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  1. Is it possible to replace enemy assets with rhs assets. I dont like to use cup and wasnt sure if there was a way to go in and change those assets over without messing up any other scripting
  2. Fairchild77


    I have not experienced anything like this myself. If you have an AI mid that can cause them to ignore orders given by zeus. I know ASR AI does that to me at times but no issues between this and CUP
  3. Not sure if any work is being done on this mod anymore but I've run into a conflict possibly from an ace update. As stated I've run with the "Prevent instant death" parameter checked and the mod functions fine for anyone flying but now prevent instant death is not working for anyone not in an aircraft. I've tested changing the type of vehicle to include "man" and tested with module placed and without and it only occurs when module is placed and enable mod parameter set to enabled.
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    A-10C for Arma 3

    It works if you run the 32bit exe. Seems 64bit broke almost all interactive cockpits.