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  1. Faces of War [WW2]

    you guys made a lot of progress on this mod in a short amount of time. good work. i have high hopes for the future. i really like the halftrack variations for the germans and all the pacific assets. you guys just need to add proper mg-42/34's et al with mounts instead of ones just laying on the ground with the bipod deployed.
  2. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    its possible that its not a bug. i really do not know for sure. maybe someone who has served in the russian army can shed some light on this. the only information i could find anywhere online was one sentence from this page: http://russianammo.org/Russian_Ammunition_Page_30mm.html maybe since its not possible for tracer color to change mid-air in arma whoever did the configs just simply made them red? if so then i'm sorry for causing confusion, but i was also confused myself.
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    on the bmp-2 1986 version (the only one i tested) when you shoot with armor piercing rounds from the cannon the tracer is red, but when you switch to he rounds and shoot the tracer is green. i don't know if this is a glitch or if its supposed to be this way, but it seems wrong. its confusing in a big battle at night to say the least.
  4. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Tracers on the HMGs such as the NSV seem to burn out too quickly. It burns out long before it reaches one kilometer. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like it should burn for longer because you can't reliably hit things that are technically within the operating range of the weapon.
  5. I will make a suggestion: slightly increase the capacity of the CIRAS team leader vest. Its model has two pistol mag pouches, 3 double stanag pouches (6 mags), two m67 pouches and in addition a general storage alice zipper pack (along with a radio pouch), but it can only hold 6 vanilla stanag mags and two pistol mags and then its totally maxed out and you can't even fit a scrap of paper in there.
  6. Then I can't test if the mission works, unfortunately, because the vanilla game doesn't allow you to attach explosives to vehicles, but I did try using setdamage 1 a few times on it to make it instantly die. The result for me was that it tilted about 5 degrees downwards in the direction of the stern over the course of about sixty seconds. This filled the rear deck area with water to about the ankle high level, but nothing more happened beyond that. It showed hostile intent.
  7. When the Chernarussian civilian fishing boat is destroyed it doesn't sink, at least not in this mission I'm playing. It's set on Tanoa and you have to destroy it by swimming underneath it and placing C4 on its hull with ACE. After I detonate the C4 it explodes, but stays on the surface forever.
  8. interesting stuff. watch out for that dead man's pin.
  9. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have a question about the Mark V SOC's memory points. I made a mission that's a SEAL insertion by a Mark V package. I tried to make it as close to reality as I could inside of the game. CRRCs are strapped to the ramp of the Mark V. The Mark V's slow down to 10 knots and drives in a straight line parallel to the coast. I have a radio trigger that runs the "detach" command on the CRRC and does a setvelocity -2 to help it off the back ramp. This more or less works. Later on after the seals complete their mission I have the Mark V's return and drive parallel to the coast again for extraction. Obviously on this engine I'm not gonna be able to run the CRRC right up the rear ramp. I know there's memory points on it for attaching cargo/vehicles etc, but I don't know how to utilize them. The best I could do was check if the CRRC is within a few meters of the Mark V and a radio trigger that's something like "crrc1 attachto [soc1]". This attaches the CRRC instantly without moving it, but since you can't drive up the rear ramp the best you can do is shove the CRRC against the rear ramp and hit the trigger. At that point its more or less stuck to the rear of the Mark V as if it's being towed. This works in practice, but it's not ideal. How can I implement the attachto memory points in the trigger so that the CRRC is placed out of the water on an appropriate place on the Mark V? I tried looking all over the internet on forums, on your website, in the documentation, in random githubs and people's scripts and couldn't find anything about it. Thanks.
  10. Oh, that's where it was. Thanks. I forgot I even made an account there. I must have been really exhausted when I made that post. lol
  11. I forget if I posted this before, maybe it was on the steam workshop page or maybe I was dreaming, but is there any way to alter which weapons civilians get once they get angry? For instance, if you set "BLUFOR Hostility" to "High" in the Civilian Population module and you're playing in a WW2 or Vietnam type scenario is there any way to make it so the civilians don't randomly get Scorpion SMGs and P99's? Is there a way to have them get things like double-barrelled shotguns and TT-33's instead? Or just any sort of custom weapon instead of the vanilla weapons? Thanks.
  12. SFP: Wamako Standalone

    cool island. i like the custom buildings. the only problem is that a lot of objects and buildings are floating or otherwise misplaced especially in the tight urban areas.