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  1. totally up for that, I am currently preparing github actions to auto release the extension on tags. when thats done, I would just need github maintainer access and SkaceKachna would need to configure the vsce personal token as github secret I will issue a pull request once I am done with it
  2. Alright, first real patch done. SQFLint 0.12.0 - Fixed preproc parsing error for if(n)def, endif, else and undef - Added some debug logs - Improved status message - Increased indexing speed - Minor fixes and changes Github https://github.com/RZSenfo/vscode-sqflint MS Store https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=senfo.sqflint
  3. I didnt mean to offend you by doing this by any means, quite the opposite actually. In my opinion this is the "go to" tool for VSCode for any SQF/ArmA needs. You did a great job developing this tool! And I am glad you gave everyone the opportunity to to use it and improve it. I hope I will be a good maintainer 🙂
  4. Currently updated the extension in a fork. Extension link: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=senfo.sqflint Github: https://github.com/RZSenfo/vscode-sqflint and https://github.com/RZSenfo/sqflint
  5. sadly not open source.. not on my server then
  6. The argument for setHit sure is local, the effects tho are global, so I dont see a problem with that if the argument isnt local it will behave like setHit already
  7. A small suggestion for setHit and setHitIndex The Eventhandlers (like handleDamage) already deliver (damage _unit) for index -1 or selection "" Why not add this behavior vise versa? So that _unit setHitIndex [-1,value] increases (damage _unit) value but doesnt change the other hitpoints (same for setHit ["", value] maybe)
  8. Senfo

    Dynamic Simulation Feedback

    This system cant offload something to the headless client for the same reason it cant "delete" vehicles The offloading needs to be done manually. However since the DynS is handled on the server (argh just read the 3 pages...) you can combine HC's and DynS and there shouldnt be a problem. With this said its however not the best for performance. It would be good to implement some ways for us to transfer that to Headless Clients tho
  9. I am using this daily, great stuff! Just a suggestion: Add the returnvalue possibility for the switch/if cases
  10. Senfo

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    For gigabyte mainboards there is a good straight forward tool for OCing in their appcenter
  11. Senfo

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    Yeah I wanted to OC it someday, but I have a stock cooler on it and i dont wanna damage the CPU However, the "turbo" gets it up to 3,8GHz I think, but since this isnt the base clock it doesnt really matter (ofc it does but not for benchmarking) After playing around a bit, I came to the conclusion that turning down particle effects shadows (distance and quality) as well as some dynamic lighting stuff (quality) does it for me (av. 39 FPS) I can even leave everything else ultra I will test some stuff like the Razer booster and stuff like that tomorrow, maybe I can tweak a more stable rate out of the game Edit nvm did it today: << testing it with a 1.7 km object viewdistance yields an av. fps of 38
  12. Senfo

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    4770k@3.5ghz, GTX 1060, 1920x1080 (100%), Win10 64bit on current stable 1.66 44.6 fps Settings are Ultra with shadows disabled, particles low Lower end 3 FPS, upper end 75 FPS, no external mods loaded 33.8 pure Ultra settings lower 3 FPS upper 50 FPS
  13. Well they have got time for so many things, but the most basic seems to be too "lame" which is understandable... kind of however, either the weaponholder cleanup needs to get fixed or one of the said commands needs to be implemented I would prefer both, but the commands over the bugfix tbh
  14. Can we have a "removeMagazines" for Containers? or like I mentioned earlier get/setContainerLoadout (Container variant of get/setUnitLoadout) With the bug that Weaponholders are deleted as soon they have no inventory, even if added afterwards, its just really annonying and needs a hugh workaround (read all inventory then manipulate the read data, then remove the old inventory stepwise to not get the WH deleted and add everything back)
  15. Hello community, in this thread we would like to introduce our MOD project "DeathTrap" for ARMA III. DeathTrap is a modification in the tradition of ARMA MODs such as DayZ Origins or Epoch, but also Exile. However, we try to go a step further. Our goal is the best possible and realistic implementation of a post-apocalyptic survival simulation. To achieve this, DeathTrap will contain some elements from the above mentioned MODs, but also many new components. Our MOD will contain zombies as well as other deadly creatures. There will be a sophisticated looting and crafting system, which allows the player to get vehicles back in shape and to build entire bases with a very flexible construction system. DeathTrap adds new vehicles and weapons to the stock game so as AI missions and random vehicle spawns. By developing DeathTrap, our focus lies on optimized (server)-performance and optimal usability. Points such as the loot system are somewhat different from other MODs, in order to reduce the system load on servers and clients. DeathTrap will also include its own GUI, which will guide the player intuitively through all the menus and dialogs. For further information, please visit our website at www.deathtrap.zone. Currently, DeathTrap is in the pre-alpha state. A first playable alpha will be available in the first half of 2017. Interested players can log in to our forum for a player slot for the closed Alpha. On Twitter, Facebook, ModDB and Discord we keep you up to date on the latest developments. On YouTube you will find among other things ourvideo DEV blog. news - about - media - FAQs - discussion board We are happy if we could use this thread to arouse your interest in DeathTrap. You can get in contact with us in our forum and discuss with us. Thank you for your attention. NetMonkey DEV team
  16. Nice tool! Will the source code be available later on? Really wanna learn from it Anyways thanks for sharing it!
  17. I want to suggest a variant of get and setUnitLoadout for vehicles/objects would be extremely helpful :)
  18. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/isRemoteExecuted This is nice! Is there currently a way of detecting who executed the Function? Searching this Thread didnt offer an answer Its surely possible to give a unit/owner as param but this is easy to manipulate.. A command for that would be really cool if its not in place already
  19. Hey together, As mentioned in the wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/FileBank Is there any example of the usage of the encryption param? what values are expected for encryption_name and password_file? Greets
  20. I know its probably not the right thread, but, after years, are we able to get a proper length or size command. count takes way to long in some cases.. a proper engine based command to get the length of an array or string would improve a lot of scripts that I wrote and also many BIS functions.. It cant be this hard to implement this command and "count array" simple doesnt feel right if you ever written in c or java Just for performance consideration: (depending on implementation) count _array is in linear time O(n) length _array (with saved length as attribute) is always 1 (O(1)) the saved time is equal to the amount of elements... length _array (linear run just as count but done by the engine) still faster than sqf length _array (the c way... memory size / size of elements .. dunno if this is possible for generic arrays which are(?) used in arma) another way doing it O(1) if you ask yourself what I mean by O(x), here: WIKI LINK Thanks for your attention
  21. So .. this is a bit embarrassing now. I have been browsing one of your leaked alpha clients (who would have thought that day would come?) After messing around a bit, I was able to fix your destroyed headers.. What came to my eyes is well.. not so nice.. There are huge scripts and config fragments of the exile mod in your files.. this is not just a single file or a single line of code.. is basically the whole client config they have You should better fix this up Ohh and.. find a better way to crack your header ;)
  22. Hey guys, like the title say, the new command cursorObject doesnt work as intended or described. The command is currently just an exact copy cursorTarget as of what I could test. It does not recognize Trees, rocks, bushes or anything smaller than a house. It would really like to get this fixed, since its a pretty useful command and would finally be a solution to the annoying nearest object workaround, which isnt really reliable. Any other experience from any of you? Greetings!
  23. Senfo

    Inventory expansion?

    You can easily do stackable items (at least for items not beíng used in weapons in any form): create a template magazine and change the count to something like 9000. For example a Potato: Player has a Potato in his inventory as a magazine. If the player picks up another Potato you can run a script triggered by the "Take" option or by the inventory openened EH and add one "bullet" to the Potato magazine the player already has. The Player would have the Potato magazine with 2 bullets in it, which could count as 2 Potatoes. All needed scripting commands are already provided. Weapons, Grenades etc, are already stacked
  24. Senfo

    DSS: The Mod

    I am currently working on a survival mod. As of now I added full persistence of players, vehicles and objects via extDB2.Also I have got a really reworked version of the Lootspawnscript by Napalm (it's pretty much 90 % my code right now ) and a lot of custom Items ingame as magazines, that can be used by double clicking them in the inventory. This is also used in the medical system (there is a dialog for doing medical stuff to other players) which lets you bleed, feel pain, have broken legs and so on. In addition I have added a keybinding based actionmenu instead of a selfaction loop to save performance. There is a basebuilding template ready (you need to put down a claim marker) and also melee weapons. I am working on storage Items such as Tents and some kind of exchange traders you will only find by hints in cities or notes from AI's. The next step is to make Groups persistant and to add some missing crafting functions. This scenario is based on a new world order style concept, that lets you take the role of a rebel (who can get a mercenary) or a guardian of the new government, that wants to vanish old artefacts of their actions (nuclear warfare) to prevent the rebels from publishing them. there is another faction (Zombies) planned, because of the nuclear stuff :D now to come to your work. I am really interested in the work you have done and my question would be, if you would like to work together and combine our work to a framework that is similar to DayZ (Hero = rebel, bandit = New bad government I will really enjoy your mod as I did enjoy the mission :) As you have said,I would also like to include it into my later mission scenarios as the Zombies are really enjoyable but yet too much work for me (I am a Noob in animations xD ) Ps: Don't worry I have got a fluid 75-85 FPS near Pygros with loot spawned, 50 vehicles and around 100 Basebuilding Items (in editor only around 10 fps more without any scripts enabled PSS: My mod is based on resource war, but I have rewritten almost anything (and I have got permission to use these files) since they have been using ArmA 2 Net for persistence. Their dialogs and folder structure is pretty much all I am using "unmodified" yet most of them will be modified. I hope I did not do anything wrong with this post and would really like to talk to you on teamspeak if that's possible, maybe we can get a really good mod set up together :) Greetings, Creep
  25. I really hope that this mod will be available for public servers soon :)