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  1. pognivet

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    los angeles class sub for cold war special ops. even if its just a prop and doesnt move/fire.
  2. Every time I run it I get this error as well: https://files.catbox.moe/07f6hm.jpg
  3. Sorry to necro an old thread twice (I've been away for a while), but I have two questions: 1. the RSO dev site is shut down and armaholic is dead. do you know where i can get the building pack now? looked all over and i cant find a mirror anywhere. 2. I cant seem to get the script to run on startup. i added the following to description.ext: class CfgFunctions { class TAG { class replacer { class postInit { postInit = 1; file = "replacer.sqf"; }; }; }; }; I put your script in the mission folder named "replacer.sqf". Even though I don't have RSO when I run the mission I still don't see the result of "systemchat "done replacing";" so I assume its not running at all. Do you think you could help me? I really want to get this working. And thanks for posting your scripts and trying to help.
  4. why was this deleted from the workshop? it broke a lot of missions that use its content. can you please reupload it online somewhere?
  5. is there a way to have ambient chatter without audio files? there's no way i'm going to be able to get people to dub a bunch of voicelines. if i remove the parameter pointing towards the .ogg voice file in sentences.bikb but leave the text parameter as it is then the dialogue window will pop up for .000001 seconds before disappearing. i assume it only shows the text as long as the audio is playing. any way around this?
  6. this. wiki is dead. screenshots also deleted from dropbox.
  7. can you reupload this since armaholic is dead? i'd like to give it a try. thanks.
  8. sorry to necro this thread, but the site seems down. i used the briefing generator on there a lot. on the main page it says "under construction". is this true? or is it dead?
  9. pognivet

    S.O.G. Prairie Fire white face/head bug

    Luckily I found a temporary solution. Every time you're done placing units down for a mission restart the game. That seems to fix the bug. If you edit the existing units or add any new ones the bug will return until you restart the game again.
  10. I've been getting this constantly ever since the 1.2 update. No idea how to fix it. It'll happen to certain face types, seemingly always the new faces added in with the update. If I place a unit with a working face and then change it to the same type as the glitched one it will be glitched. If I restart the game the faces that are glitched will change, i.e. the face type that was glitched before won't be now, but a different face type will be glitched instead. As you can see in this image they have the same loadout as is included in the DLC configs, so it has nothing to do with using modded headgear not from the DLC with the custom faces. Edit: I put this on the bug tracker so feel free to delete the thread if you want, but I'd still like to hear other people's input on this and if they're having the same problem or if it's on my end, like failing hardware.
  11. there's been a few in some weird games like that far cry spinoff on the xbox 360, but coincidentally when operation flashpoint was released on the original xbox it contained the same mission editor as the pc version if i remember correctly. there was no writing or using of scripts and it was a major pain in the ass to use with a controller, but it did work and you could make some relatively entertaining missions with it. sadly, i highly doubt that anything similar will be in the console version of arma 4 which in turn makes me question what the true final editor for the pc version will look like.
  12. i bought it on launch expecting, or hoping, for the best. havent been able to play on any server for more than 15 minutes since. half the server gets kicked randomly. everyone has this same problem, yet all i see are worthless "comrads" and "dev updates" and no patches that actually fix this problem even though its been a month and a half. since they've stated they'll only support the game for one year i wonder for how long i will realistically be able to play the game, assuming at this pace they maybe partially rectify this problem in another month and a half. an entire quarter of the so-called "development cycle" gone. i would refund it if i could because i now feel like ive been scammed, but i thought it was a temporary problem and went over the 2 hour refund limit on steam irrationally trusting in bohemia's competence and ignoring the sagas of take on x, y lands, arma tactics or argo. to ignore or be unable to fix such a major issue for so long, one that makes the entire game unplayable in any way (since it is multiplayer-only for all intents and purposes), does not bode well for the future. the graphics are nice, everything else is awful. if arma 4 is like this in any regard (not just the multiplayer but the abysmal ballistics, rpg rounds disappearing in mid-air, brain-dead unity shovelware-level ai) i think i see myself continuing with arma 3 for many years after its release, as i and many others did with arma 2 when arma 3 was first released. i could really give less of a shit about what the water textures look like or the lighting. supposedly this was to be an alpha or a beta or whatever you want to call it "test" to get feedback from players to develop arma 4. the community consensus is this: it does not fucking work. despite this it seems this "feedback" they supposedly craved has fallen on deaf ears and i'm beginning to think that this was more motivated by a need to shore up some of their debts from past experimental failures even though they already have government grants from their own country and government contracts with mine where they overcharge bureaucrats too lazy to do an audit in order to rob us of taxpayer money, as many others do. what a joke.