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  1. Getting a lot of crashes on the Da Krong map, like every fifteen minutes. On the Prei Cambodia map made by bludclot I don't crash even after playing for hours even though that map is much larger and has way more objects and might even be more dense. Even on Khe Sanh I only crash once in a while. It seems to happen every time I turn around too quickly or if I teleport myself across the map. This makes it happen a lot in the editor when I'm flying around with the camera. It spits out this in the .rpt: Version 1.82.144710 Fault time: 2018/06/28 21:48:27 Fault address: 000001C2 00:000001C2 Unknown module file: airassault111 world: DaKrong ======================================================= note: Minidump has been generated into the file C:\Users\pognivet\AppData\Local\Arma 3\Arma3_x64_2018-06-28_20-39-23.mdmp This will happen with even just two or three units on the map. It's pretty much unplayable for me right now. I have an insane amount of DDR4 RAM and I'm running 64 bit so its not a memory limit thing. Is this some sort of weird 64 bit problem?
  2. Thanks for your input. I sometimes get weird AI behaviors with flyinheight. One of these behaviors will be aircraft flying around in a circle for eternity after they encounter the first contour in the land they come to. I'll try to mess with flyinheightASL and see if I can make them stay. I've tried using the support modules for allowing players to call in CAS, but the planes never seem to actually drop the bombs and end up flying around the area for like half an hour. The problem with using support modules as well is that I don't actually want players to be coordinating the airstrikes. I mean, it would be nice, but my main motivation is that I want it to be done by the AI while the player is involved in a completely separate role in the same AO that has nothing to do with being a FAC or RTO. Even if you're flying inside of an airplane as a pilot, and you have the full technology to drop an aimed bomb onto a point target, it can be difficult to do so. Speed, angle, height and the contours of the landscape all affect where its going to end up slamming into. To achieve the accuracy needed to actually cause harm to the enemy in the world of APEX (Where trees can never fall, as opposed to the olden days of BRG Africa where you could daisycut LZs) this is nearly impossible to engineer merely by setting an AI's path through waypoints and adjusting their speed and altitude through force. It is literally not much different from working at NASA as a mathematician and trying to calculate the trajectory to land the Apollo cupola on the surface of the moon. Maybe if I get my scientific calculator out I'd be able to get a few of them within a couple hundred meters of where they're supposed to be. I've been able to pull it off once or twice just by dumb luck, but its definitely not the sort of effect on target that's desirable, or even effective. The BIS CAS effect module runs on some function or code, and the RHS boys have even figured out how to add their own planes and bombs to its repertoire. The planes only drop one bomb, but they seem to absolutely nail the target almost every time. The plane will actually pitch itself properly in order to throw the bomb on the right trajectory, or at least close to it. I think you can see the code of the module in the functions viewer in the editor. I'm no pro with coding. Does anyone know how to sort of extract the code from that module as far as targeting goes and put it in my own script? @eggbeast If you're talking about the old support menu from Arma 2 that you could access by using the PRC-25s, good luck bringing it back. I don't know who coded it the first time around, but that was the shit. One of the coolest things in the mod.
  3. Anyone got a good bombing script I could have for use in missions in order to get aircraft to carpet bomb an area or do CAS? I made one, and it works to an extent, but its incredibly inaccurate because the AI pilots jerk to terrain follow in between releasing ordinance. This is what it looks like: if (!isServer) exitWith {}; _unit = _this select 0; _target = _this select 1; {_x disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT";} foreach units group _unit; {_x disableAI "AUTOTARGET";} foreach units group _unit; _laserT = createVehicle ["LaserTargetW", [0,0,0], [], 0, "NONE"]; _laserT attachto [_target, [0, 0, 0]]; _unit dotarget _laserT; _weapon = "Uns_NapalmLauncher_750"; //_mode = (getArray (configFile >> "cfgweapons" >> _weapon >> "modes")) select 0; //if (_mode == "this") then {_mode = _weapon;}; //This never seemed to work so I just explicitly listed the napalm launcher weapon above _unit selectWeapon _weapon; while {_unit ammo _weapon > 0} do { _unit dotarget _laserT; sleep 0.1; _unit forceWeaponFire _weapon; sleep 0.1; }; sleep random [5, 10, 15]; (driver _unit) sidechat "Winchester. Returning to base."; {_x enableAI "AUTOCOMBAT";_x enableAI "AUTOTARGET";} foreach units group _unit; _cleanUp = [_target, _laserT] spawn { waituntil {!alive _unit or !alive vehicle _unit}; deletevehicle (_this select 1); true }; sleep 2; _unit doMove (position rtb1); //rtb1 is a game logic outside of the map and will delete the planes and their crew when they get close to it, to simulate them leaving the area I usually put this in the activation field of a move waypoint for the aircraft near the target. The planes will drop the napalm pretty good, they'll dump their whole loads. When the wind is right it looks spectacular, but most of the time each bomb lands about half a kilometer away from any other one. They also never seem to land anywhere near the target so I assume the AI are just ignoring the targeting part and dropping their load without a thought in the world about where the bombs are going. I don't want to do any Wizard of Oz shit and spawn bombs in the air with velocity and "pretend" the planes flying over dropped them on the target. I really detest that way of making missions unless I really absolutely have to use methods like that. I want there to be an actual full simulation of it, start to finish, which allows for friendly fire, mistakes, bad wind, bad trajectories, shootdowns and so on. I'm sure someone smarter than me has figured this out by now. Will you do a brother a solid?
  4. I can never tell if you guys are annoyed by my constant bug reports and suggestions or ecstatic, but here's another one for you. The O-2 Skymaster flies like a remote-controlled airplane. I've logged thousands of hours in flight sims including Prepar3d. I've done networked flights in 747-400's with other pilots coast-to-coast as the Captain, giving the orders. I've done weird ass simulators nobody has ever heard of landing Super Otters in the bush in Africa. I've done many virtual tours of duties on many virtual fronts in many virtual aircraft in many virtual wars. I geeked MiGs and Sus in Falcon 4.0, brought down Folkes-Wolfes in Sturmovik using P-39's, dodged Buks over Georgia in DCS. I'm not saying I'm some armchair general, but I do know one or two things after reading so many manuals. Bring that Skymaster up to speed and jerk. It turns faster than a car. In real life it would literally rip both of the wings completely off. I know you guys have a huge back catalogue of shit you need to do to take all the ArmA 2 shit and bring it up to ArmA 3 standards, but I'd throw this one in the list somewhere. It's not really important, it flies mostly well except for being incredibly sensitive to control inputs to the point of being almost uncontrollable. You have to exercise extreme delicacy in its operation lest you stall, and this is an aircraft designed to evade enemy ground fire at low altitudes with no ejection seat. Something to think about. By the way does the UNSUNG team and everyone play events? I'd love to take part in one, but I don't know any of the coordinating info. I'm content with any shit job you want to give me even if its loading C-Rations into helos at a rear base.
  5. Is there a way to attach an object or a unit to a traincar such as the default A3 tanoa one?
  6. Absolutely amazing mod. One of the best I've ever seen. When a train is on auto-cruise control is there any way for it to select a certain direction when the track diverges? Like make it always turn right or something.
  7. Vidda

    Bludclot you are an artist. This and your Prei map have the touch of a genius in them. They have a subtle essence of greatness. That being said, why did you remove the ancient temples from Prei? And why in this map can it never be night time or dark out no matter the season?
  8. fantastic. i hope you release more ships of different varieties such as oil tankers or cruise ships. this cargo ship actually works as well as a clandestine center of operations or base as it does a target of a raid. i've successfully gotten ai helicopters to take off and land on it. i just hope the bridge gets more work so its not just untextured greyness. i'm well aware of the reality of arma's ai, but do you know of any way to make ai follow a strict path in a straight line using doMove? having people sitting in chairs and standing around is cool, but it would be awesome to have people walking up and down hallways. i've been able to achieve this using doMove. they don't fall off into the ocean, walk back and forth just fine like you'd expect in an early rainbow six game or something like that. the only problem is that they don't walk in a totally straight line but will deviate their path left or right about 3 or 4 feet which is enough to make them walk through walls. i've tried adding more doMove "waypoints" in the script, but they still deviate even if walking just a few feet. i know theres no way to stop ai in arma from walking through walls/buildings/doors etc so is there at least a way to keep them from deviating from a beeline path? i've tried disableai fsm and other weird stuff, but cant really make any progress. anyone know an answer? thanks.
  9. Strange distant LOD textures for terrain on Khe Sahn. Like an acid trip.
  10. I've been seeing this too, but I've also been seeing other shit that would make your head absolutely spin. I mean it looks trippier than something out of Antichamber. If I could reproduce it willingly I could make the most insane psychological survival horror mission anyone had ever seen. I had the glitches like people were talking about, but then I walked past a street light. I looked at the streetlight for some reason and it began to morph. It was as if some sort of vortex or portal opened up there. It looked similar to the vortex anomaly from STALKER Shadow Of Chernobyl. The lamp post was the type that had 4 arms with a light at the end of each arm. The different arms of the lamp post started to morph into these long tentacle-like things which came towards my face and began to touch my player. When I walked away from it or didn't look at it it stopped. It looked like something that would be in a AAA SCP or Slenderman game. That only happened once and I wasn't recording, but really wish I had been. I have no idea what caused it. The mission was just some generic PLA woodland vs Tanoan civilians that I gave guns and grenades to. I don't think anyone was even shooting at the time. I've seen some other weird stuff too like what I can only describe as graphical artifacts.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lbbpkb3vbo4v4yq/usairbornetestarooni1I44_Merderet_V2.zip?dl=0 You may need a few extra mods to run the mission, maybe not. I forget. It's unbinarized so you can just look in the mission.sqm and edit it or whatever.
  12. How do you add an action to the ace interaction menu to a specific body part? And I mean by scripting not in a config. Like how on someone's arm it says "inject morphine" if you have morphine, but it won't say that on their head or torso. Couldn't find any info on this after searching for a long time. Thanks.
  13. The fuel consumption on the C-47 is absolutely astronomical. It will go from completely full of fuel to bingo after flying at half throttle for like less than 50 kilometers. In real life that thing has a range of 2600 kilometers aka 1600 miles which is more than enough to comfortably fly from Nicaragua to Arkansas without stopping (something Bill Clinton has probably financed many times). Please fix the fuel consumption on that vehicle and the other vehicles. I also have a problem getting the C-47 to do a static line jump. Here is my problem: I want the plane to fly at 1000 meters and drop troops. When the plane gets to a certain move waypoint it runs this script that I wrote: if (isServer) then { _grp = _this select 0; _leader = leader _grp; _vehicle = vehicle _leader; {[vehicle _x, _x] spawn LIB_cargoStandUpStatement;unassignVehicle _x;} forEach units _grp; vehicle _leader spawn LIB_cargoOpenDoorStatement; sleep (random 3); [vehicle _leader, true] spawn LIB_fnc_changeLightStatement; { [vehicle _x, _x] spawn LIB_cargoMoveToDoorStatement; sleep 0.5; unassignVehicle _x; [vehicle _x, _x] spawn LIB_fnc_deployStaticLine; } foreach units _grp; _grp leaveVehicle _vehicle; }; Everything works fine until the first man starts to jump. Then the plane nosedives from 1000 feet straight into the ground and explodes. I think this is because it wants to stay in 100 meters for some reason. To test this I made the plane fly at 100 meters instead of 1000 and it worked perfectly except that 100 meters is far too low of a height to jump out of an airplane at, even with a parachute, and so everyone died. Why is it doing this and is there some sort of workaround I can use to stop it from happening? Thanks.
  14. Have you fixed the identities/voices yet?
  15. So systemchat can be seen by anyone in the entire game no matter what type of equipment they have? I'll try it out and see how it works. Ideally it would be nice to be able to create certain radio channels that operate the same as the normal ones do, but for which you can set the condition needed to be fulfilled in order to communicate on that channel. I don't know if this is possible in Arma 3 scripting and if it is I don't know where to even start on making it work. I'm almost a hundred percent confident that there's some sort of module like this for VBS. In a mission I'm making right now I'm making a large scale Soviet attack on a German line. As the Soviet convoy with all its tankriders rolls down the road I want to have a NKVD guy standing on the back of a truck on the side of the road yelling generic shit. Things like "Comrade Stalin says not one step back!" and "Traitors and cowards will be shot!" and "Remember your motherland as you go forward!". I could use say3D on him and then try to either rip a scene out of a movie/game like Enemy At The Gates and use that or record myself on microphone doing a bad Russian accent for a few minutes, but I don't think either one of these will pay off in terms of immersion compared to just some text on the edge of the screen.