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  1. Can someone please repost this and the other stuff too? The links are mostly all dead. Much appreciated.
  2. i really like the look of the gui. really slick. hope you figure out the sell aspect of it soon. would love to use this for a single-player STALKER mission.
  3. pognivet

    DUNE mod V1.0

    haven't tried this yet, but thanks for making it anyway. it's so interesting to see dune in this game. i love it. i remember playing emperor battle for dune as a kid and wondering what it would be like to be on the ground fighting. hope one day we can figure out how to script in some worms.
  4. Fair enough. Are mortars going to be fixed? I have this problem where no mortar in the game has any ammo in it and they can't be loaded with any. Artillery pieces like the D-30 and so on work and have ammo and fire as they should, but any and all mortars for every side are just perpetually empty for me and can't be loaded with magazines even through scripts. My friends have this problem too so I don't think it's just me.
  5. You're right. I noticed my mistake later on. I had brackets around the variable for the array which made selectRandom not work correctly. My bad. I'm kind of new to this. Sector1 is just a gamelogic named Sector1 that acts as the center of a sector's capturable radius. The waitUntil unit == unit thing is something someone told me to do a long time ago to make sure that everything is initialized on the server before doing something. Like checking that 2+2=4. It's just some black magic. I don't know how much it really helps though. I've altered things. They look like this now and seem to work more or less: Run bottom one when I need to like "0 = [this, activesectorb] execVM "gotosector.sqf"" for BLUFOR. This works somewhat for a 5 sector battle with two bases, one for each team. I've altered things slightly so that each team has their own active sector. All sectors start as neutral. As teams capture the neutral sectors they are removed from the neutral sector array and added to the respective teams "owned sectors" array. Once the neutral sector array is empty (meaning that a front-line has now been created between the two teams somewhere in between two sectors) then it switches into another mode where the active sector is selected based on where this front line is. For example: Let us assume there are 5 sectors in a straight line. If Team A owns sectors 1, 2 and 3 and Team B owns sectors 4 and 5 then the active sector for Team A will be 4 and the active sector for Team B will be 3. If Team B captures their active sector before Team A captures theirs then Team A's new active sector will be to re-take Sector 3 while Team B's new active sector will be to push onwards to Sector 2. In this way it creates a sort of back and forth that leaves the detritus of war in its wake, making for an interesting experience. My coding is not the best, but my main concern is simply to have this working at some basic level to provide an interesting and dynamic battleground that can be used with any mod and scaled up or down as one pleases.
  6. Does Yeah, spacing out the spawns helps immensely. I highly recommend this and also if you put the spawning groups close to each other and they're using vehicles I'd give it about 30 seconds in between spawns so nothing glitches out in a weird way and kills people or blows up. Does anyone know how to get transport vehicles working such as a helicopter while using this? I've already been able to write a couple scripts where units will use trucks to drive around and get out of them to fight and get back in and drive off once the battle is over, but the squad leader of the infantry squad has to be the one driving it. I've achieved some success in two WW2 scenarios, one set on D-Day and another in the Pacific. They're both large-scale invasions using landing craft. I was able to write a script that spawns a landing craft and puts a squad inside of it, along with giving the landing craft the waypoint necessary to unload the squad so they can do whatever they're supposed to. All you have to do is run this script in the init of a squad leader of a group and place him in the middle of the water and the script takes care of the rest: The only problem is that if I try to use this script or something similar to spawn a helicopter or an APC or a truck or whatever it just flat out doesn't work. I tried using: Obviously I left the variables the same and just changed the classnames so "_boat" refers to the helicopter, but you get the idea. When I do it like this the heli spawns and seems to work somewhat. I'll fly off to where it's supposed to drop the troops, but it refuses to ever land or drop anyone off and instead skips to its next waypoint. I've tried other variations using other methods of spawning vehicles and putting crew in them, but the results I got were less successful and varied from the vehicle refusing to spawn whatsoever, to it spawning fine but never moving no matter what, to it spawning with no simulation and being stuck that way, to a bunch of other problems. Just can't figure it out, wondering if someone else had yet. Also wanted to share what info I've collected on how to do it, at least with boats. I think I'm on the cusp of solving the helicopter dilemma but I need like-minded thinkers to build upon what I've started. Also, some Global Mobilization vehicles, most specifically the West German trucks, spawn half-way inside of the ground when you try to use JEBUS with them. They shoot out of the ground like a cannon when they spawn and blow up and kill everyone. Why this happens is unknown. Doesn't seem to happen to the East German trucks.
  7. pognivet

    Flying Circus

    i love your mods, but can you make the barrage balloon have longer wires? the wires coming off it are only like a couple of feet long, as if its to be anchored a foot off the ground.
  8. I'll try to make this as concise as possible. The objective: I'm making a mission where armies capture cities in sequence. I've named these cities "sectors". There is only one active sector at a time, defined by the variable "activeSector". There is an array containing all of the sectors that are possible to attack. When the active sector is captured the variable name of that sector (e.g. sector1) is removed from the array of all the sectors and a new sector is selected from that array. To make sure that people can only capture the active sector (don't accidentally capture other sectors while in transit i.e. stopping in another city for a few minutes while on the way to the active sector etc) the activeSector variable is called in the seized by trigger. Sector centers are gamelogics named "sector1", "sector2" etc. What works: - Units going to a sector and fighting/helping each other. - Units capturing a sector. What doesn't work: - Setting/changing active sector using a variable. The piece of shit init script I'm using: sectors = ["sector0", "sector1", "sector2", "sector3", "sector4", "sector5", "sector6", "sector7", "sector8", "sector9", "sector10", "sector11", "sector12", "sector13", "sector14", "sector15"]; importantSectors = ["sector1", "sector8", "sector14"]; baseSectors = ["gMain", "bMain"]; unimportantSectors = sectors; unimportantSectors deleteRange [importantSectors]; activeSectorPool = ["sector1"]; activeSector = selectRandom [activeSectorPool]; sector1 setVariable ["active", 1, true]; "activeSectorm" setMarkerPos (getPos activeSector); sectorlayer1 = ["sector2", "sector3", "sector4", "sector5"]; sectorlayer2 = ["sector6", "sector7", "sector8", "sector9", "sector10"]; sectorLayer3 = ["sector11", "sector12", "sector15"]; gCappedSectors = ["sector0"]; bCappedSectors = ["sector1", "sector2", "sector3", "sector4", "sector5", "sector6", "sector7", "sector8", "sector9", "sector10", "sector11", "sector12", "sector13", "sector14", "sector15"]; Independent capture trigger for sector0 (capturing this sector leads to sector 1): Trigger condition: this && !(triggerActivated sector0bt) && (sector0 getVariable "active") == 1 Trigger activation: activeSector setVariable ["active", 0, true]; activeSectorPool deleteRange [sector0]; activeSectorPool append [sector1]; activeSector = selectRandom [activeSectorPool]; activeSector setVariable ["active", 1, true]; gCappedSectors pushBack sector0; bCappedSectors deleteRange [sector0]; "sector0g" setMarkerAlpha 1; "sector0b" setMarkerAlpha 0; "activeSectorm" setMarkerPos (position activeSector); 0 = execVM "update.sqf"; Update.sqf simply refreshes the units in the game. It deletes their waypoints and adds new ones around the new active sector. Why do I use selectRandom when theres only one thing in the array? Because in certain areas where there's more breadth there will be multiple sectors in activeSectorPool and one must be chosen at random. In some areas such as near main faction bases there are bottlenecks hence only one sector to choose from. But I digress. The above trigger doesn't work. I don't even know if the active variable even works. I tried also checking to see if "activeSector" == "sector0" but couldn't get that figured out either. This is the script that I use in order to make units go to a sector: _unit = _this select 0; _gl = _this select 1; waitUntil {_unit == _unit}; deleteWaypoint [(group _unit), 0]; deleteWaypoint [(group _unit), 1]; _pos0 = [[[position _gl, 250]],[]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _wp1 = (group _unit) addWaypoint [_pos0, 0, 0]; _wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _wp1 setWaypointType "SAD"; _h = (leader group _unit) spawn { waitUntil {(count units group _this) == 0}; }; (group _unit) setCurrentWaypoint _wp1; I call it as such: 0 = [this, sector1] execVM "sectorattack.sqf". The first option being the unit to be given the orders and the second option being the place to go and execute the orders. With this active sector setup it would look more like this: 0 = [this, activeSector] execVM "sectorattack.sqf". Yes, I know it's all rather confusing, but I think I'm on the verge of a breakthrough here. So can someone help me select a random gamelogic from an array, use that gamelogic's name as a variable and use that as a trigger condition? Thanks.
  9. Is there a way to make an intel item that has no image? Only text? Thanks.
  10. you fellows plan on adding any artillery to armies besides the Germans?
  11. cool mod, but i get a weird glitch. when i use this mod for some reason no RHS impact grenades will ever detonate. throwing RGO/RGN grenades is like throwing a rock essentially.
  12. Yeah, I mean it varies. I've had it just be like .5 before, but I've had it so bad one time it was almost comical. I had a Faces of War MP40 which was working fine, but I ran out of ammo. So I go and pick up this IFA3 PPSH-41 that was on a recently departed Soviet in a house. As I pick up the PPSH I notice that there are more Soviets just outside of the house. I aim through a window and press down the trigger - nothing happens. I press it again and again. Nothing. I begin to run away towards where most of the Germans were along with all the trucks and ammo and shit. The Soviets that had been around the building hadn't seen me and so I sprinted straight across an open field in order to make haste. In the middle of this open field the gun I'm holding suddenly starts firing and doesn't stop until the mag is empty. The Soviets immediately see me and cut me in half with a DP-28.
  13. I tried Fired, FiredNear, FiredMan. All give the same result. Tried throwing grenades using both vanilla and ace throwing methods. No dice. I'll try copy-pasting your code and see if some magic happens.