it can be played in COOP as well. You won't see the intros/outros though and some things may be broken or not work properly. I'll try to improve this if I can. Please report any problems in MP. The main mission is incredibly long and can be extremely difficult. Depending on your play-style it could take up to three hours. I added as many save points as possible. I made this entire thing in less than 24 hours, start to finish. It is still heavily a WIP. It started as an experiment and morphed into something interesting, so I decided to publish it for feedback. There is a small intro, the main mission, and two small outros depending on whether you win or lose. These will only show in singleplayer. This may be made into a full campaign, but it is uncertain. I neglected to add in a real-life OPREP or proof-read dialogue to make it "legit". I plan to do this in the next update. Don't expect it to be 1:1 with a real military action, but the OOB should be close enough to real life for it to be believable. Every unit's rank should be more or less appropriate for their MOS/Rate. Forces generally (loosely) adhere to modern USMC OOB and enemy forces adhere to generic Soviet client-state OOB. Important Message: The required addons are barebones. Here's the full modlist that I used when making the mission and when playing it, which gives the best experience possible. I highly recommend that you use it not only with this mission, but in general: https://www.dropbox.com/s/moeus9whyw0d6qw/OperationVandalMods.html?dl=0 None of the mods conflict and they should enhance your game greatly with no added lag. I also recommend the mod "Unit Voiceover for RHS" in addition to the above: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1779856762 It works perfectly fine with this mission and adds a lot of immersion. Please let me know about any problems, glitches, inaccuracies, dislikes, complaints, suggestions and so forth so that I can learn from my mistakes and improve things. Thank you!
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    [Release] POG Surrender

    Updated to Version 1.1. - Fixed errors associated with checking unit's mindstate after having surrendered.
  22. Do you happen to have the mission file or the script example for when you replaced the Fallujah buildings with RSO ones? I really don't want to have to troubleshoot that all myself since from your screenshot it looks like you've got it working pretty good. Thanks in advance.
  23. Doesn't work for me. Every time I try to run it my entire game just crashes. Do you know if I'm doing something wrong or if there's an updated/alternative version that I can use? Like you, many of my missions are dependent on it. Thanks.