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Hello Iron Front Fans!

Here is a single player Rts (Real Time Strategy) Mission/Mode Rydygier and myself built back in 2013 for the

Iron Front in Arma2OA (IFA2) conversion now ported to Iron front in Arma3 IFA3!


What is Ragnarok'44?


Ragnarok'44 is a single player WW2 RTS (Real Time Strategy) mission series based on Window of Opportunity "The battle from above!" mission mode by Mondkalb, modified for

(IFA2 - Iron front in Arma2oa and ported to IFA3 Lite for Arma3) with his permission.
     Command, Build, Recruit, Capture, Incarnate, Seize & Destroy your enemy!


  • Command with a camera as a general pointing and clicking what and where you want your forces to go and do.
  • Build buildings which will allow you to recruit various types of infantry, vehicles, tanks, and static weapons.
  • Establish a logistics to gain better\faster resources, upgrade the level and skill of infantry, vehicle, and tankers, as well as increase efficiency of fuel, and ammo usage by the AI.
  • Play as any of your forces in 1st/3rd person by incarnating into them, command a whole squad, be a lone soldier, play as a tanker, or just be a driver of a vehicle.
  • Capture strategic points on the battlefield which will earn you more resource points allowing you to build more forces and upgrade them.
  • Create your own Ragnarok'44 missions on any map!
  • Fight enemy AI Commander (Hetman A3 (Artificial commander) that will seize strategic points, gather resources, build and deploy his own army, defend, and engage you with force.



Missions  - Ragnarok'44 Steam Workshop Mission Collection

Winter Missions




Video Tutorial & Step by step instructions------> See Tutorial Post

Ragnarok'44 PDF 

Detailed information on subjects on the workings of the mission/mode

See post with all information ------>  LINK


Mod Changelog


Demo mission v1.3:

  • Fixed issues in the mission and mod
  • removed ryd_bf_if and ryd_expl_if
  • Mission using Hetman A2 (Artificial Commander) replaced with Arma3 Hetman version
  • AI is aggressive enough at taking flags now (used straight A-to-B movement to speed up AI infantry);
  • Ragnarok loading screen logo updated to A3 standards as it didn't show before
  • Removed zeppelin font error message
  • Officers should be positioned properly at the table - Tried to find suitable A3 briefing animations for the officers, but no luck so far
  • Soldiers exercising in background behind HQ removed (to reduce fps draw)
  • Now player incarnates as group leader when he gets into a tank and will be in the tank commander's seat, not driver's and can swap positions in the tank as usual can be done. (when was a driver in 1.14, I couldn't change seat in the Tiger for example).


  • Found and fixed error with heavy/very heavy tank allocations (AI was affected too - mistakes in function names). Now, when you buy in Logistics HT/VHT allocation, go to the tank factory, additional tank button(s) should be visible now for Tiger (HT) and/or King Tiger (very HT).
  • Driver's seat is unlocked now again, as this method to keep player inside failed anyway, and clicking on the vehicle should make you group leader instead of driver (if driver was a group leader, nothing changes). Still "not disembark the crew" iron rule is valid. Pity, that you cannot change seat in the tank without disembarking, this spoils the only hope to swap role in the tank. Stay inside or do what you want on own risk.


  • Simple typo in trimming code, that breaks whole AI - all objectives are stored at the same flagpole now fixed.


  • Individual squads in a truck with other Ai squads in one truck can now disembark through the

chosen icon, example if you have mg squad and AT squad in Opel blitz, and you click on the mgsquad and press disembark, they will disembark instead of who entered the truck first.


  • Hot-fix for trimming code - two objectives should stay at both bases, isn't? SO this had to be corrected, as currently both are moved at nearest flagpole too


  • fixed disembarking driver issue;
  • improved cargo transportation code to be more reliable;
  • removed "exit vehicle" button from vehicle's side menu, if there is no cargo to disembark;
  • fixed empty slot on quick group access icon list on screen, when group is deleted;
  • locked driver position at vehicle spawn;
  • locked whole vehicle if abandoned, thus assigned for deletion by Gravedigger function.
  • added objectives trimmer - now at init each BB objective is setpos-ed at closest flagpole position.(check, if this helps with yours non-advancing AI problems)
  • Reorganized the folder structure of the missions and files required for the mission, now all you need to do is move the @Ragnarok mod to your Arma2 directory, and put the mission in the missions folder, also included is a changelog.


  • initial release - October 21, 2013

Rydygier - Addon, scripting, testing, and building the Ragnarok'44 demo mission / Updating.
Gunter Severloh - Acquired permissions from Mondkalb in 2013, testing, ideas, feedback, editing, translation, new missions, and promotion.
Mondkalb - WOO - World of Opportunity - would not be possible without WOO and Mondkalb's original idea, and work in Arma2, thanks man!

Kju - Advice, support, & fixing various issues - thanks Kju for your help, you really accelerated this project with your skills, and solved alot of issues making it possible in Arma3/IFA3.

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Congratz :)



1) Post your thread and YT tutorial video on reddit get more people to notice.

2) Upload the Rag44 mod and the mission(s) each to Steam workshop and make a collection for ease of use and to reach even more people.

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Ok guys, fixed the links for the Ragnarok'44 mod, and the demo mission,

sorry for the inconvenience, didn't find out til i got home this morning that they were broke, something i did wrong in terms of linking files on my website's (MR) storage.


So check out the mission, and see what you think, just know that the Mission/mode/mod is still WIP and considered a Beta because there are still some issues, bugs,

and an occasional error message, most of the time you shouldn't have any issues but if you run into something please help me and Rydygier sort them out by posting your

feedback and info on what you ran into, screenshots, rpt, vid helps.

If you have ideas for more features, your feedback is appreciated!


Also I am still working on adding things to the thread itself so if you see changes then you know.

Lastly I will be working on porting all the missions I built for the Arma2OA (IFA2 version) for IFA3, and will list them when they are done,

and will be recording a video for each mission as well. Coming to Steam workshop too!

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It's indeed great to see this WW2 adaptation of Mondkalb's WOO available for A3. Result IMO definitelly worthy of trying and, from the other hand, worthy all the work put in it. You can play Ragnarok (by default) in truly classical RTS style, with all Arma's simulation features kept, but also anytime switch into chosen soldier and influence the battle outcome in classical Arma style.


As for opponent AI, adapted Hetman was used for commanding troops and written from a scratch algorithm for base building and forces hiring (no unfair advatages/cheats for AI - same rules exactly applied).


Just I would like to have more time to work on it to fix all the issues left or just to play it. Someday. Meanwhile any feedback is most welcome and could be very helpful.


Congrats to Mondkalb, Gunter Severloh, .kju and anyone, who put a bit of his life into it, I'm happy to be one of such people and I hope, Arma fans will enjoy Ragnarok.

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Thanks Rydygier!

I really dont think without your scripting knowledge, ideas, and skills initially would have enabled Ragnarok to turn out like it did in 2013, and thereafter,

I mean we tested, retested, fixed, and implemented alot of ideas, especially the incarnation concept which imo i find to be a major contributing feature to its fun,

Did I ever tell you that i got that idea to become one of your soldiers from the game Dungeon keeper 2?

overall you and kju made the difference, cant believe we have this in IFA3!!!


In that game you played as a Dungeon master basically an rts game, and you would build a dungeon, setup rooms that would attract

all sorts of creatures to work for you, and you could incarnate or become one of them, also called Possession in that game, and run around and basically

use their powers, abilities and be them, it was the coolest thing!



In Ragnarok you simply hold down your left or right shift buttons on the keyboard and click on a soldier, car, truck, tank,

even Static weapons and you can play as them.


Just a note and to report - Incarnating into tanks

I discovered something with when you incarnate into the tanks, that you become the driver right away, and have the crew under your command,

but you cannot change positions or change the ammo type for the main cannon as you can in the Arma2OA version, what i figured out is, if you tell your crew to disembark,

and then get back into their original positions, then you will gain that ability to play any position in the tank and change the rd type for the cannon.


Some ideas I would actually like to see if it were possible and things to do:

  • Be able to draw a box around squads of soldiers, or multiple vehicles, and tanks, ect./ and then be able to tell them where to go without having to individually order them
  • squad formations button on a squads panel - would allow you to change their formation based on your strategy
  • follow camera - basically you can click on a soldier's icon on the top left panel already and the camera will go to their position, I'd like to toggle it where the camera can follow that soldier too and also go back too
  • be able to build trenches - remember in Liberation 1941-45 mod for OFP where you could build all sorts of things and it would give you a number on the amount of time it would take, you could have point requirements too
  • more static weapons you can deploy
  • loading bar on a building that is being built which would give you feedback on how long before the building is complete, would also suggest increasing the time a little for buildings, especially the Barracks.
  • tweak the camera overall so its not so sensitive to your movement
  • Collision for the buildings basically make solid - think that has to do with CUP buildings as currently everything can drive through them, yet the enemy and you can blow them up, how does that work, lol

Cant think of anymore atm, maybe other folks have some ideas.



Things im working on for Ragnarok and current plans to do this

week/weekend and in the new week:

  • Post overview of the PDF, and then link it to the 1st post - this overview will break everything down in the mission on what everything is and does (just provides more options next to having a PDF)
  • Create a detailed tutorial on how to build your own Ragnarok'44 missions with video - will also create a post and link it to the 1st post
  • add some more details and ambient stuff to the main demo like trenches, wrecks, maybe some other features
  • Get Ragnarok on Steam Workshop (plan to do this, this weekend)
  • Port all the missions i built so far (about 6 of them) for the Arma2OA (IFA2) version of Ragnarok to IFA3, then release each one with a new gameplay video (shorter version not an hour long like the Arma2OA ones) I want to put more work into each of those missions and then have a post for each mission like I did on the IFA2 version, so each mission gets its own individual attention, so description, maybe screenshots, definitely a vid for each one, I'll aim for a 30min vid like a long gameplay preview, or just step it up with my strategy ;)
  • Finish building the Ragnarok'44 page on the MR that I started yesterday-----> http://www.missionrepository.com/ragnarok-44
  • Look at the scripts and code, and see what i can fix and or tweak myself with Rydygier's help of course, (I need to give you some of my time Rydygier I have 4-6hrs a day after work to myself, and weekends OFF! ;)
  • Build new missions!

First post updated a bit more btw!

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 Hey looks great




 Im just gonna stop posting today...

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Bug Report / Update

4 man, 12man, AT, Mg Squad / Opel Blitz / Halftrack Issue in detail

An update on one of the issues i ran into in my current testing is the bug where the 12 man squad gets into an Opel Blitz,

heres what happens:


1. Opel blitz sent to SP (strategic point) to capture it, once there I click on the 12 man squad (on the top left panel) in the truck to get out, they do np here, they capture the SP, all is good.


2. I wanted to send the 12 man squad to the next SP which is across the field, figured I send the truck back to base (more squads to pick up and move) what happens?

The 12 man squad instead of moving to the spot I tell them, all get back into the Opel Blitz, ok not normal procedure figuring somehow the Opel Blitz got added to the squad, idk

So i click on the truck icon in top left panel, and go to the map, and click on ground next to the next SP where i wanted the squad to go to, np here.


3. Truck arrives at SP, i click on the 12man squad icon on the panel, and click the disembark (get out) button and what happens?


4. The driver jumps out and disappears, the icon for the Opel blitz disappears on the panel.


5. When i click on the 12 man squad to get them to get out of the truck they dont respond, and a black box with error pops up everytime I try -----> pic for error

its as if the icon and them got disconnected, so i lost a 12 man squad, Opel blitz Icon which the icon not being there, there is still a space on the panel as if its still there,

usually when a squad or unit dies, its icon gets removed and the panel shortens accordingly, didn't happen here.


5a. only way to get that 12 man squad back is if you incarnate into the squad leader which sits in passenger side front seat,

if you click on any soldier in the back of the truck nothing happens, but with the squad leader you can tell the squad to get out and go wherever and they will.

     However if you go back to commander mode, the squad leader will get back into the front seat of the truck again, and the squad may either remain standing in formation nearby or get into the truck.

You can get into the driver seat of the truck itself and tell the squad to get into it np, and go wherever.


5b. I noticed that with the squad leader in the driver seat, when you go back to commander mode the squad leader responds to commands as if the original driver was in the truck,

so you can control the truck again but only if you click on the 12 man squad icon on the panel.


5c.  IF you tell the squad to disembark now they wont and an error pops up same as above error, so you have to reincarnate into the squad leader again to tell the squad to get out.

If the squad sits in the truck with squad leader as driver but you cant get the squad out of the truck, and they get attacked, the squad will disembark the truck.


5d.  With another truck i tell the truck to stop, and then tell 12 man squad to get out, they do, i tell squad to move, they do, they kill some enemy infantry, and then when i leave them be

(not incarnated into any one of them) they proceed to get back into the truck without me telling them to, but the truck icon still shows on panel, and you can still tell truck where to go.


5e. I tell the truck to move to a new position (next SP, SP is not effecting this as im middle of nowhere) truck stops at position, I click on the 12 man squad thats in that truck

and truck gets highlighted, I tell the "squad" to get out (pushed disembark button) and driver of truck gets out runs a few feet, and vanishes error pops up,----> pic of error

and truck icon on panel disappears like the other truck.


5f. Now if you click on the 12 man squad icon on the panel nothing happens other then the camera goes to them like normal, but if you click on

the exit vehicle button and error pops up everytime you do it, and for both trucks (1st, and 2nd one).


5g. If you tell a squad to get into a truck or whatever vehicle, and then change the order and tell them to go to a new spot, they ignore you and proceed

to get into the truck or whatever vehicle, (halftrack, kubal).


6. Does this happen everytime?   YES!


7.  Does the same thing happen with the halftrack?  YES! - other details to this is if you have 2 squads like 4 man squad and mg squad, 1 squad will stay in vehicle,

and the other squad will function normally, thing is the normal squad when you tell them to get in they will also drive too as the driver is missing. ----->pic for error

Also halftrack is missing its icon on panel like the other Opel Blitz trucks the icon is faintly visible, if you click on that icon,

the camera takes you to the bottom left corner of the map with an error. ----> pic with error


8.  Does the same thing happen with the Kubalwagen?  No seems normal, soldier gets in an out independent of car, can get back in,

car can move wherever, and repeat no issues here. However when you tell the passenger soldier to get out hes fine, when you tell the driver of the car to get out,

he gets out vanishes, and the icon on panel disappears or goes faint with error, so repeat for other vehicles but only if you tell driver to get out.


9. I will record a video of this to demonstrate, and post reply when i have it ready and uploaded.



Tested CUP terrains core only to see if the buildings would show up or have issues, what happened was all buildings show NP, just the ground under them has

off white/grey color thats the only issue, other then that CUP Maps isn't needed.



Aside the bug report above with the vehicles, everything else seems to work fine, other then whats listed under known issues in the OP.

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 This mission is a little gem. wow. Great functionality and extremely challenging. The GUI is great as well as relatively stable considering the amount thats going on tho sometimes I lose icon images on squads. Can be difficult to see you units at times so wouldnt mind if all units had a certain amount of highlight just not equal to the one selected perhaps.


 Its great with TPW mods breath mod and a winter color processing as I changed season to winter. Thanks for releasing this!

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Hi froggyluv, thanks for your compliments, glad you liked it, wait til I port the other 6 missions i built in the past 2 months, which i will be getting 1-2 of them this weekend

theres a few of them that can be hard, tbh i found the Arma2OA (IFA2) version of Ragnarok alot more challenging vs the A3 version. A3 version imo has no challenge for me,

maybe because i been playing Ragnarok since 2013, lol but the A3 version needs some tweaks with Hetman A3 to make it more "functional" or balanced as there are still some

slight issues with what the enemy Ai commander is doing.

Overall your strategy does determine how far you get in the mission.

Just to note that you can take over units and play them in 1st and 3rd of you need to sway the balance of a fight into your favor ;)

sometimes I lose icon images on squads

If any of your squads get killed the icons at the top left panel will disappear.



Can be difficult to see you units at times so wouldnt mind if all units had a certain amount of highlight just not equal to the one selected perhaps.

Thats an idea thanks for the suggestion, will add that to the list for features, and suggested ideas.

Overall to see all your units, go to the map (press M) and you get the 2d view from there you can click on a unit, squad, truck, tank ect,. and tell them where to go, be sure to check out the

Introduction/demo tutorial video I have in the OP it will show you step by step how to get things setup, and how to use certain functions.


Just note that the Heavy tank/very heavy tank allocation buttons/function dont work in the Logistics if you get that truck

Here is my Rpt from this test:



This weekend i will be doing the following:

  • porting 1-2 missions + a gameplay demo vid for each
  • How to build your own Ragnarok'44 missions/video demo
  • setting up a post here that posts the pdf info
  • setting up Ragnarok'44 on steam workshop

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 Yeah its difficulty varies quite abit as sometimes they just rampage and other sthey hold back for a while -a byproduct of Hetman Im guessing. Im also fiddling with the skill levels abit (hope you dont mind) just for my private version in that I start the basic troops with much lower skill and give the spec ops and sniper lethal skills right off the bat -also adding skill bonues for each kill whether friend or foe - plays out nicely.


 Yeah the option to go into your units is just flat out thrilling at times. I love sending AI squads in from different angles and then jumping in as a subordinate - it can be quite a rush!


 Im also pretty mod heavy and thing some of the Ai control mods (Drongo/C2) are interfering with the squad icons because they are still alive but just come up as "Any" rather than "AT Squad" for example.


 Anyways, man this one is addicting in the best way.

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a byproduct of Hetman Im guessing.

Yup, as Rydygier told me a while back that the AI in WOO had no real AI command in it other then the game itself, but with Hetman A3,

this is what Rydygier said in reply to me about Hetman in terms of how it gives orders:


i wonder if its the order of the SP's

as the Soviets do specifically capture the same SP at the start and then go to the next one instead of one next to their base which makes no sense.


Rydygier replies


That's Hetman's thing, it's dynamic and may vary, but yes, it point a chain of objectives to take at a time and gives next only, when these are all taken.

That's why I mentioned about second Leader - two chains should cover all objectives. Hetman wasn't designed for Ragnarok rules, just adapted.


As for recapping any SP's they only recapped 2 of them and left the rest, they instead decided to proced to my base

Rydygier replies

Ah, that's possible. The base is just another objective for them. As I said, it's about dynamic chains of objectives assigned, and sometimes Hetman may think, it's worth of a risk

to push in the single chain straight toward the base instead of securing all the flags first. Shouldn't be often behavior though, as it tend (no more, no less) to choose closer objectives first,

if of equal value, as should be set.


Im also fiddling with the skill levels abit (hope you dont mind) just for my private version in that I start the basic troops with much lower skill and give the spec ops and sniper

lethal skills right off the bat -also adding skill bonues for each kill whether friend or foe - plays out nicely.


No not at all, sounds cool. With spec ops you could reduce the requirements on the power for their added abilities and maybe use them more often, otherwise you would need

to wait til you capped all SP's or built a substantial amount up to use their abilities, most times for me I am only able to use them once but that

mainly at the end of the mission when im at the enemies base trying to take it.


Have you gotten that far yet where you are at the Soviet's base and are capturing it?


Yeah the option to go into your units is just flat out thrilling at times. I love sending AI squads in from different angles and then jumping in as a subordinate - it can be quite a rush!


Yes! I know that was an idea i told Rydygier about back in the day based on Dungeon keeper 2 and he added it, it is alot of fun to do that, and maybe

if you have noticed if you died that you get the teamswitch.

Tbh i think it should be coded that when you do die, you automatically are back at base as the commander, but actually in the Arma2OA (IFA2 version)

when you get killed you will show up at the headquarters where the mission started with the 2 officers in front of you.

So its an instant switch, would be more efficient, and or take less time to get back to the fight imo.


You want to try an awesome Ragnarok play, play the IFA2 version with my IFWarMod the Arma2OA version is alot, and or way more challenging!

The enemy AI will seriously surprise you when you think you have the upper hand, I hope that when Rydygier has more time that he can get Hetman A3 more situated or adapted

as he likes to call it so that its as challenging as the A2 version, which means it will be hard but its not hard as impossible its hard that, like you said froggyluv you can get into

one of the soldiers or tanks, ect,. and sway the difference in a battle sometimes, depends, overall it turns a rather 1 type of game into another mode.


Imagine an RTS game like Men of War Assault squad or the others, where you have alot of realism and immersion, as well as crazy destruction,

then add the feature of incarnation like in Ragnarok, and I bet the game's fans would quadruple!


 Im also pretty mod heavy and thing some of the Ai control mods (Drongo/C2) are interfering with the squad icons because they are still alive but just come up as "Any" rather than "AT Squad" for example.

As long as you dont use AI mods that make the enemy AI give orders and such as Hetman already does that, Rydygier says doing that can have unexpected results or conflicts,

but like I said I think Hetman isn't fully adapted yet in the IFA3 version, as they dont seem challenging enough to me at least like they were in IFA2.


At 44:40 in the introduction Demo/How to play tutorial also linked in the OP the Soviets had capped all the SP's and headed straight to my base,

towards the end there of that fight at 57:38 the Soviets had taken everything I had, and pretty much annihilated my whole base.


I stopped recording after that and basically restarted the mission so i can continue doing the tutorial

part from where i left off, lol but if you let the Soviets they will overrun you, and end your day, thing to warn you about is once they get 3+ SP's expect tanks,

they get more SP's shit will hit the fan, lol


Anyways, man this one is addicting in the best way.

Yes it is, just wait til we get some more fixes implemented and some more features added, as well as new missions, it will be alot funner!

I have 6 missions for Ragnarok but need to port them over, but im going to do that one at a time, and record a gameplay demo of them and then link them in the OP for download.


If your interested and think you are able to add a feature or able to fix something, or have suggestions, let me know, this way when Rydygier gets the time

and is going to fix or do something he knows,that the code has changed and this or that is implemented, but heck he reads code probably better then reads in general, lol

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@Gunter Severloh,can I play Ragnarok'44  with your Warmod? I think it will be wonderful if Ragnarok'44 could be combined with Warmod in Arma3.

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Welcome to Bis forums and Ragnarok'44 SHB2099!

You can try Ragnarok'44 with my IFA3WarMod, it may create conflicts somewhere but when in 1st person it should work, I haven't tested myself, but give it a try.

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Ragnarok'44 PDF

by Rydygier - (2013) w/extra added details by me

Original PDF can be read here Ragnarok'44.pdf Manual


Ragnarok'44 is RTS mission based on Window Of Opportunity "The battle from above!" mission mode by Mondkalb, modified with his permission.
Your task here is to take enemy base. To do so you'll recruit troops, develop and defend your own base, capture strategic points and assault on the AI opponent base to win the game.
AI leading Soviet side will try to do the same thing against you. AI has symmetrical possibilities and resources (no any unfair advantages over player) except for the player's ability to place sandbag walls.
Mission requires WOO addon and two additional addon pbo (included) – eg put both in the same place, as WOO addon.


1. Base
When you choose "Commanding screen" from action menu you'll see your base from RTS-like view. At start there is only one building - your

field HQ surrounded by four MG nest as free base defenses.

There is also a single unit as your first group.

When you select HQ building a new menu panel will open, that allows you to use certain features provided by the building. Same way it works with all buildings and groups under yours command.

By clicking the (truck button) you can recruit a Construction Vehicle (CV) or switch sandbag wall placement mode (shovel button).


Selecting CV (construction vehicle) will bring up buttons, that allow you to transform CV into one of three buildings on CV's current position:

  • Barracks - where you can recruit infantry.
  • Car Factory - where you can construct light vehicles including Advanced Construction Vehicles (ACV).
  • Hospital - that has ability of healing nearby infantry.

ACV (Advanced Construction vehicle) can be used to build:

  • Tank factory - where you can recruit armored vehicles.
  • Logistics - where you can buy various improvements.
  • AT, AA-gun or mortar - as static defenses, that will autonomously shoot at known enemy in firing range.

Note that some buttons will be visible only when all conditions of relevant requirements are met.


For example you'll see static defense buttons in the ACV panel only, when you buy proper improvement in the Logistics building. Similar for all Logistics' improvements,

so don't be surprised if you find the Logistics panel empty sometimes.

Construction and recruitment need certain amount of time to complete.

Improvements is valid immediately after purchase.
Buildings can be placed in the 300 meters radius around your HQ.

Static defenses can be placed anywhere far enough from enemy base and controlled by enemy strategic points (300 meters).

Sandbag walls can be placed in the 200 meters radius around HQ or 50 meters radius around any controlled strategic point.


2. Resource Management
There are existing, two kinds of resources in the mission:

  1.  Crates - that represent overall supply needed for army to fight. (ammo & materials)
  2.  Power - that represents all needed sources of power, mostly fuel for power generators and vehicles.

Each side has to its disposal certain amount of resources at start and some basic gain rate provided by the base itself.
Each controlled strategic point will raise that rate.
Current amount and gain rate is constantly displayed at top-right part of the main view's GUI.


Resources are spent for

  • buildings construction,
  • units recruitment, and when
  • buying improvements or
  • call special abilities of some groups.

Each recruited group and static defense need a certain amount of resources constantly for maintenance costs (MC).


           So as long, as you have resources, yours units will be automatically resupplied with ammo and fuel.

Gain rate of resources will be reduced by MC value.

Construction and maintenance cost of each building

  • unit or ability will be displayed as text tip if you place cursor over relevant button a few seconds.
  • Recruitment of too many units may cause even negative gain rate, if summed MC will overgrown possibilities of yours supply lines (gain from the base and controlled strategic points).

If due to such supply shortages yours resource amount will drop below zero, yours troops will be no longer resupplied with ammo (crates shortage) or fuel (power shortages).


3. Basic tactical possibilities
Capturing the strategic point  aka SP (Flag).

  1. To do so send at least one unit in the vicinity of the Flag.
  2. When close enough, you will be informed by a hint, about the capturing of the flag under way.
  3. During that 2D map marker of that Flag become pink, with time countdown displayed. If you'll keep unit close enough 30 seconds, Flag will be taken. This event is announced by another hint, Flag, 3D and map 2D marker change. Same for Flags taken by enemy.

Capturing the enemy base

  1. To do so, send at least one group towards enemy HQ building.
  2. If there is at least one group in the 100 meters radius around opposite HQ, special hint will be displayed showing progress of the taking the base.
  3. If there is at least same amount of defending groups in 300 meters radius around that HQ, there will be no progress at all.
  4. Progress speed depends on attacker's group number advantage over defender's and my vary from about 16 minutes for one group advantage to about 6 minutes for 6 and higher advantage. Side, which take opposite HQ will win the game.
  5. If process of taking Flag or base is interrupted, progress is zeroed.


4. Special abilities and concepts
Special Forces Infantry groups, if there is sufficient amount of resources, call three special abilities around their position:

  • Heavy artillery barrage - several artillery rounds will explode around designated position.
  • Bombing raid (CAS) - single bomber will arrive and will seek for hostile presence to engage over the battlefield.
  • Infantry Paradrop - a group of paratroopers will land around designated position, where will aggressively perform SAD order. These are out of direct control, and uses own ammo until depleted.

Each unit separately will slowly gain experience each kill it performed.

Progress is roughly indicated via "Level" info in the group's panel info window, with value averaged for whole group (from 1 for skill below 0.3 to 5 for skill above 0.9).

Gain is slow, semi-random and dependent on several factors like distance, target kind and speed.


Note: that the camera is limited to the "known" areas, which means it will be seen on 2D map 300 meters around each base building, controlled flag or group under command.

So you won't be able to see what's going on with the enemy base if you don't have any "scout" nearby.

         Allowed areas are marked on map by semi-transparent grey circles.


5. Logistic improvements
Logistics building provides several improvements you can buy. Improvement button is visible only, when all conditions, including cost, are met.

Some can be purchased multiple times, each next level is more expensive. Conditions are listed in the (quotes):

  • Combat Training - (Barracks built;cr1000/pr500) -  Raises skill level of each newly recruited troop. (Four levels possible.)
  • Fuel-saving training - (Tank Factory built;1000/500) - Tanks burn less fuel (lower power MC per tank). (Two levels.)
  • Ammo-saving training - (Barracks and Tank Factory built;1000/500) - All units consumes less ammo (lower crates MC per group).
  • Improved supply chain efficiency - (Car Factory built;2000/1000) - Higher resources gain rate from base and each controlled Flag. (Two levels.)
  • Request heavy tank allocation - (Tank Factory built;3000/2000) - Heavy tanks are rare and limited asset. Thanks to that improvement you'll get allocation for them. Tiger tank possible to recruit for German side and JS-2 tank for Soviet Union side.
  • Request very heavy tank allocation - Second level for German side only for King Tiger allocation
  • Static weaponry allocation - (1000/200) - Allows you to construct AT-guns, AA-guns, and mortars as base static defenses. Such weaponry cannot be placed too close to enemy controlled areas (300 meters boundary). - To place any available static weapons, 1st you must meet cost requirement, 2nd a advanced construction vehicle from the car factory must be built, placement of static weapons are dependent apon ACV position and direction they face.


6. CONTROLS - Camera (commander mode) & Keyboard

  • COMMANDING SCREEN - action menu
  • SCROLL THE SCREEN -  move cursor to the screen edge
  • ZOOM - mouse wheel
  • ROTATE/ANGLE/PAN - middle mouse button or ALT key + cursor movement
  • SELECT GROUP/BUILDING - LMB on object, its screen list icon or map icon
  • DE-SELECT - LMB on empty space
  • NEW WAYPOINT - RMB while group chosen
  • 2D MAP WAYPOINT - (LMB on unit/group, RMB on position where you want to move to)
  • GROUP DIRECTION ON WAYPOINT - cursor movement while group chosen and RMB pressed
  • INCARNATE (1st/3rd person) - SHIFT+LMB on chosen unit or X key while cursor over chosen unit
  • DE-INCARNATE - action menu - (commander screen)
  • HIDE/SHOW GROUP ON SCREEN ICONS LIST - (top left panel icons) - TAB key
  • PLACING BAG FENCES - (Click on Headquarters to access) - when in proper mode press RMB, move cursor to choose direction, then release RMB
  • REMOVING BAG FENCES - when in proper mode, click RMB near fence to remove it


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From my experience, @IFA3LITE folder, apart from Addons subfolder, holds series of pbos called optional - inactive by default, because out of Addons subfolder. No idea, why, but all or at least some have to be moved/copied into Addons subfolder (activated). 

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Got the same post on Steam workshop, I need to find out if I added that file the:


to my addons folder and its creating a dependency in the mission or if its there by default, if its there by default then idk maybe add it on your end comradguy.

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I unbinerized the mission and this is what i have in the mission.sqm:


3rd line from the top in the code above is the file.

So that error message that comradeguy gets is due to him not having ww2_core_c_optional_hidefromeditor_objects_c.pbo in his addons folder of IFA3 Lite, but i just

downloaded a new version of IFA3 Lite to see if that file is in there by default and it is not, and thats where the issue is, apparently I had that file in my addons

folder when i saved the mission and published it to workshop, so the mission had a dependency on that file, i will need to update the mission for workshop and the MR download as well.

Sorry about that, Stay tuned!

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Optional are not default files - hence the name. Remove the dependency from the mission.sqm.

It is strange why Eden added it in the first place. Maybe BI changed the system from the old editor and made some bugs in the process.

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I had it in my addons folder all along, even when IFA3 Lite updates came out, I update the existing IFA3 Lite in my Arma3 directory which is normal but i totally forgot about that file.

If anything all anyone has to do is just add that file which is in the @IFA3Lite folder itself not in the addons folder, but im going to remove the dependency so it will be fixed soon here im working on it.

I rechecked the mission without that file, and then got the error with that only missing in the mission, so i know thats the only issue.

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Steam workshop download/sync doesnt delete files.. its a problem but they dont care. :)

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Well comradeguy whom reported the issue here and on workshop basically didn't have that file in his addons folder when i did, so saving and publishing that mission created an addon dependency,

anyways i got it fixed, steam workshop mission has been updated, someone try it and see if its working for you, i have no issues on my end, i need to update the file on the MR tho still, that will take me a min.

I have Raganok'44 mod also on steam workshop, i figured that would be easier for those who use workshop over downloading files from armaholic or elsewhere, so all the required files are in one place.


Let me know how everything goes guys, does the mission play, any errors, issues, can you play it, and how do you like it?

going to record a How to build your own Ragnarok'44 missions tutorial, and then port a new mission and record for that, so stay tuned!



Edit.... ok zip file for the MR is now updated, also the MR page for Ragnarok i updated too:


think it needs more work.

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