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  1. Warning for those that dont use the DEV branch of CUP : possible spoilers ahead ? :s Hello guys. I visit the forum regularly but do not post all that often. I wanted to take a moment to once again thank you guys for the amazing content the CUP team continues to deliver. I wanted to specifically thank you for taking the time to rework the Saiga 12. It is my favorite shotgun, and in ArmA III, shotguns are often low on the priority and often discarded. Big thanks to you guys for taking the time to revisit this weapon and give it the overhaul it deserves. I am also loving the 20rnd mags and railed variant. Awesome model & sounds ! I know its not nice to ask these things here, but i simply cant contain myself : Will there be variants in the future that feature railed hand guard or the ability to attach tactical devices, similar to the massive variety of AK's that you already added ? Will you guys also be working on muzzle attachments such as a custom brake or even suppressors? At any rate, this really made my day. After years of using the same old Saiga's in game this was awesome to find this updated and high quality weapon today. Its things like these that keep me coming back to this game time and time again. Thanks for everything you guys have done and continue to do (and if any other content creators read this, this applies to all of you as well 🙂 ).
  2. Which scopes are you referring to? I am subscribed to the CUP weapons DEV Build and i am not seeing any new scopes other than those already added in the last CUPdate. Did i miss something here?
  3. Went home a bit earlier from work just to check out the update. Thank you guys so much for all the great work, and congrats on this amazing update. One small question tho : Is it possible to illuminate the reticle of the new PSO scopes using some combination of keys like MRT functions? Again, great job guys !
  4. There is no working compatibility out there. Believe me, i have searched for a long long time. Additionally, VTN adds a lot of mechanics which are not really compatible with other commonly used platforms. I have found that VTN works best without any additional mods. So occasionally i just play with VTN as only mod, and when i am tired of it i switch back to my other configuration with ACE3, RHS, CUP, Niarms etc... All of the rare "compatibility fixes" out there just break stuff and dont really work, and imho VTN is just meant to be played as a standalone mod. If this mod would some day be compatible with others like RHS for example, it would be too much for me to handle i think. @VTN team, Its great to see you guys delivering so much good stuff on a regular basis now btw ! Keep it up.
  5. First off : Welcome back ! It was a real treat to suddenly see your mod received an update when i launched ArmA yesterday. I was not expecting it !!! I just stopped by to say thanks for adding new stuff ! But since we are apparently making lists : i am a nut for Soviet arms, here we go : - SKS Simonov - SKS polymer stock - Vepr 12 - Saiga hunting carbines Also, some more Western"civilian" weapons would be great like : - Ruger 10-22 - Remington model 700 - custom Mossberg 500 shotgun If it is restricted to military weapons, i would say the Croatian VHS2 definatly needs to be in this game, as does the FN FNC ! At any rate, thanks again for your excellent content !!!
  6. Just wanted to drop by and give my thanks to you for creating this high quality content for the community. Al tough i think all of your content is of exceptional quality, i especially enjoy the Winchester Model 97 shotgun, as i play a lot of Survival style missions and this gun is just a match made in heaven ! I hope that in the future you can bring some more high quality shotguns to ArmA III, and look forward to whatever else you will be releasing in the future. Much respect !
  7. nillie

    ASDG Joint Rails

    Is there an optional or user made config available that adds compatibility with veterans mod? Ive been searching their topic and also google, but came up with nothing. P.S. : i am aware that veterans mod uses its own attachments, but i have found plenty of user made configs for other addons, so maybe its out there all the same. I would simply like to add some more diversity when it comes to attachments. Greets
  8. Seeing this thread light up has made my day !
  9. nillie

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to clear this up. It took me a while to realize the obvious problems that would come with the grippod. Also, i agree about the PEQ15/surefire combo. Its supposed to look right on the weapon and shouldnt clip trough it. Beeing a real AK man myself, i cant wait to see what you guys will come up next ! This weapon mod has always been my favorite one, but if you guys start adding AK's, i would appreciate it even more, if that is at all possible... Greets !
  10. nillie

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Stunning as always ! The weapons really are top quality. About the accessories : Finaly a surefire + PEQ 15 combo in black. I also love the grippod. Is there a way that i can use them on other weapons? I can use the older accessories on almost any weapon i have, but the new accessories are only available for the SMA weapons. I checked the optionals but did not find an extra .pbo or file to update asdg? Would be great to try out the grippod or the surefire/PEQ 15 combo on an AK Anyway keep up the great work ! Love this.
  11. Hi, Guys first of all : Congrats on this mod. Even though its still only the first release, there are already some great models and features to start with ! Now some questions and suggestions for the team : First : It says in the first post the mod is fully compatible with ASDG muzzles. However at this time, i cant seem to place any muzzle device on the Beryl rifles. Is this a problem on my end, or are suppressors/muzzle devices not yet available for these weapons? Secondly : Like somebody said above here, i think the clear magazines should be less transparent. Finaly : Will you guys be adding a 1996 Beryl with a STANAG magazine adaptor like this ? Great work so far ! I will definetly keep following this one. Hope to see more soon.
  12. I have spent a lot of time looking for a good AK-12 or tactical AK mod for ArmA 3. This looks really good and certainly has a lot of potential. The only thing that keeps me personally from using the weapons in this mod all the time, are the very weak sounds. The type of sound is open for debate and everybody has a different preference, but its not just that the sound is not that good for my personal taste, it would be a lot better if it where actually loud. I think adding some more volume to it would be a big improvement already. Are there any plans to update this or is there a sound mod that provides replacement sounds that is endorsed by the creators? Anyway : Keep up the good work. Im keeping an eye on this one.
  13. nillie


    Hi. I am making a custom mission using the ravage loot spawn modules and also ACE3. However, for this specific mission i would like my character to start with some basic items already in the inventory. These Items can be found in the loot containers from the spawn module. But i want my character to start with these items in its inventory, rather than having to search for them for half an hour. I need following items specifically : The gut knife and the Tool kit for repairing vehicles. I have tried searching for these items in Zeus, virtual arsenal and in editor but i cant seem to find them. I only find the non-functional kitchen knife, which unlike the gut knife does not work and the only toolkit i find is the one provided by ACE, which does not work for repairing vehicles. Where can i find these items in Zeus ? Is there a container that i can spawn that holds these items? Thanks in advance
  14. nillie

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    First off : Big fan of this mod. The modules are easy to use and provide a fun gameplay experience. Using some different mods and some basic editor work, i have made a nice "survival" type mission with loot spawns etc. for me and my friends to play. Now for my question to the community as well as the author : Does anyone have a workaround for the fact that once zombies spot you, they follow you around the map, even when you are far beyond the line of sight? It would be cool if they "die" once they have wandered too far from their spawning module, so they can respawn when we re-enter an area later on. I can easely spawn fresh zombies with MCC or something else, but that kinda breaks immersion. I like the way the modules spawn zombies. But if the zombies are still alive chasing us, and the zombie cap is reached, then an area that we re-visit is often empty because the zombies are still alive and chasing us around the map somewhere, and we have to leave the town and go find them. Any tips are welcome. Thanks for this mod again.
  15. A few simple retextures of default vehicles in AAF digital camo, like the BTR Kamysh and the Hunter MRAP. I have found plenty of NATO and desert retextures, but i would like to see some CSAT/NATO vehicles in AAF camo. I dont like the warrior IFV or the Fennek. I believe the Oshkosh and BTR are more suitable.
  16. nillie

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    When i try to use the M-14 EBR Ri in the virtual arsenal, it is impossible for me to add ammunition for it. There are no matching 7.62 magazines available.
  17. Any idea when you guys will be releasing this beauty? Its looking amazing already.
  18. Is there any way to modify the init field for a unit you are going to spawn, like you would do for exported Virtual Arsenal loadoats in the init field in the editor? I like spawning enemies to kill, but i would want some more control over what type of weapon they have and what type of clothing they wear. Is this possible in MCC, as it seems as if i can only spawn default classes like BLUFOR rifleman, marksman etc etc...
  19. I know this will be worth the wait. I just really needed a decent saiga 12 mod today and i know there is one in there so... Any updates on the WIP tho?
  20. If this doesnt get released soon i will EXPLODE.
  21. nillie

    Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack

    Hey, How do i get these Raptors to do anything but walk in a straight line? I cant get them to attack me. I have disabled my other mods. I tried adding one from independent faction and setting independent to hostile to everyone. They will slowly walk to me and bump into me but no attacks. When i set them to OPFOR or CSAT and use the opposing faction, its the same thing. I have messed with presence settings, i have tried giving them higher ranks than me. I have set way points with aggressive settings... They just wont attack or do anything. Even after i shoot them. I have tried all of this on custom maps, as well as the default Altis off course. When i try to play as one, the texture is missing and i can only steer it with the arrow keys as it keeps walking forward. All other controls fail. What the hell am i missing? What parameters should i add to them in editor so they attack and act at least semi intelligent? I cant find any solutions for this problem.