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  1. I wanted to make a brief constructive post on this DLC because I see and appreciate the work you've put in to get it as far as it has. It seems people flop too hard one way or the other, either ignoring all the valid criticisms or ignoring all of the positive elements. I'll just put it in list form for the sake of readability. Pros: The map is an absolute blessing for western front WW2 in A3, not just due to its size but also its detail and the fact it is based on an actual real life location. The weapons, vehicles and models look and feel great compared to any WW2 mod. (Although I did notice the MP-40 looks suspiciously like a MP-38) The effort put into the AI morale system and other modules and effects is amazing and worthy of praise. Having groups that approximate real life organization at the time. (Except for medics in every infantry squad/Lack of platoon sergeants/Little things.) Cons: The complete absence of German language. The very narrow selection of assets, the lack of which making it impossible to directly recreate Op. Cobra without mods. The M3 Stuart stands out in this regard. Possibly overzealous censorship. Strange problems (eventhandlers?) where if you change the loadout of a SPE unit, even by directly modifying the mission.sqm in a text editor, the unit will still sometimes default to their original loadout. No Gefreiters without gaiters and various other missing gear. Units that have radios (handheld) on their vest model, such as American squad leaders, do not actually possess a radio item. Overall I really like the feel of it and that there's a base for WW2 in A3 now, as SOG provided a base for Vietnam and GM for the Cold War. It feels very tight and lively, like you're really there. I think it's very competent for the most part and I don't want the few issues it has to overshadow everything else. I hope that you continue to work on this and expand it because it's already an amazing experience yet has the potential to be a truly incredible experience. I wouldn't be discouraged by the cold initial reception, since even SOG also was not initially warmly received, but look at where it is today. Best of luck to you and your team.
  2. Thanks so much for this. I don't know how I would have found it otherwise since it's so specific and technical, and in another language. So this is what I've gathered so far from reading that page, as far as the Bundeswehr is concerned: - These armbands are only used on bases or during exercises aside from OvD/UvD/GvD/OvS/Wache/Streife. - They are worn on the left arm, but sometimes the same type of armband will be worn on both arms to signify a different meaning. (Example: red on left arm is rifleman supervisor, red on both arms is security officer.) - The Feldjager/MP ones are just for use with different uniforms or civilian clothes that might not accommodate the larger version seen on the "military policeman" unit in the mod. - OvD/UvD/GvD is officer on guard duty, NCO on guard duty and corporal on guard duty respectively. - OvS is "officer from the starting place", but I don't know what this means. It's lost in translation. A career officer, not promoted from enlisted? Maybe "startplatz" is "launch site", but for what? A SAM? A MLRS battery? It's hard to say. - Wache is someone who isnt OvD/UvD/GvD, but is on guard duty and is in the Bundeswehr. - Streife is the same as Wache, but for people who are not in the Bundeswehr. This is a little confusing to work through for someone totally unfamiliar with it. Does it sound like I'm getting this right? Edit: Found out more info on this "officer from the starting place", but it was a painful struggle to put this information together since its kind of a strangely specific role. Posting this for anyone else looking for information. Maybe someone should add this stuff to a wiki somewhere.
  3. pognivet

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    thanks dude. you're the man.
  4. I have a question since I could find no information about this online and I would like to make my mission as realistic as possible. Bundeswehr troops have the ability to have an armband on either arm. Some are obvious, but some I just can't figure out. I looked high and low and couldn't find any information online. AO - No idea. BvW - No idea. FvW - No idea. Green - For wargames/training? GvD - No idea. LD - No idea. Commanding - When is this used and who wears it? MP - Obvious, but why the redundancy? They already have the feldgendarme shoulder pad thing or whatever? MP Detail - Who are these guys? MvD - No idea. MP (NATO) - Obvious. Red - For wargames/training? Medic - Obvious. Medical detail - Stretcher bearers? Patrol - When is this used and who wears it? Transport - Who wears this? Truck drivers? Accident Investigation - Obvious. UvD - No idea. Guard - When is this used and who wears it? White - For wargames/training? I would also like to ask what arm these are supposed to be worn on, or if there's a situation where a different one is worn on each arm at the same time. I just can't make heads or tails of it. Any assistance (most preferably form the devs) would be much appreciated. I'd really like to make some great missions or even campaigns with this after the latest update, but I want to make sure I get everything right.
  5. pognivet

    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux

    thanks bro ironically this link doesnt work now either
  6. please reupload as both zippyshare and armaholic are both dead now.
  7. pognivet

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    los angeles class sub for cold war special ops. even if its just a prop and doesnt move/fire.
  8. Every time I run it I get this error as well: https://files.catbox.moe/07f6hm.jpg
  9. Sorry to necro an old thread twice (I've been away for a while), but I have two questions: 1. the RSO dev site is shut down and armaholic is dead. do you know where i can get the building pack now? looked all over and i cant find a mirror anywhere. 2. I cant seem to get the script to run on startup. i added the following to description.ext: class CfgFunctions { class TAG { class replacer { class postInit { postInit = 1; file = "replacer.sqf"; }; }; }; }; I put your script in the mission folder named "replacer.sqf". Even though I don't have RSO when I run the mission I still don't see the result of "systemchat "done replacing";" so I assume its not running at all. Do you think you could help me? I really want to get this working. And thanks for posting your scripts and trying to help.
  10. why was this deleted from the workshop? it broke a lot of missions that use its content. can you please reupload it online somewhere?
  11. is there a way to have ambient chatter without audio files? there's no way i'm going to be able to get people to dub a bunch of voicelines. if i remove the parameter pointing towards the .ogg voice file in sentences.bikb but leave the text parameter as it is then the dialogue window will pop up for .000001 seconds before disappearing. i assume it only shows the text as long as the audio is playing. any way around this?
  12. this. wiki is dead. screenshots also deleted from dropbox.