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  1. good luck. i would really enjoy this mod.
  2. Well hopefully one day someone reads this thread who is a pro tree maker and charitable enough to figure it out. It really bothers me so much I might have to try to figure it myself even if it takes a hundred hours. Where is Berghoff, by the way? Has he given up on using the internet? Or has he passed away?
  3. Fun map to play on and one of the few available that are good enough for African missions. The only problem is the African Foliage. On many of the trees, most notably the palm trees, half of the tree is its normal texture while the other half is the texture darkened to such an extent that it appears jet black from a distance. It's not just a problem with Isla Duala, but also with any map that uses BRG foliage including N'Ziwasogo (or however you spell it) and Ia Drang. Converting the trees to APEX would not be a good idea because APEX foliage is native to the south Pacific, not Africa. I have tried opening the BRG African Foliage .pbo to see if there was something I could tweak and experiment with in order to fix this problem. Now I think I might know what the problem is, but it is unfortunately in the one area of Arma modding that I have no experience in whatsoever: modeling. My hypothesis is that the tree's textures are being applied to it incorrectly because of an error inside the .p3d files of the trees. This error could stem from attempting to mirror the model's texture to save memory and failing (hence its undeniably perfect "halfness"), or simply that the texture, as applied to the model, is misaligned with that model. I am posting this in the hope that someone far more experienced than me can take up this issue for the cause of the community, whether that be IceBreakr, the UNSUNG team or someone else, in order to bring so many maps to their full glory. For someone with experience with .p3d files and the programs used to manipulate them I'd say that it would take less than a day to complete, possibly even less than an hour.
  4. as a great fan of red baron II i look forward to the continuation of this mod
  5. you should ask the faces of war people how they did their shotgun configs, specifically for the ithaca 37. somehow they've made it so that you can load shells in individually and cancel reloading at any time similar to many other games. for instance if you're out of ammo you can choose to load just a single shell in the tube and then fire. it makes those weapons feel a lot more solid and in-line with their real life counterparts.
  6. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this thread and assisting in improving this featurette, Grumpy Old Man. It is very helpful. I will experiment with what you provided me and post some results.
  7. Global Mobilization

    i love these arguments over obscure german military organization lol. god bless the arma community. i am more excited for this mod than any other. cold war ww3 is a favorite concept of mine. ive already made quite a few missions using things i've made myself and some other people's mods hacked together. i was a huge fan of cwr2 in arma 2. i also especially appreciate you actually making local vegetation instead of reusing vegetation from chernarus even though it must be a huge pain in the ass to do. i wish every custom map maker did that because its something you do notice if you know anything about the area in which you're supposedly operating. an example would be the tropical island palm trees on most iraq maps. if you need any help with textures, especially old and difficult to find uniform camouflage, let me know and i'll try to help you the best i can. i have a small supply of camouflage textures from warsaw pact countries that took me many months to get a hold of. they can be used for uniforms, backpacks, vests, tents etc. as you please.
  8. Thanks for all your input. I've never tried messing with FSMs. I try to keep things simple, but I also enjoy Arma the most when its dynamic and reactive. Sadly, I can't have it both ways. I guess I'll give it my best shot. I really like your low ammo idea as well. As far as this little init thing goes perhaps I should make it so when fleeing is activated and they're out of ammo they surrender, or maybe fleeing/low ammo/less than 3 or 4 squadmembers left alive. It would add another nice layer of A.I. "thought".
  9. I only say assume because it's behavior that I've observed in virtual reality, but I can't provide any hard data or proof other than a change in morale value which could be caused by any number of indirect factors other than the ones I've stated. You could call it a strong and informed assumption. I'll try using the flee check and see how it works. It seems much more efficient. I do have a question though: is there some possible way to allow a unit to both flee and surrender? Ideally, as it would most likely be in real life, a person would try to first flee if they had the opportunity, but once they realized that there is no escape they would surrender in order to save their life. An example would be someone happened upon by a police officer while breaking into a building. Once they realize the police officer is there they would immediately take off running because there is a chance of escape, but if they became surrounded they would have no choice other than to surrender or to fight their way out. Unfortunately, if your surrender condition is based on whether or not a unit is fleeing they cannot do both, they will only surrender. Is there a way to code around this?
  10. After some experimenting I have this to add: {_h = _x spawn { waitUntil {morale _this <= -0.95 && _this call BIS_fnc_enemyDetected}; _this action ["Eject", vehicle _this]; ["ace_captives_setSurrendered",[_this,true]] call CBA_fnc_globalEvent; };} foreach units group this Use that on a squad leader to have it done for all members of his squad automatically, so you don't gotta do it for each one. Rough morale estimates: -.15 through -.35 = Get shot at once or twice and surrender. If they even see a tank coming near them, even if the tank is not firing, they will shit their pants and surrender sometimes. Maybe criminals or really shitty police. -.35 through -.60 = Get sprayed up real good like with a M249 and surrender. Reserve forces, garrisons, recruits, people in training. -.60 through -.75 = Take fire and be injured or have a lot of friends die in a short amount of time and surrender. Average insurgent nobody. -.75 through -.95 = Get shot or injured more than once, be shot at constantly, watch your friends die and only surrender when there's no other choice. Sometimes never surrenders if their morale doesn't drop enough and they then seek martyrdom. Hardcore insurgents, regular trained army. -1 - Unknown, possibly never surrenders. I don't know what can make morale hit rock bottom. May only surrender in the most dire and disturbing circumstances. Special forces? I pretty much only use -.75 through -.95 for the most part.
  11. unfortunately thats the first thing i tried. it had little to no effect on someone inside of a vehicle, but made it absolutely deafening to anyone outside of it.
  12. I think music and other sounds add a lot of ambiance to certain types of missions and increase immersion. Right now I'm trying to make a mission based on the Second Battle of Fallujah and I want players using a 5t logistics truck to be able to listen to music from that era such as death metal or hip hop while driving down the highway. Using Say3D is the only way I know how to make this happen, but as everyone knows you're essentially deaf to any Say3D audio while inside of a vehicle. As it's set up currently there's a radio object that's attached to the dashboard using attachTo and the sound plays from the radio and not the truck. The truck has addactions on it that you can only use when inside the cab. These let you select "Death Metal", "Rap" and "Shut Off Radio" although the latter doesn't work right now because I can't figure it out (Tried setdamage 1 on the radio and it wouldn't shut off). I thought that placing the radio inside the truck and playing audio from that instead of playing it from the truck itself would fix the issue as this solution worked for me when developing a Vietnam mission a few years ago that needed helicopter music and it also worked in Arma 2 for a Cold War mission set in Germany, but this time it made no difference. The sound can clearly be heard outside of the truck, but once inside the cab its below a whisper even at x45 volume. Any assistance with resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated by both me and thousands of others googling the same thing along with the virtual troops in desperate need of a morale boost. Thank you.
  13. Faces of War [WW2]

    the ability to sight in weapons is desired
  14. US Military Mod

    once again i have to say that i love this mod. its a shame that the uniform body type doesnt work with any other vests, but its still fantastic. i love how theres both alice gear and iifs gear. its so awesome and has allowed me to do many cold war and 1990s scenarios. i even run it sometimes solely for the bdu covers/patrol caps. i hope that youll take up this mod again and add more stuff because the stuff in there already is fantastic. a+ work.