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  1. This doesn't work, but I'll try the other thing you mentioned. Could you possibly give a small example?
  2. Faces of War [WW2]

    I honestly had no idea.
  3. I would like to play the map "Kidal" but without the ungodly amount of rocks and stones scattered through the desert. It makes it impossible for the AI tanks to navigate through. Is there a way that I can hideobjectglobal all of these rocks based on their classnames either through a gamelogic or init.sqf? Thanks.
  4. Faces of War [WW2]

    I agree. There was a somewhat obscure mod for Arma 2 called "Hell In The Pacific" and one of the coolest things about it was that it had quite a few ships for both sides and they could all be sunk I believe. There were even aircraft carriers that could drive around and for some reason I feel like you were able to land and take off from them in planes, but I could be remembering wrong. It also had some sort of "Pacific Islands" map that was absolutely massive by Arma 2 standards. It had multiple islands spread out over vast areas of ocean. Some had airstrips and some basic infrastructure and others were more barren and remote. You could have a full island hopping sort of experience, attacking islands and taking them over and using them as a base to resupply and refuel to attack the other islands. There was some strategy involved in which islands you should defend and which you should care less about based on how the enemy might utilize them against you. I hope one day that this is possible in FoW considering all the improvements made to the game engine, but I know how difficult it is to create all this content and have it work as it should. All I can do is wish them luck.
  5. Good luck. I check this mod every day to see if it's been updated. It's a lot more satisfying than fighting with or against Russians or Arabs all the time. Hope the new update comes out before my hair turns gray.
  6. I really like how the AI drags people away from the battle to heal them instead of trying to heal them on the spot while under machinegun fire. Very immersive and cool. Someone made a script called Automedic or something. It lets the AI heal people using ace stuff such as bandages and morphine and whatever. Maybe you could integrate some of that technology into this cool mod so people aren't forced to use the vanilla healing system which is extremely gamey. Here's the script I was talking about: https://pastebin.com/MtK4dWLQ
  7. I tried getting in a few different mortars and artillery pieces and they're all empty of ammo, but I'm pretty sure they worked before. I'm not using any other mods with it except for stuff like Bloodlust. Does it work for everyone else? I'll try to narrow down the problem if I can. Thanks. No video necessary. I understand now.
  8. Just noticed two new modules under a category called "Unsung". One is "Unsung Rug Dsai" and the other is "Unsung Radio". I couldn't find any info on these. What do they do? How does one use them? I'm also having another problem. No mortars have any ammo in them and they will never fire. I'm trying to get a VC mortar to fire on a USMC platoon when they cross a field using this code: mort1 doArtilleryFire [[(random [2674,3174,3674]), (random [1479, 1979,2479]), (random [0, 25, 50])], "uns_8Rnd_82mmHE_M1941", 1]; mort1 is the name of the mortar vehicle. The problem is that the mortar has no ammo in it and it can never be refilled, so it will never fire. It seems to be this way with all the mortars I've tried. Is there some way to shove ammo in there through scripting or is this just a glitch?
  9. Faces of War [WW2]

    I've seen a few mods with tiny guns where it seems like the character has it pulled in tighter so the stock is against their shoulder. Not sure how they did it, but I know it's possible. Good luck to whoever attempts it. Maybe ask some of the other mod teams like the guys from UNSUNG or RHS. They might know a way.
  10. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/4L6t7V9 Not much, but I thought it might make some missions a lot cooler for you guys. I'm an immersion-type guy so it's weird to see ambulances in the middle east with the red cross on them, that's what motivates me to do this. For now just use this selectObjectTextureGlobal [0, "ambarab.paa"] or this selectObjectTextureGlobal [0, "ambun.paa"] on a regular civilian ambulance while having the textures in your mission folder. I'm not very good with configs so I didn't even attempt it. This is free for anyone to manipulate/use/add to a mod or do whatever with without my permission. I don't care. If the mods deem this not a true addon then just delete this thread. I have no problem with it. Just wanted to share these. I may do some more skins in the future for the other in-game ambulances, mainly the military ones, to have the red crescent instead of the red cross or red diamond. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sopnt55722l9mix/ambulances.zip?dl=0
  11. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'm looking for an addon/script that simply lets the AI communicate with each other and nothing else. For instance, if a squad of troops see an enemy I want them to be able to inform other squads within their immediate area as long as they have a radio item. There used to be a mod for Arma 2 called "Grouplink", but I don't think it works in Arma 3 anymore. I would make it myself, but I'm not very good with variables and coding in general. I imagine that it would probably look something like this: leader group reveal _enemy Squads not talking to each other even though they're just a few feet away from each other is extremely aggravating. I don't need anything super complicated. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  12. Faces of War [WW2]

    Someone from the IFA3 team messaged me and told me to delete all the landmines in the mission. Once I did this it was fixed. I can even add the landmines back and it stays fixed. I have no idea why this works, but thanks to @.kju for providing this information to me. Sorry for splattering this problem all over your topic when it was an IFA3 issue, but I really couldn't tell. The landmines were about the only IFA3 objects in the entire mission so I assumed it was a FOW problem with the new update. I never would have thought of doing this in a million years. Hopefully this info helps someone else who is searching on Google for an answer to this bizarre problem. Thanks to all of you who offered your assistance.
  13. Faces of War [WW2]

    i just built the computer not that long ago. the graphic settings work fine on every other game and mod for arma, including your 1938 mod.
  14. I got a few friends that I play with. Either we do small-scale ops or we're just part of some large AI-led squad in a massive battle. They only have a limited time they can play because of work and school and one guy is a military brat and has to deal with all this weird stuff on base or whatever. I made a badass mission on Sahrani where you're mercenaries and you fly in on a Cessna and blah blah blah. We played it the day before yesterday and it worked perfectly fine the first try. Everyone was able to connect. No problems at all. We played for hours. I put up the same server yesterday using the same settings and running the same exact mission using the same exact mods on the same port number I've used for every game for like 10 years. I try to have everyone connect and they say they can't. The second they get into the server they get kicked back to the lobby with no messages or relevant logs anywhere (thanks Bohemia!) and it would happen no matter what we did. We tried defragging, restarting steam, verifying the game cache and other digital black magic and voodoo. I was getting ready to re-install the whole god damned game and all the mods when I decided to try something. I was desperate. Suddenly, I thought "I'll just check the fucking UPNP box when I host the server and if that doesn't work I'm gonna drink half a bottle of vodka and then sit in my bathroom for an hour with the lights off". Why did I decide to do this? I don't know. I forget why I even thought of trying this. Maybe God struck my brain with knowledge, like lightning from the sky. I checked UPNP when hosting the server and had everyone try to join. It kicked them again with no message so I told them to just spam it and try to join over and over, maybe I can get a message or something in a log to work with. They got kicked like 4 or 5 times, but on the 6th or 7th time they stayed and all was well. It stopped kicking them and we played the full mission with no problems. Absolutely fucking flabberghasting. This has nothing to do with the settings on my router or the router itself being fucked up. It has nothing to do with my ISP. Nothing has changed between the two times we played. Thank God I tried this solution for some reason or else I'd be sitting there for 8 hours with nothing to show for it since there is ZERO information to work with. It's all just guesswork and digital black magic. I do know that this, without a shadow of a doubt, only started happening after the new piece of shit update "Encore" came out or whatever the latest update is called. For whatever reason it makes it so port-forwarding/using a specific port randomly doesn't work no matter what (at least for certain people on listen servers) and you have to use UPNP or it just kicks everyone that tries to join and doesn't say anything even though they're able to connect to the server using that port before being kicked. My hypothesis is that some sort of signature verification between the client and the server fails whenever using a specified port and not UPNP, but I can't say definitively since there's no information anywhere. It's complete digital voodoo/black magic, but the ritual works and it gets the spirits of the machine on your side. So if anyone has this problem all of a sudden when trying to host themselves to play with friends try checking the UPNP box and then having everyone try to connect like ten times. On one of the times it will randomly work. It may take even more than ten times, it depends on if the spirits of the machine are angry with you or not. Eventually your suffering-energy of failing to connect will satiate them and they'll allow you to play.