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    LTK - Laser Toggle Key

    Set your preferred keybind in the controls page (default is unbound) Jump in your jet of choice and press the keybind, the laser should activate.
  2. Laser Toggle Key What is it? LTK is a tiny mod which adds keybindable controls for firing the laser designator. Ultimately this is to further CAS Pilots lethality and ability to complete tasks in an efficient manner. No longer do you have to waste time cycling to the laser, firing the laser, cycling back to your missile, acquiring, launching, then cycling back to your laser to disarm it. Irrelevant of which weapon is selected, your laser will arm and paint the target. This was ultimately designed for HOTAS users with an abundance of keys which in other titles, such as DCS, would often have a laser fire key separate from weapon fire. The mod comes with two keybinds (defaultly unbound) which can be used simultaneously. Toggle - This emulates vanilla behaviour. Press to turn on, press to turn off. Hold - This simulates closer to real life, where the laser is only active while the key is being held. How do I use it? Easy. Go to settings>controls, scroll down in the categories below the == Mod == divider and find LTK - Laser Designator Keys. There you can bind one or both controls to your preferred binds. Then, from the cockpit of your favourite doom bringer and start raining down hell. Compatibility This should support most mods, please let me know if there are any compat issues and I'll look at rectifying. Tested with Vanilla, RHS, Cup & Hatchet. Notes This will fire the laser irrelevant if you have weapon control, it's not really a bug nor a feature. However, I guess it could potentially be used to advantage in multicrew situations. Known Issues If the laser isn't aiming at a surface, disengaging the laser with the HOLD key may be inconsistent. Credits Myself Juko - Logo Matty & the 64 team for partial inspiration
  3. Mods: @PRFata; @Recolour; @A3TI; @Hatchet; @H-60;
  4. Mods: @recolour; @Hatchet; @H-60Pack; @Vinjesvingen
  5. We're on the hunt for more developers to jump on board to assist with this project and future plans. Please join our discord and express interest. Looking for all things from scripters/programmers to 2D and 3D artists. Credit: Joao Costa
  6. Currently working on more in-depth comms interaction. Primarily focusing on ACRE at the moment. You can join the discussion on our discord 🙂
  7. Ooof, This is huge news!
  8. Always exciting to see more terrain objects, as scarce as they are 😉 Outstanding quality and welcome back! Maybe this could sneak into @icebreakr's new project?
  9. BroBeans.

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Lamubia

    Do you stream any of your development at all? Would be interested to see part of your processes and how you tackle populating the area. I've wanted to get into terrain development for a while but the idea of placing so many objects is daunting
  10. BroBeans.

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Lamubia

    Very excited to see how this develops, Look forward to it as always!
  11. BroBeans.

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Fapovo Island

    I’ll definitely be checking out the new update, love your work, keep it up!
  12. Was this an isolated incident? If it occurred again can you please post a bug report on our git (linked above in Yax’s post)
  13. Hey mate, I'm trying to set up a scenario using this script on multiple items/objects and I'm hitting a wall. I've tried a few different methods, including just duplicating all the scripts as a last resort of action. Obviously it didn't work due to the rsc layers already being defined etc. Any help would be appreciated. 🙂
  14. BroBeans.

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for the updates boys, Top notch works as always One thing, Not sure if this is new or if I've just never noticed it before, Have you changed the folder containing the bikey from "keys" to "key"? Or has it always been like that 🤔 Only just noticed it today after one of my update scripts didn't manage to pull the bikey
  15. Sad to hear you weren't feeling the love, You are by far one of the best at what you do and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I've been keeping tabs over the years to see where you were at. I thought Fapovo was pretty underrated and the level of detail is like non other. Is there any footage from the events you did on Jade Groove? Would be keen to check it out, I look forward to Q4 🙂
  16. Unreal detail as always, Arma definitely needs some fresh buildings in the mix
  17. You’ve got some insane talent mate. Keep it up, we’re all excited to see what comes of this RHS venture. Don’t work too hard 😉
  18. Looking good mate. Can see this being the new standard for further platforms and it’s really exciting. Do you mind hitting me with a updated discord link? The one a few posts up said expired. Cheers.
  19. BroBeans.

    Missile Smoke and Lighting Efx Mod v1.3

    does this effect rpg rounds aswell?
  20. Are there any plans to overhaul the SFM? or is the project purely focused on AFM? Cut's out a lot of the playerbase that don't have a analogue throttle from easily enjoying this mod
  21. An exiled survivor prepares to ambush a 2 man team in attempts to acquire a humanitarian aid supply drop. Fiji, Early August. Mods: @Exile, @CUP, @Direone's Animations
  22. 05:30 Local: Russian operators push SOTG members out of a coastal town in the South of Malden. 0500 Local: Dock cleaners just steam cleaned the whole thing hence it being spotless. Mods: RHS, Project Goose, EO's Sullen Skies ... ft Arma 3's bad smoke grenades
  23. I doubt its the mod causing the issue, so it's not exactly relevant here. But try compressing as a zip not .rar